Daly Dose 09-11-18 Winners and losers from the football weekend

Tuesday on the Dose, we have some free, insightful advice for the Green Bay Packers concerning Aaron Rodgers status for Week 2 against the Minnesota Vikings.

We take a look at the biggest winners and losers from Week 2 of the college football season. We may not have seen many big games or upsets just yet, but we have a number of programs that are winners and losers.

Finally we look at the biggest winners and losers from Week 1 of the NFL season. Who were the winners from the longest game in NFL history? How could the Baltimore Ravens be losers after such a dominant victory? We have these, and more, today on the Dose!

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Daly Dose 04-05-18 Our March Madness overreactions

Thursday on the Daly Dose, we discuss a few of the latest breaking sports stories including one about Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

Then, we take a look at some of the biggest overreactions coming out this week in sports! Should college basketball change their three point line? Is Villanova head coach Jay Wright on his way to the NBA? Are the Los Angeles Rams now the team to beat in the NFL? And will Floyd Mayweather ever actually get into the octagon?

We answer all of these questions and more!

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Broncos players clarify “We aren’t soft, we just suck.”

Denver Broncos players have bristled at the statement made by executive vice president of football operations and general manager John Elway last week.

Speaking at a Friday night event, Elway told those in attendance that Broncos had gotten “a little bit soft” this season, and that has contributed to Denver’s current 3-7 record.

Following their loss on Sunday to the Cincinnati Bengals, a number of players spoke out in dispute of Elway’s claims that they have gotten soft.

Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals, NFL Week 11

“We have Brock Osweiler starting at quarterback, and you’re telling me that I have gotten soft?” asked linebacker Von Miller. “I don’t think so, bro.”

“This team had very high hopes going into the season that we could contend for another title.” cornerback Chris Harris Jr stated Monday morning. “But Trevor (Siemian) really struggled early, our offensive line can’t block anyone, and Brock Osweiler is now our starting quarterback. You know what has gotten soft? Our personnel scouting department.”

Monday morning, the Broncos fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, who told the Daly Dose that he felt frustrated by the failure of his offense. “I have been trying to get this offense to become a functional unit. and it has not been easy. I mean, I got Tim Tebow to win a playoff game, but Brock Osweiler? Talk about your hands being tied.”

Defensive end Derek Wolfe echoed those same sentiments. “I don’t know that this defense has gotten soft. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we currently have a guy starting at quarterback that couldn’t make the Cleveland Browns roster. I mean, think about this. Brock freaking Osweiler is our starting quarterback. We aren’t soft, we just suck.”

Daly Dose #137 The third annual Dosey Awards

This week on the Daly Dose we host our third annual Daly Dose Dosey Awards show! We hand out the coveted Dosey Award to recognize individual and other sports-related performance over the past calendar year!

We present Doseys in a number of different categories including Best Record Breaking Performance, College Football Moment of the YearBest Major League Baseball Player of the YearNational Hockey League Moment of the YearCollege Basketball Moment of the Year, and Comeback of the Year!

Nominees for Doseys include Tom BradyVon MilllerDeShaun WatsonKevin DurantBill BelichickRoger FedererLewis Hamilton, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and David Ortiz!

Don’t miss out on the Gala Event as we look back at the past year in sports, and honor the best of the best!

Listen here to Episode #137 The third annual Dosey Awards!


Daly Dose #86 The best listener emails

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast, Clint answers some of the best listener emails that we have received lately. Did the Denver Broncos spend too much to keep Von Miller? How does Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors affect the rest of the NBA? Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan? Plus, how to get through the day at a boring job, dealing with an obnoxious coworkers, and who the Daly Dose will be voting for this November. Check out Episode 86!

Listen here: Episode 86 The best listener emails


Brock Osweiler on Von Miller contract: “You’re welcome!”

It seems like only yesterday that the Denver Broncos defense was telling former quarterback Brock Osweiler that he owed them a big thank you.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

After Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller signed a six-year deal to stay in Denver for $114.5 million dollars, Osweiler feels that he is a due a thank you as well.

It was just back in March that Osweiler signed a four-year deal with the Houston Texans worth $72 million dollars.


And cornerback Aqib Talib pulled no punches in stating that he felt it was the Denver defense that earned him that hefty pay raise.

“I first was like, Brock man, you leaving? The Broncos tried to get you fifteen-and-a-half, you left for seventeen-and-a-half,” Talib said. “Alright man just make sure we all get red bottoms. Just make sure everybody on the D get red bottoms and bow ties man, we waiting for our gift Brock, I wear a size 45.”

But on Monday, the Texans unproven quarterback raised some eyebrows when he stated that Von Miller owed him some gratitude as well.

“Look, I should get some of the credit for that deal.” he said. “I started seven games and played in eight. And in those games we converted just 41 times on third down out of 114 tries. Plus, I had eight turnovers! Do you know how many more defensive possessions I got for Von and that defense? He owes me big time!”

The comments were the first from Osweiler about his former team, as he skipped both the team visit to the White House, and the Super Bowl ring presentation.

He is now focused on his new job leading the Texans.

“I am just hoping that my new teammates like J.J. Watt can see how much I helped the defense in Denver. I am going to get them more playing time and that should help them earn better future contracts. I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but beep beep!”

Daly Dose #84 The 2016 Dosey Awards

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast we host the 2nd annual Daly Dose Dosey Awards Show, where we hand out a number of awards for achievement in sports and Daly Dose style excellence. Whether it is the top moments in the National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, College Football or College Basketball we look back at some of the most deserving contributors. Fight of the Year, Driver of the Year, Championship Performance of the Year, and yes even the American Soccer Moment of the Year are but a few of the awards that we hand out, and as usual, they never end up going to the most obvious choices.

Listen to Episode #84 here: The 2nd Annual Dosey Awards!

The Doseys

The Daly Dose Sports Podcast: Episode 72 – The college basketball postseason awards

This week on Episode 72 of the Daly Dose Sports Podcast, we hand out some college basketball season-end awards! We also take a look at five overrated players in the upcoming NFL Draft, and talk some NBA playoff scenarios. Plus we count down the Top 5 Least Outstanding Players of the NCAA Tournament in history!

Episode 72

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Von Miller seeking new contract that includes extension for Tom Brady

After facing the New England Patriots twice in 2015 Von Miller has decided that he really likes playing against Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

In those two games Miller logged nine tackles, 3.5 sacks,  seven quarterback hits, and an interception. So Von decided to ask if the Broncos could give Tom Brady an extension too.

Tom Brady , Von Miller, Vance Walker

“I just wanted to talk to Mr. Elway and see if something could be done.” Miller stated, referring to the conversation he had with Broncos Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager John Elway.

“I just felt like if I could help Tom keep playing into his 40s it would help my career so much.” Miller went on.

Elway understood the request, and he reached out to Patriots management and made it happen.

“Von was set to be an unrestricted free agent.” Elway explained. “So we were already in the process of trying to give him a long-term deal. When he added a great quarterback like Tom Brady into the equation, it just made it that much more lucrative to us. We know how much Von likes playing Tom, so it made a lot of sense.”

The Broncos locked up Miller while also ensuring that Brady will play through the 2019 season when he will be 42.

Miller was ecstatic.

“I just feel like Denver is where I want to finish my career, and when I think of facing Tom Brady in his 40s, it just gives me a happy warm feeling inside.”

Brady was not nearly as enthusiastic.

“Are you freaking kidding me? With this offensive line?” Brady ranted. “I have deflated footballs that put up more of a fight than this group of misfits and idiots. I am still sore from that last game in Denver and that was almost two months ago. They hit me like 20 times! I literally just got the feeling back into my lower back. Can’t Von extend Cam Newton instead? At least he can run.”


The Daly Dose Sports Podcast: Episode 63- The Super Bowl 50 recap

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast Clint recaps Super Bowl 50 and the Denver Broncos beating the Carolina Panthers. Plus some breaking news, a few guests stop by to talk about the game, and then we count down the Top 5 worst performances by Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. 

Check out Episode 63!


Episode 63