Daly Dose 06-26-18 Our 2018 NBA Draft winners and losers

Tuesday on the Dose, we know how difficult it can be to declare winners and losers from an event like the 2018 NBA Draft, but we look a little closer, and we have found some very deserving participants!

W name a few teams, a few coaches, a few players, and even a parent as our winners and losers from the NBA selection process.

We also have some breaking LeBron James news that we aren’t so sure about, and another NFL player is trying out the appeals process.

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Daly Dose 03-19-18 Our March Madness recap

Monday on the Daly Dose, we are recapping the weekend in sports! March Madness was even crazier than expected as top teams kept falling! We discuss why not all of the upsets made us feel so great.

There was a trade in the NFL that we don’t fully understand, NASCAR saw an odd decision, and the PGA Tour is getting very interesting.

Plus, today is very special national day of the year that brought to mind a few different athletes!

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Check out Episode 18!

Episode 18 of the Daly Dose Sports Podcast is up!

Clint recaps the Final 4 and National Championship game. Can Tiger Woods play well at the Masters? We hand out some college basketball awards, a major league baseball preview, and the Top 5 most hated Duke Blue Devils of all time!

Episode 18

Men’s college basketball struggling offensively because players are spending too much time in the classroom. Probably.

University of Connecticut women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma recently made headlines when he stated that men’s college basketball is “unwatchable “.

“The bottom line is, nobody can score,” Auriemma told national media on a conference call. “And they’ll tell you that it’s because of great defense, great scouting, a lot of teamwork. Nonsense, nonsense. College men’s basketball is so far behind the times it’s unbelievable.”

What Auriemma apparently failed to realize is that these young men spend a number of hours in the classroom working on their college degrees.

“My players would love to work on their offensive skills more but the fact is they have book reports and term papers due.” Kentucky coach John Calipari retorted.

“These guys aren’t majoring in basketball.” Calipari went on “Karl Anthony-Towns is studying kinesiology and is hoping to become a doctor someday. Maybe Geno has players that are going to go on to lucrative professional basketball careers but my boys have to hit the books. They understand the importance of education.”

Daly Debate: Comparing the Final 4 teams

School Kentucky Duke Wisconsin Michigan State
Mascot Wildcats Blue Devils Badgers (pronounced bayadgers) Spartans
Coach John Calipari Mike Krzyzewski Bo Ryan Tom Izzo
Strength Youth, talent, speed, size, and I think they can fly too. Slapping the floor. They have a lot of white guys, so they must be fundamentally sound, right? Many of the players on this team actually grew up in Michigan.
Weakness They’re 38-0! They have no weaknesses! Officials that don’t obey Coach K’s every command. Again…white guys. Inferiority complex at the selection committee making them a #7 seed.
Celebrity supporters Ashley Judd…I think she’s a celebrity? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Justin Bieber. Sure Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn look great together but just imagine how ugly their kids would be. Kid Rock.
Typical fan Let’s just say they aren’t #1 in number of teeth. They are wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat, Yankees jacket, and Brazilian soccer shirt. People who think wearing cheese is clever. Imagine an arena full of Kid Rocks.
Best player Do I have to name just one? They are all amazing! Jahlil Okafor Frank “the Tank” Kaminsky Denzel Valentine
How they could win it all Hello! The bus driver gets them to the arena! Floors are slapped, refs are influenced, flops are flopped. They are both gritty and gutty. And also maybe have high motors. They follow the rarely used “no one believed in us” mantra
How they might lose Ask UNLV circa 91′ Coach K has another mishap at the chiropractor They slow the game down so much that it actually stops. They actually have to make one of those dreaded free throws.

Daly Debate: Which tournament coach do you hate the most?

Coach John Calipari Mike Krzyzewski Bo Ryan Rick Pitino
School Kentucky Duke Wisconsin Louisville
Why you hate him He wins. A lot. He very well might be the Devil himself. He ruins your bracket every year. He is slowly turning into Lara Flynn Boyle.
Greatest moment Winning it all in 2012. Making a deal with himself to beat UNLV in 91. Making it to the Final 4 last year and ruining your bracket He took Providence to the Final 4. Seriously.
Worst moment The Nets Missing most of 95 when the Devil made him settle up. Pretty much every other year in March Madness Porcini’s 2003.
Memorable former player John Wall Christian Laettner Some white kid with a crew cut. Antoine Walker
Why he wins He’s probably paying his players. Flopping. Bores the other team to death with his glacier-like style. His teams are known for their stamina. Which is ironic.

John Calipari forgets to RSVP Kentucky for Big Dance ruins millions of brackets

Kentucky head coach John Calipari made a fatal error this week; forgetting to RSVP his 34-0 Kentucky Wildcats to the Big Dance.

“The RSVP was sitting on the table. I had filled it out and everything I just forgot to drop it in the mailbox.” Calipari lamented.

As a result Kentucky’s season comes to an end without a National Championship and millions of March Madness brackets have been ruined.

“We are obviously disappointed.” stated NCAA president Mark Emmert “Kentucky looked to be one of the best teams in the country, but rules are rules. And if we let them get away with not RSVP’ing then where does it all end? We begin to see the beginning of a lack of institutional control, And we at the NCAA will not stand for that.”

“It’s definitely a dark day in Lexington.” Calipari told reporters “But wait until they see the recruiting class that I’m bringing in next year.”