Daly Dose #143 The Mayweather vs. McGregor circus preview

This week on the Dose, we are back to our regular weekly format, and we have much to cover!

We have heard a few things that aren’t quite adding up about the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight.

The Cleveland Cavaliers traded PG Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics. We tell you what the trade really means for both teams.

NFL preseason games are underway, and while they are mostly unwatcheable, we have learned a few things from them.

We have College Football this Saturday! They may not be marquee matchups, but we could see some very revelaing games,.We also discuss a few college football coaches that are beginning the season on the proverbial hot seat!

Finally, our Daly Dose Top 5 returns, and we count down the Top 5 things you cn expect to see in the Mayweather vs McGregor fight on Saturday night!

Listen here to Daly Dose #143 The Mayweather vs. McGregor circus preview!

Boxing: Mayweather vs McGregor-World Tour


Daly Dose #140 Our Fifty States Tour Part 2

This week on the Daly Dose, we continue our trek across the nation, with the second half of our 50 States Tour!

We continue touring these United States, looking at the best athletes, the greatest sports moments, and the most disappointing moments for each state!

Last week in Part 1, we went from Alabama to Missouri.

In Part 2, we start back up again in Montana, we stop in each state, all the way through to Wyoming. What state has produced NBA rivals from the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors? What Ohio State athlete ruined the day of an infamous dictator? Are the Dallas Cowboys the source of the worst moment in Texas sports history? And is the state of Pennsylvania the greatest producer of NFL quartebacks in history?

We answer all of these questions, and much, much more on our 50 States Tour finale!

Listen here to Episode #140 Our Fifty States Tour Part 2!


The Daly Dose College Football Preview: The Independents and other notable teams 

Next up, we look at those  teams that are too high and mighty to even join a conference.  These spoiled brats were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and expect everyone to just cater to them. Yeah that’s right, we are looking right at YOU, Army!

Independents and other notable teams

1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish   

Predicted finish: 9-3   

The Irish have a bit of a quarterback controversy in South Bend, as DeShone Kizer played well last year as a sophomore, and previous starter Malik Zaire returns from injury. Notre Dame lost a significant amount of talent, but a softer schedule shapes up nicely for them to get ranked far too high, and then get blown out of a bowl game that they didn’t belong in anyways.

2. Brigham Young Cougars   

Predicted finish: 7-5   

Say what you will about the Cougars, but they are unafraid to challenge themselves with a difficult independent schedule. BYU will face Arizona, Utah, UCLA,  West Virginia, Michigan State,  and Boise State. So they might be afraid of caffeine and gay people, but bring on the ranked opponents!

3. Army Black Knights   

Predicted finish: 3-9   

Army returns 12 starters from last season. Of course, they went 2-10 last season. So we aren’t sure that’s a good thing, but it seemed like it sounded important.

We also decided to add top 25 contender Houston on this list from the American Athletic Conference. Sure, we could have previewed the entire conference, but quite honestly, we can’t name another team from it.

* Houston Cougars

Predicted finish: 13-1

The experts will tell you that Greg Ward Jr is the best QB in the American Athletic Conference. But they won’t tell you that Keenan Reynolds and Paxton Lynch are now gone, so it honestly isn’t that impressive.

*AAC team

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The Daly Dose Sports Podcast Episode 42!

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Episode 42


The Daly Dose Sports Independent College Football Preview

“Independent? That isn’t even a conference!” Yes we know, that but there are some teams that are now Independent that are worthy of previewing. There are the Army Black Knights, and don’t forget about the Brigham Young Cougars.

Okay, forget about both of those. This is completely about Notre Dame.


Team Predicted finish Outlook

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

9-3 The good news for Notre Dame is that head coach Brian Kelly has done a great job of assembling talent and the Irish have as much as anyone. The bad news is that they have an absolutely brutal schedule with Texas, Georgia Tech, @Clemson, USC, Boston College, and @Stanford.

So the Domers are going to drop a few games. But never fear because NO ONE acts like they won after they actually lose quite like Notre Dame fans.

Brigham Young Cougars 7-5 Now an Independent, BYU is trying to schedule some big time programs to gain some national recognition. And if that doesn’t work they could always get into a huge postgame brawl like they did last year versus Memphis. Got recognized for that one, didn’t you Cougs?
Army Black Knights 4-8 Army is taking small positive steps under head coach Jeff Monken and the only title they truly care about is the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy. But it is hard to win that trophy when you have lost to Navy for 13 years in a row.

Oh…was I not supposed to bring that up? My bad.

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