Daly Dose 04-10-18 Our MLB contenders and pretenders

Tuesday on the Dose, we begin to look at the Major League Baseball season by selecting a few contenders and pretenders. Who will make our list?

We have some very odd breaking NFL news stories, and a former MLB player that seems to have a very flawed memory.

Finally, with today being National Siblings Day, we take a look at some of the best siblings that we have seen in sports!

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Daly Dose #137 The third annual Dosey Awards

This week on the Daly Dose we host our third annual Daly Dose Dosey Awards show! We hand out the coveted Dosey Award to recognize individual and other sports-related performance over the past calendar year!

We present Doseys in a number of different categories including Best Record Breaking Performance, College Football Moment of the YearBest Major League Baseball Player of the YearNational Hockey League Moment of the YearCollege Basketball Moment of the Year, and Comeback of the Year!

Nominees for Doseys include Tom BradyVon MilllerDeShaun WatsonKevin DurantBill BelichickRoger FedererLewis Hamilton, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and David Ortiz!

Don’t miss out on the Gala Event as we look back at the past year in sports, and honor the best of the best!

Listen here to Episode #137 The third annual Dosey Awards!


Khalil Mack petitions the NFL to play the Broncos every week

Oakland Raiders outside linebacker Khalil Mack has petitioned the NFL to allow him to face the Denver Broncos every week of the season next year.

On Sunday in the Raiders’ 15-12 win over the Broncos Mack finished with seven tackles, five sacks, and seven quarterbacks hits, as the Broncos failed to account for him the entire game.


NFL Players Association attorney Jeffrey Kessler, the man who led the fight to overturn New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s suspension, said that he is confident that Roger Goodell will hear Mack’s plea and render a fair decision.

“We looked at the film of Sunday’s game and it is pretty apparent that Khalil would benefit greatly from facing the Broncos each week. And my client deserves those benefits.” Kessler stated.

“I mean, it was almost like they weren’t even trying to block him. They just kept letting Khalil hit their quarterback again, and again, and again. This is a rare case where my client has a chance to be considered among the all-time great players to ever play the game. But only if he gets to face this team each week that is apparently completely incapabale of making any adjustments.” he continued.

Mack also expressed surprise that Denver didn’t bring some extra players to try to limit his production.

“I kept thinking they would try to block me but maybe they didn’t want to hurt their offensive tackle’s feelings. It was like they were afraid to make a decision.” Mack said on Wednesday. “I guess it’s a good thing they don’t have any other important personnel decisions to make this year.”