Multiple NBA teams interested in Kyrie Irving despite having nothing of value to trade

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving has formally requested a trade, and there are a number of NBA teams that are interested in attaining his services.

There is just one problem.

The more interested the suitor, the less assets they have to trade.

It was big news when word came out that Irving was tired of playing in the shadow of LeBron James, and that he was formally requesting a trade.

Trade scenarios were the subject of talk radio, and sports themed television everywhere. However, no move has been made, and we are starting to see why Irving still remains on the Cavaliers roster.


One of the leading contenders in the Irving sweepstakes has been the San Antonio Spurs. The Daly Dose was able to contact a spokesperson for the Spurs, and here is a portion of that conversation:

Daly Dose: “So, rumor has it that you are interested in possibly trading for Kyrie Irving.”

San Antonio Spurs: “We are definitely interested. Kyrie is a game changer, and a very explosive player.”

DD: “So what would you be willing to trade to get him to come to San Antonio.”

SAS: “What do you mean?”

DD: “Which players would you be willing to trade to get Kyrie?”

SAS: “Well, we don’t really have much to trade.  I suppose we could let them have Patty Mills. Or maybe some of Manu Ginobili’s old hair. “

DD: “So, how do you expect to get Kyrie Irving?”

SAS: “Well I don’t want to go into all of the details, but we are very interested in having Kyrie come play for us.”

DD: “Yes, I understand that, but I think they may want LaMarcus Aldridge and Danny Green.”

SAS: “Well, too bad for them. They will have to accept less.”

San Antonio was not the only team that seemed to have these sentiments.

The New York Knicks are offering a partially smoked marijuana cigarette left behind in Phil Jackson’s desk, and what’s left of Joakim Noah. The Minnesota Timberwolves are dangling Ricky Rubio… despite the fact that he is no longer on their roster. The Denver Nuggets would give the Cavs point guard Emmanuel Mudiay , and an old Dan Issel jersey.

New Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman spoke to the trade offers he has been receiving.

“Look, we realize that Kyrie would like to be moved, but the offers that we have been receiving just do not make any sense for us.” Altman stated. “In fact, some of them have been flat out ridiculous. This one that we just received from the Los Angeles Clippers is ludicrous. It just says that Austin Rivers will come wash my car, and do household chores for me. Okay, well actually that one isn’t bad. I’m going to hold on to that.”






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NBA Preview: The Northwest Division preview

Western Conference

NBA Northwest

Northwest Division

(Predicted order of finish)

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

The good news is that even though Kevin Durant decided to take his talents to the Bay area, we still think that the Thunder are going to be one of the top teams in the Western Conference.

The bad news is that with KD out of the way, Russell Westbrook may just shoot every single shot for this team for the entire season.

2. Utah Jazz

The Jazz are a very young talented group, that could actually make a push for the playoffs. if they can stay healthy.

Last season, they lost Derrick Favors, Rudy Gobert, and Alec Burks for a number of games.

Of course they did also allow Kobe Bryant to go for 60 in the final game of the season.

So if they see a bunch of old guys, way past their prime, they may not fare so well.

That’s really bad news if they run into San Antonio or the Clippers.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves

Yes they are young, but this group has talent, and could be good for years to come.

Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns, Ricky Rubio, and Zach Levine are a nucleus that could contend in the very near future. And now with the addition of head coach Tom Thibodeau we know this group will learn how to work at an elite level.

And also, that they will constantly be suffering from season long nagging injuries.

4. Portland Trail Blazers

The Blazers surprised everyone last year going 44-38, making the playoffs, and actually testing the Warriors in the first round.

And they picked up Festus Ezeli, in the offseason to beef up their frontcourt, which was a weakness at times last year.

So now if things go really well, they just might be able to…well…make the playoffs and maybe test the Warriors in the first round again.

5. Denver Nuggets

It isn’t that we hate what the Nuggets are doing.

They are putting together some good young talent like Emmanuel Mudiay, Gary Harris, and Jamal Murray with experienced veterans Kenneth Faried and Danilo Gallinari.

It is just that there isn’t much room in the Western Conference for them to move up.

But if it makes them feel any better, we think they could be like a No. 6 seed in the Eastern Conference.

So there’s that.

2016 NBA Draft team grades

The 2016 NBA Draft has come and gone. And while you dozed off after the first seven picks, we forced ourselves to stay awake so that we could give you our 2016 Draft grades! So try to stay awake this time. There could be a test later.


Atlanta Hawks

Notable picks: Taurean Prince, F, Baylor; DeAndre Bembry, SF, St. Joseph’s; Isaia Cordinier, SG, France

Outlook: The Hawks clearly needed some players that could contribute right away, and it seems they got that in Prince and Bembry. Now if they can just get Al Horford to stay, they assure themselves of another early playoff exit.

Grade: B


Boston Celtics

Notable picks: Jaylen Brown, SF, California; Ante Zizic, C, Croatia; Demetrius Jackson, PG, Notre Dame; Ben Bentil, PF, Providence

Outlook: The Celtics got some talented perimeter players. Unfortunately, they already have a ton of talented perimeter players. But maybe they are holding out hope they can trade for a frontcourt player like Kevin Love. And if that is their plan, Danny Ainge no longer seems like a genius, does he?

Grade: D


Brooklyn Nets

Notable picks: Caris LeVert, SG, Michigan; Isaiah Whitehead, SG, Seton Hall

Outlook: Brooklyn is pretty bad, so they can pretty much use help everywhere. Yet, they somehow they still managed to botch that.

Grade: D


Charlotte Hornets

Notable picks: None. Traded No. 22 pick to Sacramento for G Marco Belinelli

Outlook: The Hornets decided that they didn’t want to risk a pick on an unproven commodity. So they traded the pick to the Kings for a journeyman three-point shooter that doesn’t make very many three point shots.  LeBron may never be able to overtake Michael Jordan as a player but he has already passed him as a GM.

Grade: D


Chicago Bulls

Notable picks: Denzel Valentine, SF, Michigan State; Paul Zipser, SF, Germany

Outlook: Chicago got rid of Derrick Rose and his hefty contract and picked up Valentine to run the point. Will the rookie be as good as Rose once was? Probably not, but he might actually wear a uniform and participate in games.

Grade: B


Cleveland Cavaliers

Notable picks: Kay Felder, PG, Oakland

Outlook: The Cavs get a backup point guard as insurance just in case Matthew Dellavedova leaves. And Felder should be able to watch and cheer just as good as Delly ever did. Well done, Cavs.

Grade: A-


Dallas Mavericks

Notable picks: A.J. Hammons, C, Purdue

Outlook: We have no idea what the Mavericks are doing anymore. Hammons has some good size and the Mavs did need a big man. Of course he’s not very athletic, and he doesn’t always play hard. So maybe he fits right in.

Grade: B+


Denver Nuggets

Notable picks: Jamal Murray, PG, Kentucky; Juan Hernangomez, PF, Spain; Malik Beasley, SG, Florida State

Outlook: Quite frankly, we aren’t sure what is going on in Denver. The Nuggets desperately needed some shooters to go along with PG Emmanuel Muiday and Nikola Jokic, and they actually got some shooters. But we aren’t used to the Nuggets making sense. And honestly, it scares us.

Grade: A


Detroit Pistons

Notable picks: Henry Ellenson, PF, Marquette; Michael Gbinije, SF, Syracuse

Outlook: The Pistons stated that they didn’t have any pressing needs, which allowed them to just take the top player available. We think it’s cute that a team that finished No. 8 in the Eastern Conference didn’t think they didn’t have any pressing needs.

Grade: B-


Golden State Warriors

Notable picks: Damian Jones, C, Vanderbilt; Patrick McCaw, SG, UNLV

Outlook: Big surprise here, the Warriors just get better. They pick up Jones who can help their frontcourt should Festus Ezeli and Marreese Speights leave via free agency. And McCaw could develop into a solid perimeter defender. It is almost like the league fixed it for them. Right, Ayesha Curry?

Grade: B+


Houston Rockets

Notable picks: Chinanu Onuaku, C, Louisville (37); Zhou Qi, PF, China

Outlook: The Rockets love their analytics and they grabbed two players, plus Gary Payton II following that draft, that all should fit their analytic scheme pretty well. How’s that analytic thing working out, by the way? Good? Or no?

Grade: B-


Indiana Pacers

Notable picks: Georges Niang, SF, Iowa State

Outlook: Niang could eventually contribute, and the Pacers also dealt for Jeff Teague and Thaddeus Young, which should boost their offense considerably. And don’t worry about the defense. Nothing to see there, folks. Just keep moving along.

Grade: B


Los Angeles Clippers

Notable picks: Brice Johnson, PF, North Carolina; David Michineau, PG, France; Diamond Stone, C, Maryland

Outlook: With his skills and team-first attitude Brice Johnson seems like a perfect fit for the Clippers, and Diamond Stone is a bit of a head case. Which also makes sense for the Clippers.

Grade: C


Los Angeles Lakers

Notable picks: Brandon Ingram, SF, Duke; Ivica Zubac, C, Croatia

Outlook: The Lakers got exactly what they needed out of this draft, and both players should be a good fit for what new head coach Luke Walton wants to do. Of course they will still have point guard D’Angelo Russell running the show and showing these guys the ropes. So good luck with that.

Grade: B+


Memphis Grizzlies

Notable picks: Wade Baldwin, PG, Vanderbilt; Deyonta Davis, PF, Michigan State

Outlook: A productive draft for Memphis, as they got a young point guard as insurance in case Mike Conley departs. And Davis could eventually be a player too. If he ever recovers from the shame and humiliation of sitting in the draft green room for four hours waiting for his name to be called.

Grade: B


Miami Heat

Notable picks: None.

Outlook: The Heat feel they are set for talent and so they didn’t make a single move. Or else they are gearing up to make another run at LeBron James. Either way, if there were any diehard Miami fans they would surely be disappointed.

Grade: C


Milwaukee Bucks

Notable picks: Thon Maker, PF, Australia; Malcolm Brogdon, SG, Virginia

Outlook: Milwaukee grabbed the enigmatic Sudanese-Australian big man that is either 19 years old, or possibly as old as 21-23, which makes their draft grade either bad or really bad.

Grade: C-


Minnesota Timberwolves

Notable picks: Kris Dunn, PG, Providence

Outlook: The Wolves decided to go with a new point guard over scorers like Jamal Murray or Buddy Hield. Which tells us that head coach Tom Thibodeau has enough of whiny, complaining point guards that can’t shoot.

Grade: B-


New Orleans Pelicans

Notable picks: Buddy Hield, SG, Oklahoma; Cheick Diallo, PF, Kansas

Outlook: The Pelicans surprised us all and actually made some intelligent selections here. Now they just need to draft a massage therapist to rub Anthony Davis back, which has to be sore from carrying this mess.

Grade: A


New York Knicks

Notable picks: None

Outlook: The Knicks had no picks this year, but they were able to make a deal to bring the artist formerly known as Derrick Rose to the Big Apple. If they can manage to bring in another free agent like Dwight Howard or Joakim Noah to combine with Rose and Carmelo Anthony, they could be a one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. If it were 2010.

Grade: F


Oklahoma City Thunder

Notable picks: Domantas Sabonis, PF, Gonzaga; Daniel Hamilton, SF, Connecticut

Outlook: In addition to Sabonis and Hamilton, the Thunder also shipped out Serge Ibaka and picked up perimeter defender Victor Oladipo. Ibaka had been an excellent defender but had fallen in love with taking bad shots. And I think we all know that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook take enough bad shots as it is.

Grade: A


Orlando Magic

Notable picks: Steven Zimmerman, C, UNLV

Outlook: Orlando traded guard Victor Oladipo to Oklahoma City and brought big man Serge Ibaka to town. A big man that should be a top defender, but has an inflated ego about his offensive skills? It’s like Dwight Howard is back!

Grade: D


Philadelphia 76ers

Notable picks: Ben Simmons, PF, LSU; Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot, SF, France; Furkan Korkmaz, SG, Turkey

Outlook: The Sixers finally get a player that should be able to get the ball to past top draft picks Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor, and Joel Embiid. Of course if form holds, Simmons will be injured prior to the start of the season anyway.

Grade: B+


Phoenix Suns

Notable picks: Dragan Bender, PF, Croatia; Marquese Chriss, PF, Washington; Tyler Ulis, PG, Kentucky

Outlook: The Suns grabbed another Kentucky player in the undersized Ulis, giving them five on the current roster. That means if they do ever end up winning anything they will probably have to vacate those wins.

Grade: B


Portland Trailblazers

Notable picks: Jake Layman, SF, Maryland

Outlook: Portland bought their way into the draft to grab the 6-foot-9 shooter that isn’t very consistent at shooting. But after the surprise season the Blazers had, I’m not doubting any of their decisions again. Well, except maybe Greg Oden. And Victor Claver. Oh, and Nolan Smith. Maybe Erick Barkley. Jeff Lamp. Of course Sam Bowie. But that’s it.

Grade: C-


Sacramento Kings

Notable picks: Georgios Papagiannis, C, Greece; Malachi Richardson, SG, Syracuse; Skal Labissiere, C, Kentucky

Outlook: Kings VP Vlade Divac swore that the hiring of Dave Joerger as head coach would be the end of the foolishness in Sacramento. But after these selections it is clear that the Kings still have some shenanigans going on. It is almost like Divac is trying to trick us. One last flop, if you will.

Grade: D-


San Antonio Spurs

Notable picks: Dejounte Murray, PG, Washington

Outlook: Of course the Spurs had Murray fall to them at pick No. 29 when he was expected to be a top 15 selection. The athletic point guard could end up taking over for Tony Parker in a few seasons, and teaming up with a 74-year-old Tim Duncan to lead San Antonio to another title.

Grade: A-


Toronto Raptors

Notable picks: Jakob Poeltl, C, Utah; Pascal Siakam, PF, New Mexico State

Outlook: The Raptors were able to grab Poeltl, to replace Bismack Biyombo, a player that we never even knew existed until about three weeks ago.

Grade: B-


Utah Jazz

Notable picks: Joel Bolomboy, PF, Weber State; Marcus Paige, PG, UNC; Tyrone Wallace, PG, California

Outlook: The Jazz just missed the playoffs so they felt like they may not have any real pressing needs coming into this season. But they also allowed 50-year-old Kobe Bryant to score 60 points, on one leg, while wearing Depends under his shorts in his final game. So one of these guys had better be able to defend a little, right?

Grade: C


Washington Wizards

Notable picks: No picks.

Outlook: The Wizards have enough problems on that roster without adding any new headaches. Bravo, Wizards. Bravo.


The 2016 NBA Mockery Draft

It seems like just days ago that the NBA Finals ended, and now here we are with the NBA Draft already upon us!

Oh yeah, that was just a few days ago…but the NBA knows that you can either watch the draft or watch baseball.

Either way, you’re probably going to get a nap out of the deal.

NBA Mock


1. Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers need the skills that LSU forward Ben Simmons has, as he is probably the best athlete, passer, and playmaker in this draft. Plus, he’s already used to losing. So it’s a win/win. Well…I guess it’s more win/win/lose.

Pick: Ben Simmons, F, LSU


2. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers like what Ingram brings to the table, as he is 6-9 and can hurt defenses from the perimeter. And Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russell is already trying to add Ingram on his Snapchat.

Pick: Brandon Ingram, F, Duke


3. Boston Celtics

Boston might end up trading this pick, but they could use some help in their front court, and the city of Boston does love them some white players.

Pick: Dragan Bender, PF, Bosnia


4. Phoenix Suns

The Suns have Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, Devin Booker, and Alex Len. So they add another great athlete that looks good in workouts, but never really delivers in an actual game.

Pick: Marquese Chriss, F, Washington


5. Minnesota Timberwolves

First, T-Wolves point guard Ricky Rubio shoots 36 percent from the field for his career. Then he says how he is thinking about leaving Minnesota so he can finally make the playoffs. Minnesota has one word for the Spanish brick layer- “Adios.”

Pick: Kris Dunn, PG, Providence


6. New Orleans Pelicans

Jamal Murray might be the safest pick in the draft. He can score inside and outside, and should make an immediate impact with a team that desperately needs it. Sure, coming from Kentucky he will have to get used to the pay-cut, but sometimes these things just take time.

Pick: Jamal Murray, F, Kentucky


7. Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets can really use a top flight scorer and they can get one in Hield. And in a few years when he leaves to play for a real franchise, they will say how smart they were to have drafted him way back when.

Pick: Buddy Hield, G, Oklahoma


8. Sacramento Kings

Brown has some major physical skills, but he also has an attitude that have made teams question if he is worthy of a high pick. But in Sacramento, his attitude feels cute and cuddly when compared to DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo. So this pick just makes sense.

Pick: Jaylen Brown, F, California


9. Toronto Raptors

The Raptors need some rebounding help as Bismack Biyombo will be hitting the free agent market. And while no one even knew who Biyombo was a few weeks ago, the Raptors are now going to say he is a huge loss to their title chances.

Pick: Domantas Sabonis F/C Gonzaga


10. Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks need some depth and skill up front, and Utah seven-footer Jakob Poeltl has shown that he might be capable of growing a Jack Sikma-like afro. So there’s that.

Pick: Jakob Poeltl, C, Utah


11. Orlando Magic

Orlando has had a pick in the top five of the NBA Draft for the past three years and have yet to win more than 35 games in a season. See? This NBA draft system is really working!

Pick: Skal Labissiere, C, Kentucky


12. Utah Jazz

It takes a special kind of player to play in Utah, where the alcohol is scarce, and the women are wearing bonnets. But Vandy shooting guard Wade Baldwin is saying all the right things in his interviews. So let’s see if he is really the good guy that he is portraying.

Pick: Wade Baldwin, SG, Vanderbilt


13. Phoenix Suns

The Suns have three picks in the first round so they can afford to take a chance on Murray here. He is extremely athletic and has great size. And it isn’t like anyone is holding their breath that the Suns are going to actually win something.

Pick: Dejounte Murray, G, Washington


14. Chicago Bulls

Davis could be a nice addition into the mix in Chicago. Unfortunately players are trying to leave the team like Jerry Krause is still running things. So Davis could end up being the man in Chicago. The man that gets beat a lot.

Pick: Deyonta Davis, PF Michigan State


15. Denver Nuggets

Denver grabs the scorer from Turkey with their second pick. He will join foreign players Danilo Gallinari from Italy, Nikola Jokic from Serbia, Joffrey Lauvergne from France, and Jusuf Nurkic from Bosnia. The Nuggets are putting together a scrappy European rec-league team.

Pick: Furkan Kormaz, SG, Turkey


16. Boston Celtics

Another pasty white dude in Celtic green. It’s like kismet.

Pick: Henry Ellenson, PF, Marquette


17. Memphis Grizzlies

Richardson made more three pointers in the Elite Eight against Virginia last spring than the Grizzlies made all last season.

Pick: Malachi Richardson, SG, Syracuse


18. Detroit Pistons

The Pistons might get the steal of the draft in Valentine, a hard-nosed kid that will produce at the next level. As long as he doesn’t face Middle Tennessee in the NBA.

Pick: Denzel Valentine, G, Michigan State


19. Denver Nuggets

Denver has three picks in the first round of the draft, and are looking to prove that they are capable of screwing up three picks, just as easy as they can botch a single pick. Well played, Denver. You “win”.

Pick: Ivica Zubac, C, Serbia


20. Indiana Pacers

Larry Bird fired Frank Vogel because he wants to play faster. And while critics will say Vogel won, Bird will point out that Indiana plays in the Eastern Conference so winning isn’t that difficult. And that he can still beat you at HORSE.

Pick: Demetrius Jackson, PG, Notre Dame


21. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks can use some frontcourt help, especially if Al Horford decides to leave via free agency. Sure Johnson won’t be able to step right in for a player the caliber of Horford. But he can probably win the same amount of playoff games.

Pick: Brice Johnson, PF, North Carolina


22. Charlotte Hornets

Michael Jordan makes some headlines as he scoops up the seven-foot athlete that is already being called the “Sudanese-Australian Kwame Brown”.

Pick: Thon Maker, PF, Australia


23. Boston Celtics

After grabbing a couple of big white stiffs, the Celtics finally pick up a player that could actually improve their team. Hey, third time’s a charm.

Pick: Taurean Prince, F, Baylor


24. Philadelphia 76ers

With so many needs to fill it is kind of hard to know what the Sixers will do here. But I do know what they won’t do. Win anytime soon.

Pick: Cheick Diallo, PF, Kansas


25. Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers could have some holes to fill and the big man from Vandy could provide some backup minutes to Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Sure, he isn’t as athletic as those two…but he can make a free throw.

Pick: Damian Jones, C, Vanderbilt


26. Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers need guards so they grab the talented Bembry who can shoot, see the floor, and handle the ball. Philly should be well aware of Bembry who played his college ball right down the street at St. Joes. Then again we are talking about the 76ers. They have no idea who this kid is, do they?

Pick: DeAndre’ Bembry, SG, St Josephs


27. Toronto Raptors

The Raptors are going to need someone to miss some shots with DeMar DeRozen a possibility to leave via free agency. Beasley will give it a try.

Pick: Malik Beasley, SG, Florida State


28. Phoenix Suns

Yes, the Suns have yet another pick in the first round, but can they really afford three rookies? No, so they take “Juancho”, who will probably stay in Spain for another season. Then he can come to Phoenix to “Sucko”.

Pick: Juan Hernangomez, PF, Spain


29. San Antonio Spurs

He may wait another year before joining the Spurs and fellow countryman Tony Parker, but at just 21 years of age, the talented shooter lowers the Spurs average roster age to 74.

Pick: Petr Cornelie, PF, France


30. Golden State Warriors

The Warriors might have won the NBA Championship with a player like Bentil in the lineup instead of Anderson Varejao. Of course a can of Spam on the floor would have been an improvement over Varejao.

Pick: Ben Bentil, Providence, PF



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The Daly Dose Sports NBA Preview: Northwest Division

Next up is our the NBA Western Conference Northwest Division. Are the Thunder ready to take the next step? Are the Blazers going to fall as much as we think? Do the Nuggets still really have a team? We answer each of these questions right here.

NBA Northwest

Western Conference Northwest

(Predicted order of finish)

Team Outlook
1. Oklahoma City Thunder New head coach Billy Donovan comes to Oklahoma City from the University of Florida where he will try to instill the same principles he learned from Rick Pitino. So let’s hope Donovan isn’t currently hiring a stable of strippers. As Patrick Ewing taught us, NBA players can afford those themselves.
2. Utah Jazz The Jazz finished 38-44 in 2014 but that doesn’t show how good Utah was down the stretch. They were 19-10 after the All-Star break and could show some more improvement this season. Of course they play in the Western Conference so it isn’t like they will be popping the champagne any time soon. Then again they live in Utah so I’m not sure they even have champagne.
3. Minnesota Timberwolves With Ricky Rubio, Zach LeVine, Andrew Wiggins, and rookie Karl Anthony-Towns the Wolves have a nice young nucleus that could be molded into an eventual winner. Of course with Kevin Garnett and Andre Miller on the roster the average age of the team is actually 59 years old. But just ignore that.
4. Denver Nuggets The Nuggets landed Mike Malone as their new head coach after the Brian Shaw fiasco. He has a reputation of working well with young players. So rookie PG Emmanuel Mudiay PF Kenneth Faried should be able to create nice highlight films to show other teams when they leave Denver via free agency for a real basketball franchise in a couple of years.
5. Portland Trailblazers Sure, the Blazers lost a ton of talent. LaMarcus Aldridge, Wes Matthews, Arron Afflalo, and Robin Lopez all left for greener pastures. But Portland did go out and replace those guys. I mean c’mon, they got Mason Plumlee. And Noah Vonleh. And don’t forget Al Farouq-Aminu. That’s sort of the same, isn’t it?

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2015 NBA Draft Grades for all 30 teams

Is it too early for NBA Draft grades? I mean these players haven’t even stepped on the court yet. But who cares? We can see into the future and tell you right now how this is all going to go for your favorite team. Check out the Daly Dose NBA Draft Grades already and quit being so negative.


Team Selections Outlook and grade
Atlanta Hawks 1st round- traded Kelly Oubre, SG, Kansas

2nd round- Marcus Ericcson, SG, Spain

Dimitrios Agravanis, PF, Greece

Acquired: Tim Hardaway Jr

The Hawks selected Oubre out of Kansas and then traded him for Tim Hardaway Jr and future picks. We all saw the Cavs go to the Finals with Knicks castoffs so it looks like the Hawks are trying to follow that surefire path to success.

Grade: C-

Boston Celtics 1st round- Terry Rozier, PG, Louisville

RJ Hunter, SG, Georgia State

2nd round- Jordan Mickey, PF, LSU

Marcus Thornton, SG, William and Mary

We have been watching Danny Ainge rack up draft choices and thinking that he was a genius. And then he selected Terry Rozier with the 16th pick when he already has Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Smart. The genius has left the building!

Grade: D-

Brooklyn Nets 1st round- Chris McCullough, PF, Syracuse

2nd round- Traded Pat Connaughton, SG, Notre Dame

Acquired Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, PF, Arizona

Jaun Vaulet, SG, Argentina

Steve Blake

The Nets traded Mason Plumlee and Connaughton to Portland for Steve Blake and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. That gives the Nets McCullough and Rondae-Jefferson- two players that aren’t over 50? Instant upgrade for this geriatric roster!

Grade: B+

Charlotte Hornets 1st round- Frank Kaminsky, C, Wisconsin

2nd round- traded Jaun Vaulet, SG, Argentina

There were reports going into the draft that Hornets owner Michael Jordan really liked Kaminsky. Was it because he valued his offensive skills or because he thinks he can still beat him one on one? We’ll let you decide.

Grade: B

Chicago Bulls 1st round- Bobby Portis, PF, Arkansas

2nd round- No picks

Portis is a beast. Not sure where they will play him or who will be his frienon the team as he tweeted “—- the Bulls” just last year. So he will probably have to sit at the lunch table alone like that dumb blonde girl in Orange is the New Black.

Grade: B+

Cleveland Cavaliers 1st round- traded Tyus Jones, PG, Duke

2nd round- Sir’Dominic Pointer, SF, St Johns

Acquired- Cedi Osman, PG, Macedonia

Rakeem Christmas, C, Syracuse

The Cavs traded Jones to Minnesota for Cedi Osman and Rakeem Christmas. I’m not sure I have ever seen Rakeem Christmas play but after watching LeBron’s supporting cast in the NBA Finals I would think that Lloyd Christmas would be an upgrade.

Grade: C

Dallas Mavericks 1st round- Justin Anderson, SF, Virginia

2nd round- Satnam Singh Bhamara, C, India

Anderson is a good value and the 7’2” Bhamara looks like the bad guy in a comic book movie. Who doesn’t need that guy on their roster?

Grade: B-

Denver Nuggets 1st round- Emmanuel Mudiay, PG, China

2nd round- Nikola Radicevic, PG, Serbia

Mudiay has some weapons in his arsenal but he isn’t a consistent shooter. And he turned it over too much while playing in the Chinese pro league. And he doesn’t even look Chinese at all.

Grade: C-

Detroit Pistons 1st round- Stanley Johnson, SF, Arizona

2nd round- Darrun Hilliard III, SF, Villanova

Will Stanley Johnson prove out to be better than Justise Winslow? Maybe not but he’s a better fit for Stan Van Gundy’s system. So just stop with all of your negativity, Mr. Glass is Half Empty.

Grade: C+

Golden State Warriors 1st round- Kevon Looney, PF, UCLA

2nd round- No picks

First the Warriors win the NBA Finals and then Looney falls to them in the first round of the draft? Mark Jackson’s head just exploded.

Grade: A

Houston Rockets 1st round- Sam Dekker, SF, Wisconsin

2nd round- Montrezl Harrell, PF, Louisville

A number of people were really excited to see Dekker go to Houston. Does he suit a need? Not really. Did they more important positions to fill? Definitely. But he is white. So go nuts. Harrell was a steal. Maybe Dwight Howard will go from just being a champion in his own mind to a real champion? Naaaa.

Grade: A-

Indiana Pacers 1st round- Myles Turner, C, Texas

2nd round- Joseph Young, SG, Oregon

Turner is a defensive center that doesn’t bring much offense to the table but the Pacers already have Roy Hibbert and he’s the most frustrating player on their roster every single year. So apparently the Pacers just like to abuse themselves.

Grade: B-

Los Angeles Clippers 1st round- No picks

2nd round- No picks

Acquired- Branden Dawson, SG, Michigan State

The Clippers didn’t have any selections in this years’ draft but they also didn’t botch their pick like they usually do. So sometimes less is more.

Grade: A+

Los Angeles Lakers 1st round- D’Angelo Russell, PG, Ohio State

Larry Nance Jr, PF, Wyoming

2nd round- Anthony Brown, SF, Stanford

The Lakers decided to go with a PG instead of a big man selecting Russell over Jahlil Okafor with the second pick of the draft. This tells me that the Lakers are planning on getting a big man in free agency like Kevin Love. And he will probably hurt himself signing the contract.

Grade: B

Memphis Grizzlies 1st round- Jarell Martin, PF, LSU

2nd round- No picks

The Grizzlies needed a shooter and didn’t get one but with Martin joining Tony Allen, Jeff Green, and Zach Randolph this team is my favorite in any street fight they might enter.

Grade: C-

Miami Heat 1st round- Justise Winslow, SG, Duke

2nd round- Josh Richardson, SG, Tennessee

Everything came up perfect for Pat Riley as usual. When Miami fans find out they still have a professional basketball team even though LeBron James left they are going to be so excited.

Grade: B+

Milwaukee Bucks 1st round- Rashad Vaughn, SG, UNLV

2nd round-Traded Norman Powell, SG, UCLA

Acquired Greivis Vasquez

The Bucks needed some scoring here and got it with Vaughn who has proven to be a dependable shooter. This is good because Jason Kidd wasn’t going to teach him how to shoot anytime soon.

Grade: C+

Minnesota Timberwolves 1st round- Karl-Anthony Towns, C, Kentucky

2nd round- traded Cedi Osman, PG, Macedonia

Traded Rakeem Christmas, C, Syracuse

Acquired- Tyus Jones, PG, Duke

The T-Wolves grabbed Towns and then traded for Tyus Jones. That gives Minnesota a monster combination with Towns, Jones and Rookie of the Year Andrew Wiggins. Towns and Wiggins because they are monsters on the court. And Jones because he kind of looks like a monster. Or at least a Munster.

Grade: A+

New Orleans Pelicans 1st round- No picks

2nd round- traded Branden Dawson, SG, Michigan State

The Pelicans really need to surround center Anthony Davis with some talent so they went out and grabbed Dawson and then traded him away to the Clippers for cash. Davis is also going to look great in a Clippers jersey in two years.

Grade: D-

New York Knicks 1st round- Kristaps Porzingis, PF, Latvia

2nd round- No picks

Acquired Jerian Grant, PG Notre Dame, Guillermo Hernangomez, C, Spain

Kristaps Porzingis was booed unmercifully at the draft on Thursday night. The bad news is now its going worse to get for Porzingis when he has to play with Carmelo Anthony every night.


Poor little zingis.

Grade: B+

Oklahoma City Thunder 1st round- Cameron Payne, PG, Murray State

2nd round- Dakari Johnson, C, Kentucky

Dakari Johnson spurned head coach Billy Donovan while he was at Florida to attend Kentucky instead. Guess who has some extra conditioning every practice? It ain’t Kevin Durant.

Grade: C

Orlando Magic 1st round- Mario Hezonja, SG, Croatia

2nd round-Tyler Harvey, SG, Eastern Washington

The Magic needed some scoring ability and they got it with both picks. Jalen Rose compared Hezonja to Chandler Parsons on draft night…which is good… except they are nothing alike. However they are both white. Good eye, Jalen.

Grade: B-

Philadelphia 76ers 1st round- Jahlil Okafor, C, Duke

2nd round- traded Guillermo Hernangomez, C, Spain

Richaun Holmes, PF, Bowling Green

Arturas Gudaitis, C Lithuania

JP Tokoto, SF, North Carolina

Luka Mitrovic, PF, Serbia

With D’Angelo Russell off the board the Sixers decided to go with another big man in addition to the fifty they already have. This could be the beginning of something big with all those young post players. Or it could be like when the Detroit Lions just kept drafting WRs every single year.

Probably the latter.

Grade: C

Phoenix Suns 1st round- Devin Booker, SG, Kentucky

2nd round- traded Andrew Harrison, PG, Kentucky

Booker joins Kentucky alumni Eric Bledsoe, Archie Goodwin, and Brandon Knight in Phoenix. It must be tough for all of those ex-Wildcats to afford that NBA pay cut.

Grade: C+

Portland Trailblazers 1st round- traded Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, SF, Arizona

2nd round- No picks

Acquired- Pat Connaughton, SG, Notre Dame

Daniel Diez, SF, Spain

Mason Plumlee

It’s scary for Portland fans to think about LaMarcus Aldridge living the City of Roses. You know what’s scarier? Mason Plumlee taking over for him.

Grade: D-

Sacramento Kings 1st round- Willie Cauley-Stein, C, Kentucky

2nd round- No picks

The Kings have a huge headache with DeMarcus Cousins. So they decided to compound that headache by adding Cauley-Stein. But if anyone is up for that challenge it might be George Karl who actually had Carmelo Anthony in the Western Conference Finals in 2009. Yes! That same Carmelo Anthony! Not a different one! That same guy on the Knicks! Are you kidding me?

Grade: C-

San Antonio Spurs 1st round- Nikola Milutinov, C, Sebia

2nd round- Cady Lalanne, C, Massachusetts

Can Milutinov play? Beats me. Is he even an NBA talent? No clue. But the Spurs took him. So he must be secretly great. End of story.

Grade: C

Toronto Raptors 1st round- Delon Wright, PG, Utah

2nd round- No picks

Delon Wright is a very good PG, he has good size, and he’s tough and very good defensively. Except for the dribbling. He isn’t very good at dribbling. But do you really need to be good at dribbling to be a point guard? Apparently not.

Grade: C-

Utah Jazz 1st round- Trey Lyles, PF, Kentucky

2nd round- Olivier Hanlan, PG, Boston College

Traded Daniel Diez, SF, Spain

The Jazz have quietly gone about rebuilding their franchise into an up and coming team. In fact they have done it so quietly that most of the teams in the league forget that Utah even has a franchise.

Grade: B-

Washington Wizards 1st round- traded Jerian Grant, PG, Notre Dame

2nd round- Aaron White, PF, Iowa

Acquired- Kelly Oubre, SG, Kansas

The Wizards traded for Kansas forward Kelly Oubre who commented that he was happy to go to “whichever teams wins me a Championship”. He’s going to be disappointed. But so will the Wizards. So this is a win/win. Or a lose/lose. Whichever.

Grade: C