Daly Dose 05-06-19 Controversy at the Kentucky Derby

Monday on the Daly Dose, we are recapping all that we learned from the weekend in sports!

We saw a major controversy at the Kentucky Derby, and it may not be the best thing for horse racing.

The NBA Playoffs saw a number of surprises as the Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets got unexpected wins. We did also learn something very important about the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs might need to rethink their format, and we got some evidence this weekend that the sport of boxing might not be making as much money as they like to portray they get from their big events!

Daly Dose 05-02-19 Our way too early NFL Draft grades part 4

Thursday on the Daly Dose, the college basketball scandal takes another turn as the FBI releases another wiretap phone call. Will this ever go anywhere?

Washington Redskins first round draft pick Dwayne Haskins gets some good news… sort of, but the Oakland Raiders depth chart takes an early hit.

The, we continue to hand out our way too early 2019 NFL Draft grades to the AFC and NFC South divisions!

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Daly Dose 03-11-19 Did the Raiders fleece the Steelers?

Monday on the Daly Dose, we are recapping what we learned from the weekend  in sports!

A number of NFL teams were making personnel moves prior to the start of NFL free agency, did the Oakland Raiders fleece the Pittsburgh Steelers in their deal for wide receiver Antonio Brown? The Kansas City Chiefs made a few interesting choices, and the New England Patriots have been very active already.

We saw the first ticket to March Madness get punched, we be starting to see some fallout from the college basketball scandal, and last year’s NCAA Tournament darling is not going to be making a repeat appearance!

In the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers are sitting a few players, but they are not going the one we expected, and one NBA team got exactly what they needed this weekend!

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Daly Dose 03-08-19 The greatest NFL free agents ever

Friday on the Daly Dose, it is the anniversary of the Fight of the Century between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier!

The Chicago Bears could be looking to deal a pretty good player, and we might finally end up seeing another college basketball scandal casualty. Could it affect the NCAA Tournament?

We preview what should be a pretty good weekend in sports. The NBA is rolling, NASCAR is at Phoenix, and college basketball conference basketball tournaments are getting started.  

Then, with NFL free agency beginning next week, we take a look back at the greatest NFL free agents of all time!

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Daly Dose 03-06-19 Who has money in NFL free agency?

Wednesday on the Daly Dose, the college basketball scandal sends a few Adidas reps to jail, but where are the big busts? One former NFL coach has a new job and it can’t be worse that his previous job,  and one former NFL player needs to go away permanently.

Then, in our Daly Dose Hump Day power rankings we take a look at which NFL teams actually have some money to spend in free agency? And which teams are going to be scrambling to find any spare cash?

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Daly Dose 10-25-18 Are the Raiders already sick of Chucky?

Thursday on the Daly Dose, it is National Chucky Doll Day, and we discuss whether or not the Oakland Raiders may already be sick of head coach Jon Gruden.

The college basketball scandal takes another turn, and the latest decision could have a few of the top programs getting nervous.

The Boston Red Sox manage to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 2 of the World Series, and we look at a few of the top sports media overreactions of the week. Are the Los Angeles Lakers a disaster? Is there a simple fix for the Jacksonville Jaguars’ offensive woes? We discuss these and more!

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Daly Dose 05-11-18 Some very talented mothers

It is Friday, and today on the Daly Dose we reflect back on some of the greatest athletes in the history of sports that were also mothers! We have some very talented moms that will be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday.

We also take a look at some interesting breaking news involving the college basketball scandal, an NFL quarterback that has some very big plans, and Washington might not be getting all they are paying for in pro soccer.

Plus, we have a preview of the weekend in sports,  including what could be an amazing fight on Saturday!

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Daly Dose 04-26-18 Our 2018 Daly Dose NFL Mockery Draft

Thursday on the Daly Dose, we are getting ready for the start of tonight’s NFL Draft by bringing you our 2018 Daly Dose NFL Mockery Draft! Which players will be selected with the top 10 picks? We tell you who will be going where.

We do have some breaking news today, as we recap the Cleveland Cavaliers victory over the Indiana Pacers last night. Can LeBron James keep this up?

We also have a few sports overreactions of the week! Are the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Philadelphia 76ers on a collision course in the NBA Playoffs? And who were the winners and losers of the NFL schedule release? We answer these and more!

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Daly Dose 04-12-18 The top QBs in the NFL Draft

Thursday on the Daly Dose, we look at some news coming out in the NBA, that isn’t nearly as big as it sounds.

The NCAA basketball scandal has some more news, but still no results, and we respond to a Twitter question about the NFL Draft. Who are the best quarterbacks coming out in this year’s class?

Lastly, we have a few sports overreactions of the week! Does the NFL have a wide receiver problem? Will Conor McGregor ever have another UFC fight? And can the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers really flip a switch and begin playing good basketball in the playoffs? We answer these questions and more!

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Daly Dose Sports Podcast Feb 26-March 2, 2018

It has been a busy week in sports, and we have five new podcasts for you!

Monday on the Daly Dose, we are recapping an unexpected wild weekend in sports! The college basketball scandal might be heating up, but we will tell you who the coaches and players should really be afraid of. The Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams seem to have a trade in the works, but we can only come up with one reason why it’s happening. One NBA team looks every bit as good as advertised, and another still has some issues to work through.
And what will we remember about the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics? There are a few moments that stand out, and they aren’t all of a positive nature.
Plus, we do have a few ideas on how to make the games a little more interesting! We have some changes that we would like to make, and we think the Daly Dose Olympics would be way more fun!
Listen here: Daly Dose 01-26-18

Tuesday on the Dose, we are looking at the NFL Combine. Why is it needed, and why are it’s methods so horribly out of date? We have a few suggestions that just might help make the event more practical.
The Kansas City Chiefs didn’t get much in their trade with the Los Angeles Rams. What offers did they actually turn down?
LeBron James isn’t happy with the NBA officiating, and it all makes perfect sense.
And today, on February 27th, we celebrate one species that is going extinct!
Listen here: Daly Dose 02-27-18

Wednesday on the Daly Dose, the NFL has a very interesting disagreement going on. Do you fall on the side of Team Roger or Team Jerry? Another day, and we have another NBA whining about the officiating. Does he have any valid points?
We know that March Madness is going to be wide open, and we look at a few under the radar college basketball teams that you may want to keep an eye on, as we begin conference tournaments.
Finally, with the NFL Combine beginning this week, we look at the best five players in this draft class and discuss why they won’t be taken with the first five picks!

Listen here: Daly Dose 02-28-18

Thursday on the Daly Dose, we are looking at some of the latest moves in the NFL, as teams begin to prepare for the free agency period that is coming quickly.
Then we look at the latest overreactions that are circulating throughout the sports world over the past week! Is college basketball about to undergo a major change? Is the NCAA as corrupt as many people are saying? Should college basketball players elect to sit out the tournament in an attempt to bring some light to the situation? There are also overreactions in the NFL and the NBA. Is Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson being treated unfairly, and are the Golden State Warriors employing one of the dirtiest players in the league? We answer all of these questions and more!

Listen here: Daly Dose 03-01-18

Friday on the Daly Dose, we discuss Arizona college basketball coach Sean Miller’s denials of any wrongdoing, but there is one nagging question that we still can’t answer.
Then we preview the weekend in sports including NCAA basketball, some solid NBA matchups, and a few fights that might be worth your time.
Finally, with the 2018 Winter Olympics wrapping up earlier this week, we remember the Top 5 most memorable Winter Olympic moments ever!

Listen here: Daly Dose 03-02-18


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