Daly Dose 06-19-18 Our 2018 NBA award show

Tuesday on the Dose, we discuss some breaking news in the NHL, and the NBA before we get to our 2018 Daly Dose NBA award show!

Who are our picks for Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year, 6th man of the Year, and Most Valuable Player? What about offensive and defensive players of the year?

We will also have a few very special Daly Dose awards to hand out including the “Didn’t you used to be?” award, the “Kobe Bryant” award, and the “Jedi Mind Trick” award!

We look back at the best and the brightest from the 2017-2018 NBA season today on the Dose!

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Daly Dose 06-15-18 Coach Mac stops by for a visit Part 3

It is Friday, and we are finishing up our conversation with long time high school basketball coach Russ McKinstry! We look back at the NBA Finals, and look forward to the upcoming NBA Draft!

Should LeBron James have handled JR Smith’s mental error differently? Why can LeBron be a very difficult teammate? How does he measure up with the all-time greats? Are we beginning to see a power shift in the NBA Eastern Conference? And who does Coach Mac believe should be the top pick in the NBA Draft?

We also have some breaking NBA and NFL news, and another state has opened for sport betting! We have a number of things to cover on Friday’s episode of the Dose!

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Daly Dose 05-15-18 We bet we can get you gambling on sports

Tuesday on the Dose, the Supreme Court’s latest ruling is going to open the floodgates for betting on sports in America. We take a look at who will benefit the most, and a few of the obstacles to expect from this major change in sports culture.

The Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets in Game 1 of the NBA Western Conference Finals, and we look at some good news and some bad news for the Rockets.

Finally, tonight is the NBA Draft Lottery and we preview which teams have the best chance to win the top picks of the 2018 NBA Draft. We also look at a few of the top prospects that are going to be available. Do any of them have the ability to transform a franchise?

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