Daly Dose #138 Our midseason Major League Baseball report

This week on the Daly Dose, we are looking at Major League Baseball at the halfway point. Who are the best teams? Which teams are most likely to fade down the stretch? We know the Chicago Cubs are the defending champs, but can they even make the postseason this year? Are the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals contenders or pretenders?

NBA free agency is slowing down now, and we look at the winners and losers from a busy offseason signing period.

The NFL quarterback may be the most important position in all of sports, yet we have a number of teams that are still not settled on who their starter will be. We know that the Denver BroncosChicago Bears, and Cleveland Browns still need to pick a starter, but who else could be heading for a QB controversy?

Why you shouldn’t care about the McGregor vs. Mayweather press conferences, and we count down the Top 5 most impactful NBA free agent signings of all time!

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Houston Rockets looking to acquire new scapegoat

The Houston Rockets have had quite the successful offseason so far, and they are looking to make it even better.

After finishing the 2016-2017 NBA season with a 55-27 record and qualified for the postseason as a No. 3 seed. They would eventually lose to the San Antonio Spurs in six games in the Western Conference Semifinals.

Knowing that they needed to improve if they were going to make any headway in the ultra-competitive Western Conference, the Rockets went out and lured former Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul to a five year deal worth over $21 million dollars.

Then, they showed that they are not afraid to spend some serious money ,when they extended starting guard James Harden’s current deal. Houston gave Harden the biggest contract extension in NBA history keeping him in a Rockets uniform through the 2022-23 season. The deal could be worth $228 million dollars.

With their backcourt fortified, the Rockets then turned their attention to making one more very important roster move. They need to find a new scapegoat.


The Daly Dose was able to speak with Rockets general manager Daryl Morey and he explained his plan.

“We really like what we were able to do in signing Chris and extending James, but the fact is that if this all goes sideways, we are going to need someone to blame. A player like Carmelo Anthony would really fit that need.” Morey told the Dose. “He is a big enough name, that it looks like we are trying to create the newest superteam, but let’s face it, he also has a shaky reputation. We could bring him in, and if everything goes bas, we can just pin the entire thing on him being such a ballhog. That seems like that might be the kind of perfect fit that we need.”

Morey also stated that this type of deal is hardly new. “Look at the San Antonio Spurs. They have LaMarcus Aldridge. And n Cleveland, they have Kyle Korver, Kevin Love, pretty much anyone not named LeBron James, really. This is hardly a new strategy.”

NBA team signs neighborhood H-O-R-S-E champ to multi-million dollar deal

There has been a lot of discussion about the money being spent in the NBA this offseason, and on Monday the Houston Rockets did nothing to slow that dialogue.

After winning his Hunters Creek neighborhood H-O-R-S-E championship, local businessman and father of four Ted Blanford, was offered a three-year deal worth an estimated $37 million dollars. The offer comes with an with an opt-out option after the second year.

The 33-year-old financial analyst was as surprised as anyone about the life-changing offer.


“I has been shooting pretty good from the corner by the mailbox.” Blanford said. “That’s my shot. And then I made a granny shot from the three point line to win our neighborhood game. But it isn’t like I expected anything like this.”

Blanford said that he had tried out for his high school team as a senior only to be cut prior to the season.

“I wasn’t very good. I can’t dribble very well and I am a liability on defense.”

But Rockets manager Daryl Morey thinks that makes him a perfect fit for his franchise.

Houston is currently at least $70 million dollars under the 2016-2017 NBA salary cap, and will be looking to sign even more players to big money contracts over the next few weeks.

“The bottom line is that we have money to spend.” Morey defended. “I mean we tried to give it to Dwight Howard for goodness sake. I think that just shows how desperate we really are. Blanford can’t be any worse than that guy.”