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Monday on the Daly Dose, we are remembering a Daly Dose from the early days of the podcast!

We remember one of Michael Jordan’s greatest performances, and what made him so deadly.

Adrian Peterson was looking for a new team, and we previewed the 2015 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers!

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Daly Dose #82 Recapping the NBA Finals

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast we break down what happened in the NBA Finals. How did the Cleveland Cavaliers come all the way back to beat the Golden State Warriors? We also take a look at the longest droughts in the Big 4 sports, and give a quick NBA Draft preview. Plus OJ: Made in America, the mess at the US Open, some Copa America talk, and who isn’t going to win at the Olympics in Rio. Finally our Daly Dose Top 5 counts down the best seasons that did not end with a championship.

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2016 NBA Finals - Game Seven

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

In last ditch effort to make Finals interesting, NBA suspends Draymond Green

The 2016 NBA Finals has struggled to live up to past seasons and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will not take it lying down.

Through the first four games, the outcomes between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers have been determined by a difference of a whopping 89 points, or 22 points per game.

The Warriors now lead the series 3-1, and Las Vegas currently has the Cavaliers as a -2500 underdog to come back and win the championship.

Television ratings are down, the series could end early, and the games themselves have been nearly unwatchable.

But Adam Silver has a plan.


(Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Silver suspended Warriors forward Draymond Green for Game 5 on Monday night after assessing Green a Flagrant 1 foul for his role in a play in Game 4.

The play in question came with less than three minutes remaining as Green and Cavaliers forward LeBron James got tangled and Green fell to the floor.

James then stepped over Green, and the Warriors forward blindly swung his arm and appeared to make contact with James.

James immediately turned around and the two players went chest-to-chest before being separated.

NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Kiki Vandeweghe announced the decision on Sunday. “The cumulative points system is designed to deter flagrant fouls in our game,” Vandeweghe said in a statement. “While Draymond Green’s actions in Game 4 do not merit a suspension as a standalone act, the number of flagrant points he has earned triggers a suspension for Game 5.”

“We realize that he was probably deserving of a suspension following his kick of Steven Adams in the Oklahoma City Thunder series, but at the time the Warriors were down 3-1. We desperately needed Draymond to play. Now with the Warriors up 3-1 we can sit him down and hopefully tighten this series up.”

Is the NBA concerned about being so transparent in their intentions to manipulate the outcome of games?

“Well, we do have to be cautions.” Vandeweghe stated. “This isn’t WWE. We must keep the integrity of the game intact. But if Game 5 is too close we are also looking at suspending Klay Thompson for making three pointers and Stephen Curry for those ugly ‘Chef Curry’ shoes.”



Daly Dose Poll: What are you most looking forward to in the NBA Finals?

The NBA Finals are set!

The Golden State Warriors outlasted the Oklahoma City Thunder to move on and face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals.

We asked readers what they are most looking forward to in the series.

NBA Finals


2015 NBA Finals Preview

Team Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors
Best Player Some guy named LeBron James that you’ve probably never heard of because ESPN refuses to give the poor guy any coverage whatsoever. Stephen Curry who looks like he’s the 12 year old kid down the street that is beating you in your own driveway.
Head Coach LeBron James Steve Kerr
Key to Winning LeBron will have to carry a team of former New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets as he has all season because he’s such an amazing player. They shoot. A lot. And if they are in a pinch Steve Kerr can knock down a few shots himself.
Typical Fan You can recognize them by the charring on their LeBron jerseys from when they burned them back in 2010. In fact, they may still reek of smoke. But that could be from the Cuyahoga River too. They are chameleons. They are currently wearing Warriors gear and last year it was San Francisco Giants stuff. But in the 80’s it was Lakers, Oakland A’s and Raiders garb. So you know…typical California fan.
What it means if they win LeBron James is the greatest player who has ever lived. Charles Barkley will have to eat his words that “no jump shooting team will ever win an NBA title.” Like Barkley has ever minded eating anything.
What it means if they lose LeBron is the worst player who has ever lived. Cleveland would win a major sports title. Head to a bunker. The end of the world is nigh.
How they could lose The Warriors offense manages to outscore the offensive juggernauts that Cleveland has faced so far in the playoffs. (Boston 95 PPG, Chicago 91 PPG, Atlanta 93 PPG)  The Warriors offense struggles to match their playoff average of 104 PPG while playing the likes of New Orleans, Memphis, and Houston.
Under the radar team member I know LeBron hates hearing this but David Blatt must be doing something right. The Warriors medical trainers who are apparently still following concussion testing standards from the 1960s.

Who should win the 2015 NBA Finals

If LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan beating a finesse perimeter team like the Warriors shouldn’t even cause him to break a sweat. Cavs in 5.

Who will win the 2015 NBA Finals

Golden State in 6.

Breaking News: Golden State Warriors concussion test revealed!

There has been much speculation recently about the Golden State Warriors medical staff and their concussion testing.

Both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson left playoff games against the Houston Rockets in the NBA Western Conference Finals and seemed to have suffered injuries that might involve concussion-like symptoms. Yet both players returned and we were told that each of the players passed the Warriors medical staff concussion test.

The Daly Dose has managed to retain a copy of the test that was given to both players. (See below)


Golden State Warriors Concussion Test

  1. What is your name? (Correct answer: 10 points)
  2. Where are you right now? (Correct answer: 10 points)
  3. How many fingers am I holding up? (Correct answer within three fingers: 10 points)
  4. Do you want to keep playing? (Yes: 10 points)
  5. Do you feel confused right now? (Yes: -10 points)
  6. Are you nauseous? (Yes: -10 points)
  7. Do you hear ringing in your ears? (Yes: -10 points)
  8. Do the bright lights irritate your eyes? (Yes: -10 points)
  9. Can you tell me the last three questions that I asked you? (Yes: 10 points)
  10. Are you playing well? (Yes: 50 points)

Grading Guide:

50 points or more: Player is definitely fine to return. Just say they had a scratch somewhere on their head.

40 points: Player is probably fine. Send them back to the bench area.

30 points: Player is ok. Put a towel over their head to let them rest on the walk back to the court to soothe them.

20 points: Player is capable of returning. (Encourage them)

10 points: Player is just being a drama queen. (LeBron James)