Daly Dose 06-28-18 Possible busts in the NFL

Thursday on the Daly Dose, we look at an early World Cup upset, another day in the LeBron James watch, and we have a disturbing story in Major League Baseball that should make you very cautious when you go to the ballpark.

With the pending suspension of Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback Jameis Winston, we take a look at few other recent top NFL draft picks that are in danger of being labeled busts very soon, if things don’t change.

Finally, we do have a few sports overreactions of the week concerning the NBA and LeBron James. Has he already made his free agent decision?

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Daly Dose 03-23-18 Our big announcement

Friday on the Daly Dose, we recap a very interesting first night of the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament, as we see some surprising teams move on!

Then we preview what should be a very good weekend in sports. We highlight some of the best games in the NCAA Tournament, the NCAA Women’s tournament, the NBA, and even some NASCAR to give you plenty to watch over the next three days.

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional-Kansas State vs Kentucky

Daly Dose #156 A Daly Dose Thanksgiving

This week on the Daly Dose, we are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, by reflecting upon all of the things that we are very thankful for in sports!

A very special guest stops by the show, to discuss what she has been up to lately.

As we are heading for the final stretch of the NFL season, we can see that there are a number of teams that are beginning to look like the favorites. Yet, as good as some of these teams look, they do still have some flaws that could cost them down the stretch.

It is rivalry week in college football, and there are a number of impactful matchups to watch over the holiday weekend.

Plus, we have a Daly Dose Thanksgiving tradition of counting down the Top Turkeys of 2017!

Listen here to Daly Dose #155 A Daly Dose Thanksgiving!


Broncos players clarify “We aren’t soft, we just suck.”

Denver Broncos players have bristled at the statement made by executive vice president of football operations and general manager John Elway last week.

Speaking at a Friday night event, Elway told those in attendance that Broncos had gotten “a little bit soft” this season, and that has contributed to Denver’s current 3-7 record.

Following their loss on Sunday to the Cincinnati Bengals, a number of players spoke out in dispute of Elway’s claims that they have gotten soft.

Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals, NFL Week 11

“We have Brock Osweiler starting at quarterback, and you’re telling me that I have gotten soft?” asked linebacker Von Miller. “I don’t think so, bro.”

“This team had very high hopes going into the season that we could contend for another title.” cornerback Chris Harris Jr stated Monday morning. “But Trevor (Siemian) really struggled early, our offensive line can’t block anyone, and Brock Osweiler is now our starting quarterback. You know what has gotten soft? Our personnel scouting department.”

Monday morning, the Broncos fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, who told the Daly Dose that he felt frustrated by the failure of his offense. “I have been trying to get this offense to become a functional unit. and it has not been easy. I mean, I got Tim Tebow to win a playoff game, but Brock Osweiler? Talk about your hands being tied.”

Defensive end Derek Wolfe echoed those same sentiments. “I don’t know that this defense has gotten soft. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we currently have a guy starting at quarterback that couldn’t make the Cleveland Browns roster. I mean, think about this. Brock freaking Osweiler is our starting quarterback. We aren’t soft, we just suck.”

Denver Broncos “shocked” that Brock Osweiler didn’t salvage their season

After a 51-23 beatdown at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, Denver Broncos management is at a loss. They had benched starting quarterback Trevor Siemian, and inserted veteran Brock Osweiler into the starting lineup, with hopes of an immediate turnaround. However, those hopes were dashed on Sunday as Osweiler finished the game 19 for 38 with just 208 yards, and two interceptions in the loss.


“We had expected Brock Osweiler to really give our season a lift.” stated head coach Vance Joseph. “Obviously, there was a flaw in our thinking. We knew in the back of our minds that he sucks. Everyone knows he sucks. So, that was a mistake on our part.”

Vice President of Football Operations John Elway spoke to the surprise that he felt as Osweiler and the Broncos struggled on Sunday.

“We had considered Brock to be kind of an ace in our sleeve.” Elway told the Daly Dose. “But I couldn’t tell the difference between Brock and Trevor in this game, except that Brock is taller (Osweiler is 6’8″ while Siemian is listed as 6’3″) other than that he looked exactly the same.”

“When we drafted Brock back in 2012, we felt like he could be a talented player, with a bright future in the NFL. That hasn’t turned out the way that we would have liked. Paxton Lynch has also been disappointing so far. After the loss on Sunday, I think we have no choice but to look to the future. I think it is apparent that we will need to draft another quarterback for this team. I think it is also apparent that he needs to be taller. I am hoping to find a quarterback out there that is in the 6-foot-9 or 6-foot-10 range. A seven-footer would be ideal. I think that would mean a big improvement for our offense.”

The 2017 Daly Dose NFL Preview: The AFC West

AFC West

The AFC West might be the toughest division in the NFL. Any of these teams could win the division, and contend in the postseason. And any of these teams could collapse, and finish 6-10. And most of these teams could also actually be made up from the spawn of Chargers QB Philip Rivers.


1. Oakland Raiders

Predicted finish: 10-6

Last year, the Oakland Raiders returned to the playoffs for the first time since 2002, going 12-4 and giving the Raider faithful some hope for the future. QB Derek Carr is an MVP candidate, and DE Khalil Mack is one of the top defensive players in the league. Then again, this team lost to Brock Osweiler in the playoffs, and they are currently packing up for the move to Las Vegas. So the future may not exactly need shades.

2. Denver Broncos

Predicted finish: 9-7

Broncos VP John Elway knew he had to beef up his terrible offensive line, so he went out and took Utah OT Garett Bolles with his first draft pick. Elway has been fearless as a personnel man, selecting players like Brock Osweiler, Paxton Lynch, and Sylvester Williams with previous draft picks. Did we say “fearless”? Sorry, we meant “senseless”.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

Predicted finish: 9-7

The Chiefs won this division a year ago with a 12-4 record, but failed to advance in the postseason. That was nothing new for Kansas City fans, who have been waiting since 1969 to advance past the divisional round of the playoffs. Chiefs management decided they didn’t want to take any chances with another playoff loss this year, so they drafted QB Patrick Mahomes to split the locker room, and eliminate the possibility. Well played.

4. Los Angeles Chargers

Predicted finish: 7-9

The Chargers are a notoriously cheap franchise that balks at paying their players. They uprooted, and moved the franchise from San Diego after 54 seasons because the fans wouldn’t buy them a new stadium. They have fired quality coaches, and repeatedly screwed over their fans. Why is this such a snakebitten franchise without much in the way of true success? Karma is a crazy thing.   

Did you miss our Daly Dose NFC West preview?

Broncos take big loss just to spite the Raiders

The Denver Broncos have a long standing feud with the Oakland Raiders, and they aren’t about to do them any favors.

Despite needing a win on Sunday night, against the Kansas City Chiefs to stay in playoff contention, the Broncos came out flat and uninspired.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals

You might say it is just a case of Super Bowl blues, but maybe there is a little more to the story.

“No, I actually told them to just take it easy.” said Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak. “If we win that game, it would actually help the Oakland Raiders win the AFC West. That’s not happening on my watch.”

Instead, the Broncos posted what may have been their worst loss of the 2016 NFL season, and were blown out 33-10. The Denver defense allowed the Chiefs nearly 500 yards of total offense, and the Bronco offense was just 4 of 15 on third down conversions.

“We were looking at our team and we realize that we probably don’t have the talent to go win another Super Bowl this year.” confirmed executive vice president of football operations and general manager John Elway. “But we also knew that we could give the Raiders a big crap sandwich for Christmas. So we decided to go with that option.”

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid isn’t buying it.

“They can say whatever they want, the fact is they were beaten by a better team.” said Reid on Monday. “We ran better, blocked better and tackled better. Alex Smith looked like a bona fide NFL quarterack, and we even had a 400 pound defensive lineman throw a touchdown pass….hey wait a second…”

Broncos sign velvet rope to assist ailing offensive line

The Denver Broncos are looking from help from an unlikely source.

After suffering their third loss in five games, and seeing their offensive line struggle yet again, Denver made a move to try close the floodgates om their offensive front.


Broncos general manager John Elway knows the move might be deemed as desperate, but he had to do something.

“We knew that our offensive line was a weakness last year. Our quarterbacks were under constant duress, and our running game struggled all year to get going.” Elway stated. “We signed offensive tackles Donald Stephenson and Russell Okung in the offseason, but it is clear that those moves were a mistake. This year we have actually been even worse”

Denver’s offensive line has indeed been a sore spot again this season, as the Broncos have allowed 36 quarterback sacks, and their running game ranks 28th in yards per carry with just a 3.6 average.

On Monday, Elway announced his latest free agent acquisition, a velvet rope.

“I realize that placing an inanimate object into a live football game might seem crazy.” Elway stated. “But if you have seen this group in a real game, then you know that this actually might be an improvement for us. Some hindrance of the opposing defense would be better than none.”

Daly Doses: Thoughts, reflections, and derision from the Mile High City!


  • There is s_mething missing with the Denver Br_nc_s. I can’t quite my finger _n it but they l__k a little _ff.
  • Which quarterback has more interceptions this season?
  • A. Peyton Manning? Or B. Sam Bradford?
  • A. Peyton Manning? Or B. Colin Kaepernick?
  • A. Peyton Manning? Or B. Branden Weeden?
  • A. Peyton Manning? Or B. Jay Cutler?
  • I hope you picked A.
  • Every time.
  • After Week 5 Manning has now thrown seven picks. More than each Bradford and Kaepernick (5). And more than Cutler (3) and Weeden (2) combined.
  • I know that Manning’s physical skills have diminished, but what is more disturbing to me is the fact that the interceptions aren’t always a physical mistake.
  • We are also seeing poor decisions and bad reads.
  • A number of these interceptions are mental mistakes.
  • Which is odd for a guy who wears a size 11 5/8 hat.
  • Is this simply a product of a new Gary Kubiak system? Or are we watching a future Hall-of-Famer completely collapse before our eyes?
  • I know the offensive line is a mess. And that definitely hasn’t helped.
  • The Broncos completely rebuilt their offensive front- starting four new players including two players with no true NFL experience.
  • In fact, they traded away experienced offensive tackle Chris Clark to Houston during the preseason.
  • And now they have some injuries too.
  • I give John Elway a ton of credit for rebuilding this team to be a tougher, more physical team, that should be more dangerous in January.
  • But this OL mess is also his fault.
  • Orlando Franklin is now in San Diego. Philip Blake was a complete bust. Vinston Painter can’t make a team.
  • Those were Elway’s draft picks.
  • Yet for all of the flaws of Peyton Manning and the offense, this team is still finding a way to win every week. And both he and the offensive line should improve.
  • And by the way, the aforementioned quarterbacks have just seven wins combined between all four of them.
  • Manning has five wins on his own.
  • I know there are those screaming for the Broncos to bench Manning.
  • But it isn’t time to throw Brock Osweiler to the wolves just yet.
  • Can you imagine how deflating that would be to this defense to completely rebuild the offense right now? Manning is a leader and a veteran. They do trust him.
  • And the word “deflating” is a negative term here.
  • This isn’t New England.

Episode 35 of the Daly Dose Sports Podcast is up!

This week Clint answers YOUR e-mails on a number of different subjects

“I’ve never played competitve basketball and I want to try out for a team. Any advice?”

“What all-time NFL quarterback would you want with the game on the line?”

“I’m going away to college and I have never been away from home. Help!”

And there may even be a relationship question or two!

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Episode 35

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