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Clint gives you an NBA Draft preview plus a look at how the NBA game has changed and when those changes started. We also count down the Top 5 choke jobs in sports. Check out Episode #30!

Episode 30

Daly Debate: Which is better? The NBA Finals or the Stanley Cup Final?


Which has a better Finals? The NBA or the NHL? We tackle that argument in our Daly Debate.

Daly Debate NBA NHL Advantage
Locales Oakland and Cleveland Chicago and Tampa NHL- Some people actually choose to go to Chicago and Tampa. On purpose.
TV Network ABC NBC, NBCSN, Cartoon Network, VH-1 NBA- Because unlike their officiating…it’s consistent.
Best Coach LeBron James Joel Quinneville NHL- Sometimes the players actually listen to their coaches.
Toughness If someone gets touched it could mean an ejection. If someone dies they could miss their shift. NHL
Best scorers LeBron James and Stephen Curry Tyler Johnson and Patrick Kane This is too close to call.  But Patrick Kane might actually do more scoring off the ice than on it. So NHL but barely.
Best defenders Matthew Dellavedova and Andre Iguodala Keith Duncan and Victor Hedman NBA- While the hockey guys are way more physical, Dellavedova will unabashedly dive into your knee and ruin your career.
Officiating So inconsistent that we use phrases like “that’s not an NBA travel”.  It IS traveling for young kids learning the game. But NOT at the highest levels of basketball competition. Rarely noticed and no tell all books forthcoming about how hockey refs are on the take. NHL. And it isn’t even close.
Best Hairlines LeBron James Patrick Kane Pick-em. Kaner is losing forehead real estate but the NHL mullet allows coverage. LeBron has stapled some sort of carpet sample into his scalp and no longer has to wear his headband like a bonnet.
Fan apparel Warrior fans have their yellow shirts and Cavs fans are wearing slightly burned LeBron jerseys. Tampa fans are wearing tank tops and Chicago fans are all sporting Gap jeans. NHL but barely. Tampa banned the wearing of other teams’ jerseys in their arena which is pathetic but Chicago probably has the greatest jersey in all of sports.
Final Decision Two overtime games so far and 15.62 million viewers on Sunday night. Three very competitive games but only 5.59 million people watched the matinee start on Saturday.  NHL wins but aside from a few people wearing jean jackets in Canada…who would ever know?

2015 NBA Finals Preview

Team Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors
Best Player Some guy named LeBron James that you’ve probably never heard of because ESPN refuses to give the poor guy any coverage whatsoever. Stephen Curry who looks like he’s the 12 year old kid down the street that is beating you in your own driveway.
Head Coach LeBron James Steve Kerr
Key to Winning LeBron will have to carry a team of former New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets as he has all season because he’s such an amazing player. They shoot. A lot. And if they are in a pinch Steve Kerr can knock down a few shots himself.
Typical Fan You can recognize them by the charring on their LeBron jerseys from when they burned them back in 2010. In fact, they may still reek of smoke. But that could be from the Cuyahoga River too. They are chameleons. They are currently wearing Warriors gear and last year it was San Francisco Giants stuff. But in the 80’s it was Lakers, Oakland A’s and Raiders garb. So you know…typical California fan.
What it means if they win LeBron James is the greatest player who has ever lived. Charles Barkley will have to eat his words that “no jump shooting team will ever win an NBA title.” Like Barkley has ever minded eating anything.
What it means if they lose LeBron is the worst player who has ever lived. Cleveland would win a major sports title. Head to a bunker. The end of the world is nigh.
How they could lose The Warriors offense manages to outscore the offensive juggernauts that Cleveland has faced so far in the playoffs. (Boston 95 PPG, Chicago 91 PPG, Atlanta 93 PPG)  The Warriors offense struggles to match their playoff average of 104 PPG while playing the likes of New Orleans, Memphis, and Houston.
Under the radar team member I know LeBron hates hearing this but David Blatt must be doing something right. The Warriors medical trainers who are apparently still following concussion testing standards from the 1960s.

Who should win the 2015 NBA Finals

If LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan beating a finesse perimeter team like the Warriors shouldn’t even cause him to break a sweat. Cavs in 5.

Who will win the 2015 NBA Finals

Golden State in 6.