Daly Dose #151 Those sneaky under the radar teams

This week on the Dose, we are looking under the radar!

We know the teams in the NFL that are widely considered to be the contenders, but which teams under the radar could challenge some of the top teams? We have a few teams that you may want to keep an eye on.

The 2017-2018 NBA regular season tips off tonight, and we know the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers are the heavy favorites, but which teams could be lurking underneath the radar that could challenge them? Are there any players that could prove to be breakout players this year?

It was another wild weekend of college football, as we saw a number of upsets to top ranked teams. With all of the shake-ups, which teams could be under our radar, that could play their way into the college football playoff?

The Major League Baseball postseason has now reached the league championships, and we have a few ideas as to how to improve the games.

And there is nothing like the crazy traditions of college football. This week, we count down the Top 5 under the radar college football traditions, that you might not be familiar with!

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Daly Dose #132 LeBron vs. Michael

This week on the Daly Dose, we are taking a look at what we have seen so far in the 2017 NBA Finals, between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Is the series over, or can Cleveland stage another comeback?

The Stanley Cup Final is actually very competitive, but we have a warning for Nashville Predators fans as their team battles the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The NFL offseason has been full of storylines so far, but many of them are just hype.

With Mike Trout on the disabled list, who is now the best player in Major League Baseball?

Do you realize that College Football is just 80 days away? And we have some great early season matchups coming!

And then we count down the Top 5 reasons that LeBron James can never be on the same level as Michael Jordan!

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Daly Dose #129 Who is going to the NBA Finals?

This week on the Daly Dose, we make our picks for who will be going to the NBA Finals! With the NBA Conference Finals now underway, we tell you who is going to win the East between the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and who will win the West between the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs.

What happened to Houston Rockets guard James Harden in the series against the Spurs? We think we may know why he failed to show up for Game 6.

Colin Kaepernick can’t seem to get many looks in the NFL, the Denver Broncos made some fans angry, Tom Brady is tempting fate, and do Big Baller brand shoes actually make you a big baller?

And with the Warriors and the Cavs being heavy favorites to go to the NBA Finals, we count down the Top 5 upsets that have taken place in the NBA Conference Finals.

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Daly Dose #119 The March Madness bubble watch

This week on the Daly Dose we look forward to March Madness! A few big name programs could be left out of the Big Dance, and we discuss a few lesser known players that are worth your time to watch.

The NFL Combine took place in Indianapolis, and we wonder if it means anything. We play a game of “You Be the NFL GM” to see if you can find the best player from their combine results. NFL free agency is now open, and we look at some of the top players that are available.

The NBA season is now in the home stretch, and we take a look at who might make the playoffs, and why the Kevin Durant injury might actually help the Golden State Warriors.

Finally, we count down the Top 5 current NBA players that never made it to the NCAA Tournament.

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Daly Dose #98 When sports fans attack!

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast, we are talking about the MLB postseason. In the American League, the Toronto Blue Jays swept the Texas Rangers, and the Cleveland Indians surprised the Boston Red Sox. And we have some tight competition in the National League, as the Los Angeles Dodgers battle the Washington Nationals, and the Chicago Cubs try to get past the San Francisco Giants.

We also hand out a few MLB awards, now that the regular season is over. Who are the MVPs? Managers of the Year? Rookies of the Year? And we give our choice for the Cy Young Award.

In the National Football League we are now starting to see certain teams take a step forward while others begin to fall behind. And a certain quarterbackis finally going to make some news on the field.

And this week in college football, we have some questions about what is going on at Texas A&M after their win over the Tennessee Volunteers.

Plus, we saw some fans going crazy down at the Miami vs. Florida State game, so we count down the Top 5 memorable times when sports fans attack!

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The Daly Dose Bottom 5 NFL teams!

We are now three weeks into the 2016 NFL season, and every week it seems that we know a little bit more about each team.

Sure, everyone does a power rankings, but here at the Daly Dose we like to dwell on the positive!

And we are positive that these five teams are truly dreadful.

Bottom 5

5. San Francisco 49ers

Oh sure, they play hard…. it’s just that they don’t play well. Never forget that Niners management looked at Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick and thought to themselves “Well, we are set at quarterback.”

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

A number of experts were picking the Jaguars to be a surprise playoff team this season. Surprise! They are 0-3 and still suck!

3. New Orleans Saints

The Saints are still without a win despite scoring 26 points per game. After watching opponents run up and down the field on their defense I guess we know why New Orleans is called the Big Easy.  

2. Cleveland Browns

The Browns somehow found themselves in a tie game with the Miami Dolphins on Sunday with just 20 seconds remaining. Despite the prospect of a field goal of over 45 yards, Cleveland elected to kneel on the ball and kick the long field goal rather than trying to gain any yards. Of course they missed the long kick and lost in overtime? Why? Because they’re the Browns. And that’s how the universe works.

1. Chicago Bears

Head coach John Fox has won with Jake Delhomme. He has won with Peyton Manning. He has even won with Tim Tebow. But not even John Fox can win consistently with Jay Cutler.

Broncos’ Marshall clarifies: “Kneeling was in support of average quarterbacks.”

After losing endorsements with the Air Academy Federal Credit Union and CenturyLink  for taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem, Denver Broncos linebacker decided to clarify his protest.

Marshall made it clear that his protest was not against the military or the police in any way.


“My kneeling was not anything political.” Marshall stated Monday. “I was simply showing my support for average or below average quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick who make my life as a defensive player so much easier.”

Many games around the NFL were marked by peaceful demonstrations as players tried to draw attention to racial disparities in the country’s justice system.

Kaepernick,  the San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback began the protests when he refused to stand for The Stars Spangled Banner during preseason games.

Marshall hoped his statement might change the minds of the executives who dropped his sponsorships when he knelt during the anthem prior to the Broncos game against the Carolina Panthers, on Thursday night.

“Look I’m against social injustice as much as anyone.” Marshall continued. “But I did like getting those checks. And I’d rather play a quarterback like Kaepernick than a Tom Brady or an Aaron Rodgers.”

Daly Dose #92 The 2016 College Football Preview

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast we bring you our 2016 College Football Preview!

Clint takes a look at the upcoming college football season, discusses some of the top returning players, and which teams will contend for titles in theAtlantic Coast Conference, the Big 10, the Big 12, the Mountain West, the Pac 12, and the Southeastern Conference.

Plus we have some NFL talk. How will the Dallas Cowboys do without Tony Romo? Why did the Denver Broncos go with an unproven 7th round draft choice at quarterback? And our thoughts on the Colin Kaepernick protest.

We finish the show with the Daly Dose Top 5 triple option college quarterbacks of all time!

You have to check out Episode 92!

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Our top 5 triple option quarterbacks of all time!

5. Dee Dowis

4. Jamelle Holieway

3. Keenan Reynolds

2. Darian Hagan

1. Tommie Frazier

Daly Doses: Thoughts, reflections, and derision from the Mile High City!


  • There is s_mething missing with the Denver Br_nc_s. I can’t quite my finger _n it but they l__k a little _ff.
  • Which quarterback has more interceptions this season?
  • A. Peyton Manning? Or B. Sam Bradford?
  • A. Peyton Manning? Or B. Colin Kaepernick?
  • A. Peyton Manning? Or B. Branden Weeden?
  • A. Peyton Manning? Or B. Jay Cutler?
  • I hope you picked A.
  • Every time.
  • After Week 5 Manning has now thrown seven picks. More than each Bradford and Kaepernick (5). And more than Cutler (3) and Weeden (2) combined.
  • I know that Manning’s physical skills have diminished, but what is more disturbing to me is the fact that the interceptions aren’t always a physical mistake.
  • We are also seeing poor decisions and bad reads.
  • A number of these interceptions are mental mistakes.
  • Which is odd for a guy who wears a size 11 5/8 hat.
  • Is this simply a product of a new Gary Kubiak system? Or are we watching a future Hall-of-Famer completely collapse before our eyes?
  • I know the offensive line is a mess. And that definitely hasn’t helped.
  • The Broncos completely rebuilt their offensive front- starting four new players including two players with no true NFL experience.
  • In fact, they traded away experienced offensive tackle Chris Clark to Houston during the preseason.
  • And now they have some injuries too.
  • I give John Elway a ton of credit for rebuilding this team to be a tougher, more physical team, that should be more dangerous in January.
  • But this OL mess is also his fault.
  • Orlando Franklin is now in San Diego. Philip Blake was a complete bust. Vinston Painter can’t make a team.
  • Those were Elway’s draft picks.
  • Yet for all of the flaws of Peyton Manning and the offense, this team is still finding a way to win every week. And both he and the offensive line should improve.
  • And by the way, the aforementioned quarterbacks have just seven wins combined between all four of them.
  • Manning has five wins on his own.
  • I know there are those screaming for the Broncos to bench Manning.
  • But it isn’t time to throw Brock Osweiler to the wolves just yet.
  • Can you imagine how deflating that would be to this defense to completely rebuild the offense right now? Manning is a leader and a veteran. They do trust him.
  • And the word “deflating” is a negative term here.
  • This isn’t New England.

The Daly Dose Sports NFL Bottom 5 Power Rankings!

Bottom 5

This week the Daly Dose takes a look at the five worst teams in the NFL!

Team/Record Last game/Next game Outlook
1. Chicago Bears 0-3

Last week: 1

Last game: Lost @Seattle 26-0

Next game: Sun. vs. Oakland

The Bears managed just 146 yards on Sunday against the Seahawks and have now been outscored 105-46. With Jay Cutler injured backup QB Jimmy Clausen didn’t throw a single interception against Seattle. Of course he only threw for 63 more yards than I did.
2. New Orleans Saints 0-3

Last week: 2

Last game: Lost @Carolina 27-22

Next game: Sun. vs. Dallas

Drew Brees was out with an injured shoulder in Week 3 against the Panthers but Luke McCown threw for over 300 yards and the Saints still lost. Brees might be back this week but unless he plays linebacker or offensive line it won’t really matter on Sunday against the Cowboys.
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-2

Last week: 3

Last game: Lost @Houston 19-9

Next Game: Sun. vs. Carolina

Jameis Winston started off his NFL career with a bang when he threw a pick six on his very first throw. At least it was a completion. Winston has completed a league worst 52 percent of his passes so far. Unfortunately I think that is also the same percentage of plays that the Bucs defense allows a touchdown.
4. San Francisco 49ers 1-2

Last week: 4

Last game: Lost @Arizona 47-7

Next game: Sun. vs. Green Bay

After an encouraging first game against the Minnesota Vikings it seems that QB Colin Kaepernick has forgotten how to play football again. In three games he has thrown as many touchdowns to opposing teams as he has to his own.
5. Miami Dolphins 1-2

Last week: 5

Last game: Lost vs. Buffalo 42-14

Next game: Sun. vs. NY Jets in London

You might think this spot would go to a team like Jacksonville. Except that the Jaguars have already beaten the Dolphins. The Miami defense is allowing 145 yard rushing per game with new acquisition Ndamukong Suh. You might say the Fins defense is really “Suh-cking”.