Daly Dose 03-28-19 Previewing the Sweet 16

Thursday on the Daly Dose, the Alliance of American Football already seems to be in serious trouble,  the Oakland Raiders want nothing to do with HBO’s Hard Knocks, and we could have a new event at the Olympics!

Then, we preview tonight’s NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen games that should be very exciting!

Finally, we take a look at a few of the biggest sports media overreactions from this past week. Is LeBron James being disrespected? Is Duke superstar Zion Williamson a “can’t miss” prospect for the NBA? And is the new rule regarding pass interference going to be great for the NFL? We answer these questions and more!

Listen here:

Daly Debate: Comparing the Final 4 teams

School Kentucky Duke Wisconsin Michigan State
Mascot Wildcats Blue Devils Badgers (pronounced bayadgers) Spartans
Coach John Calipari Mike Krzyzewski Bo Ryan Tom Izzo
Strength Youth, talent, speed, size, and I think they can fly too. Slapping the floor. They have a lot of white guys, so they must be fundamentally sound, right? Many of the players on this team actually grew up in Michigan.
Weakness They’re 38-0! They have no weaknesses! Officials that don’t obey Coach K’s every command. Again…white guys. Inferiority complex at the selection committee making them a #7 seed.
Celebrity supporters Ashley Judd…I think she’s a celebrity? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Justin Bieber. Sure Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn look great together but just imagine how ugly their kids would be. Kid Rock.
Typical fan Let’s just say they aren’t #1 in number of teeth. They are wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat, Yankees jacket, and Brazilian soccer shirt. People who think wearing cheese is clever. Imagine an arena full of Kid Rocks.
Best player Do I have to name just one? They are all amazing! Jahlil Okafor Frank “the Tank” Kaminsky Denzel Valentine
How they could win it all Hello! The bus driver gets them to the arena! Floors are slapped, refs are influenced, flops are flopped. They are both gritty and gutty. And also maybe have high motors. They follow the rarely used “no one believed in us” mantra
How they might lose Ask UNLV circa 91′ Coach K has another mishap at the chiropractor They slow the game down so much that it actually stops. They actually have to make one of those dreaded free throws.