The 2017 Daly Dose NFL preview: The AFC South

AFC South

The AFC South is an odd mix of teams. While it may look at first glance, to be one of the weaker divisions in the NFL, there are some teams that are getting better here. The Texans have a very good defense. The Titans are young and talented. The Colts could be better if they have a healthy Andrew Luck. And the Jaguars would be vastly improved with a very unhealthy Blake Bortles.


1. Tennessee Titans

Predicted finish: 10-6

The Titans looked poised to step up last season, and make a push into the playoffs. Unfortunately, they started off the season slow, and were unable to earn a postseason berth. Can this young, talented group get off to a better start in 2017? Can QB Marcus Mariota stay healthy? Can the pass defense improve? Can we ever take a head coach named Mike Mularkey seriously?

2. Houston Texans

Predicted finish: 9-7

The Texans are hoping that just getting rid of Brock Osweiler is enough to make them better. With this defense, featuring both JJ Watt, and Jadeveon Clowney there is reason to be optimistic. Unfortunately,  unless they can play offensive line or quarterback the Texans are still going to be barely above average.

3. Indianapolis Colts

Predicted finish: 6-10

Andrew Luck is trying to return from shoulder surgery, but with the lack of a supporting cast to surround him, he may be better off just stalling. Luck needs to take his time and make sure that he is fully healthy, and the Colts are in a better position to protect him. So, he may be waiting three to four years.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Predicted: 3-13

QB Blake Bortles seems to be suffering from a case of the yips. His confidence is wavering, and even though he has been named the starter, you can see the doubt creeping into his play. It doesn’t help that he doesn’t have much help on the offensive line. Or that Vice President Tom Coughlin keeps yelling at him to stay off of his grass.

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The Daly Dose NFL AFC South Preview 

The AFC South is full of good young talent.

From JJ Watt to Andrew Luck, to Blake Bortles, and Marcus Mariota this division has some of the best young players in the NFL today.

Strong teams? Well…no.

Playoff powers? Not really.

Super Bowl Contenders? Not even close.

But good young players.

AFC South

1. Houston Texans   

Predicted finish: 9-7

The Texans saw the struggles of unproven veteran QB Brian Hoyer in the Texans playoff game against Kansas City and decided that a change had to be made. So they went and signed unproven veteran QB Brock Osweiler to $72 million dollar deal. His performance may look similar to Hoyer’s, but at least they’ll be paying him a lot more.

2. Indianapolis Colts   

Predicted finish: 8-8

Andrew Luck should be back and fully healthy after being inactive for nine games with shoulder and kidney injuries. Of course, when he was playing he looked horrible, throwing 12 interceptions in just seven games. And it might be a bad sign for the Colts offensive line that Texans DE JJ Watt has been sending Lucks spleen texts saying “I miss you, but we will be together soon.”

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Predicted: 7-9

Jacksonville believes they have turned a corner behind QB Blake Bortles and are a contender in the AFC. Sure, their running game is abysmal, and their defense allowed 28 points per game. But let’s let them keep thinking they are making huge strides. Then we can point and laugh together.

4. Tennessee Titans   

Predicted finish: 6-11   

We love what we saw from rookie QB Marcus Mariota last year, as he threw for nearly 3,000 yards and 19 touchdowns in just 12 games. This kid has “it”. And if the Titans don’t patch together some semblance of an offensive line, which allowed 54 sacks in 2015, “it” will be back on the injured reserve list by Week 8.

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Daly Dose Sports Pro Football AFC South Preview

We next move to the AFC South. The AFC South has the Indianapolis Colts which went to the AFC CHampionship game in 2014 only to lose to the New England Patriots. There are also some other teams in the AFC South. We are going to try to remember who they are.


Team Predicted finish Outlook
AFC South

Indianapolis Colts

12-4 With the additions of WR Andre Johnson and RB Frank Gore the Colts could be even better on offense which ranked 3rd in 2014. The concern will be their defense which allowed over 113 yard rushing per game. But I guess if they can’t get stops they could always just say that the other team is under-inflating the footballs again.
Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10 Last season everyone was all excited when the Jaguars drafted QB Blake Bortles. Then they saw him play. This year fans cheered for the drafting of DE Dante Fowler who suffered a season ending injury in May. What I am saying is that there are some teams that are just cursed and meant to be the league doormat. But hang tough Jags fans; they will probably be London’s problem soon.
Houston Texans 5-11 It’s hard to say Watt the Texans will do this year. I mean, I watched Hard Knocks and I can’t figure out Watt head coach Bill O’Brien will do this year. Watt will they do at QB? Watt will they do at RB? This team just doesn’t have much to hang its hat on, if you know what I mean.
Tennessee Titans 5-11 The Titans weren’t very good in 2014, ranking at the bottom of nearly every statistical category. They did draft QB Marcus Mariota which has fans excited. Of course Mariota will have to pass, catch, run, tackle and probably kick to really improve the Titans much.

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