Pitino, Louisville interested in Hugh Freeze as “director of prostitution”

Following his resignation from Ole Miss, football coach Hugh Freeze may not have to wait very long to find a new job.

Last week it was announced that Freeze had resigned from his position as head football coach at the University of Mississippi. It seems that school officials had found a number of phone calls to a number associated with an escort services. The encouraged “resignation” was mutual, and the university will not have to fulfill the remainder of Freeze’s contract.

The Rebels promoted assistant head coach Matt Luke the interim head coach effective immediately. Questions swirled following the departure of Freeze as many wondered if he would ever work in the collegiate ranks again. However, it seems that Freeze has already received some interest from another school, albeit an unlikely source.

The Daly Dose has learned that University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino has inquired as to whether Freeze might be interested in coming to the Bluegrass State.


In June, it was announced that several penalties would be brought against the Cardinals by the NCAA. Pitino is also due to serve a five-game suspension, because of sex-scandal allegations that a staff member provided basketball recruits with prostitutes and strippers. Louisville and Pitino plan to appeal the decision.

Pitino spoke to the Daly Dose and was very open about his interest in Freeze. “I realize that this is a sensitive subject, but I think it is safe to say that we have some similar interests as Coach Freeze, and we feel like he could definitely be an asset to our program.”

Does it concern Pitino that Freeze has no experience coaching basketball?

“Some things transcend sports.” Pitino answered. “I’m not looking to bring Hugh Freeze to the University of Louisville to coach a match-up press. This is a man that has a very special set of skills, and they are the type of skills that we can use here to improve our basketball program. We just want Coach Freeze to be Coach Freeze.”

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