Daly Dose 07-28-21 Former FSU and NFL player Freddie Stevenson joins the Dose!

This week on the Daly Dose, we are joined by former Florida State Seminole and Chicago Bear Freddie Stevenson, to tell his incredible story! Freddie talks about his amazing journey of perseverance and accomplishing his goals through some very serious adversity!

From early life poverty, to a serious high school injury, to the 2013 National Championship with Florida State, and facing some of the elite players in the NFL, Freddie tells an amazing story of overcoming life’s most challenging obstacles! 

Be sure to check out Freddie @strugglemade105 on social media, and you can order a personalized copy of his book at https://trialstotriumphbook.com/

Daly Dose 04-21-21 Previewing the top players in the 2021 NFL Draft

This week on the Daly Dose, it is National take your son or daughter to work day, and we have some thoughts about the children of famous sports stars. 

MLB is underway and we have a number of surprises already taking place. How much should we believe in the way this season is beginning? 

The NCAA has approved a one time transfer for any athlete to change schools one time without any repercussions, and we discuss some of the coming pitfalls that will be coming in the future. 

Then, we begin to prepare for the 2021 NFL Draft which is coming quickly! We preview some of the top players, a few players that could have some red flag, and we even discuss some of the players that could be under the radar because they played at smaller schools. 

Finally, our Daly Dose Top 5 counts down the Top 5 colleges that are getting the most players drafted in the NFL over the past 20 years!

Daly Dose 04-21-21 Upcoming problems with the NCAA transfer rule

This week on the Daly Dose YouTube video, the NCAA has approved a one time transfer for any athlete to change schools one time without any repercussions, and we discuss some of the coming pitfalls that we are going to see in the future!

Daly Dose 02-24-21 The high schools that lead to the NBA

This week on the Daly Dose, we wish a very happy birthday to Nike founder Phil Knight and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, and reflect on whether Floyd should be in the conversation for greatest fighter of all time. 

Tiger Woods’ career suffered a major setback yesterday, and the Philadelphia Eagles sent QB Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts. Who benefits the most from this trade? 

College football players are beginning to feel even more effects of the decisions made this past year, and the NBA is going to push forward with an All Star Game in March, and their players are not pleased. 

Then, we begin to take an early look at the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament! Who are the top seeds? Who are the contenders? We even take a look at a few teams that find themselves in a very unfamiliar place this year!

Finally, with March Madness approaching quickly, we know that many high school basketball state tournaments will be starting soon! Today, our Daly Dose Top 5 counts down the Top 5 high schools that send the most basketball players to the NBA!

(Ryan Casey/CHSAANow.com)

Daly Dose 01-06-21 Notre Dame and their bowl games

This week on the Daly Dose YouTube video, in light of Alabama blowing out Notre Dame in the Rose Bowl in the College Football Playoff, we are counting down the Top 5 bowl games that the Irish were invited to that they probably didn’t deserve!

Daly Dose 01-22-20 Super Bowl LIV is set and CFB awards

This week on the Daly Dose, we are joined by a longtime friend of the show to recap the NFL Championship games! The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years! How were they able to overcome another early deficit? And the San Francisco 49ers were able to run roughshod over the Green Bay Packers. Will they be able to do it again?

We begin to discuss Super Bowl LIV with long time Dose contributor Big Robb, and get his pick for the big game!

We also take a look at the Major League Baseball scandal, and discuss where it might go next. 

Then, we close out the college football season by looking back at some of the biggest surprises and disappointments from the past year. Plus, we hand out a number of awards to some of the top performers this season!

Daly Dose 12-11-19 Our five year anniversary

This week on the Daly Dose, we are celebrating the five year anniversary of the Daly Dose Sports Podcast! How have we managed to last this long? We have no idea.

Then we jump into some of the biggest stories this week in sports, the College Football Playoff is set, the Washington Nationals get some good news…but bad news may be coming, the New England Patriots are back to their old tricks, and we have a new heavyweight champion in boxing!

We take a look at a few coaches in the NFL and college football that could be feeling a very hot seat, and could be getting some bad news very soon. 

Then, we reflect back on the Top 5 things that we have learned over the past five years of doing the Daly Dose!

Daly Dose 10-30-19 Our 2019 Halloween special

This week on the Daly Dose, Thursday is Halloween, and we discuss some of the scariest players in sports history! 

The World Series is heading for a Game 7 tonight after the Washington Nationals beat the Houston Astros last night in Game 6. This series has been so some unpredictable, including one failed attempt to make baseball interesting.

Plus, the NCAA relents, and says athletes can now make money off of their likeness! We have one very important  question for this situation!

Then, we take a look at the top teams in the NBA, college football, and the NBA, and discuss what each of them should be afraid of as their seasons continue!

Finally, we countdown the Top 5 2019 Daly Dose Halloween costume ideas for sports fans!

Daly Dose 10-02-19 Our college football ¼ season report

This week on the Daly Dose, the MLB Playoffs are underway, you might want to enjoy it while you can! Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will provide the halftime show for Super Bowl LIV, and the NBA is getting strict about a long ignored problem. 

Then we take a closer look at the college football season so far. Which teams are surprising us? Which teams have already disappointed us? Who are the frontrunners for the Heisman Award, and who are the four teams that we would select for the College Football Playoff right now?

Finally, we discuss whether or not we could have a surprise college football team win it all this year in our Daly Dose Top 5! 

Daly Dose 09-18-19 Early CFB and NFL overreactions

This week on the Daly Dose, the New York Giants are benching Eli Manning, Drew Brees is hurt, Jalen Ramsey wants out of Jacksonville, and a young man gets some very bad news from the University of Tennessee. Plus, we reveal the source of our own personal insomnia!

Then, we take a look at some very early sports media overreactions to both college and pro football. Is the SEC overrated? Has the Pac 12 already missed out on the College Football Playoff? Are NFL coaches being gutsy by going for two point conversions in late game situations? Are the New England Patriots finally going to be the first team to go 19-0? We answer these questions and many more!

Finally, last week we saw Las Vegas sports books set the Patriots as nearly a 20 point favorite over the Miami Dolphins, but was that the biggest NFL point spread ever? Our Daly Dose Top 5 counts down five times Vegas gave even less respect to the underdogs!