Daly Dose 09-19-18 The worst teams in the NFL and CFB so far

Wednesday on the Daly Dose, we discuss how NFL Hall of Famers pushing for insurance is just another reason that more NFL rules are coming. We may be seeing a changing of the guard in Tampa Bay as now the players seem to be in favor of their current quarterback.

Plus, Oscar De La Hoya says he may want to run for President here in the United States, and we think he just might have what it takes to win.

Finally, we take a look at some weekly power rankings and examine the worst teams so far in the NFL and college football. Is there any hope for these struggling teams?

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Daly Dose 05-07-18 Our weekend winners and losers

Monday on the Daly Dose, we are recapping the weekend in sports by discussing some of the winners and losers from the past two days!

We look at the NBA Playoffs, the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the Kentucky Derby from a busy weekend. Who were the winners and who came up short? Plus, we have some very painful MLB news!

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Daly Dose Sports Podcast Jan 29-Feb 2

It has been a busy week in the world of sports, and we have five new podcasts for you this week!

Monday on the Daly Dose, we are recapping a wild weekend in sports! The NBA saw a number of injuries that could affect the playoff race, Roger Federer seems to have a time machine, and the problems seem to be just beginning for Michigan State.
Then we are joined by a long time friend of the show, to discuss the 2017 NFL season, and Super Bowl 52! What were the biggest surprises from the regular season, why Bill Belichick is so good, and how will the big game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots actually play out?  We kickoff Super Bowl week with our first prediction for the game!

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Tuesday on the Dose, we look forward to GGG vs Canelo II, how the Blake Griffin trade affects both the Los Angeles Clippers and the Detroit Pistons, and why the Cleveland Indians announcement seems a tad hypocritical.
Then, a friend and contributor to the show stops by to discuss relegation in soccer, burning couches, and Super Bowl 52. He also tell us why he believes the Philadelphia Eagles could pull off the upset!

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Wednesday on the Daly Dose, the Kansas City Chiefs are trading away Alex Smith, a college football player gets an invitation to the NFL Combine, and youth football is under attack.
Plus, we look at a few big name NBA players that could be on the move, some of the crazy parlay bets that you can make on the Super Bowl, and we rank the five players that could end up having the biggest impact on the game!

Listen here: Daly Dose 01-31-18

Thursday on the Daly Dose, we are talking about why the Philadelphia Eagles could be in some serious trouble in Super Bowl LII. Which NFL teams are hoping to sign QB Kirk Cousins, and which ones actually have the cash to do it?
Plus, we read a few celebrity Super Bowl predictions. Do they have some hidden insight that the rest of us don’t have? Finally we look at a few of the biggest sports overreactions of the week! Is Bill Belichick too dismissive with Tom Brady’s injury? Is Gronk going to play on Sunday? And could LeBron James be heading to LA? We answer these and more today on the Dose!

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Friday on the Daly Dose, we look at some of the top news stories coming out in the world of sports! Could LeBron James be joining the Golden State Warriors, can the NFL fix Thursday Night Football, and once again the Olympics are proving that cheating does pay!
Plus, we preview the weekend in sports, including our Daly Dose preview of Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles! Who will win it? Finally, we finish out our week by looking at the top five times that a lesser quarterback has beaten a great quarterback in the Super Bowl! Could it happen again on Sunday?

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Daly Dose Sports Podcast Jan 22-26

It has been a busy week in the world of sports, and we have five new podcasts for you this week!

Monday on the Daly Dose, we are recapping the NFL Championship games that took place on Sunday!

The Jacksonville Jaguars had the early lead on the New England Patriots, but the Patriots were able to make the plays down the stretch to get the win. The Philadelphia Eagles are surprised everyone with Nick Foles at the helm, and blew out the Minnesota Vikings! How were they able to score 38 points in the biggest game of their year so far? We have a theory! The rich just keep getting richer in the world of college basketball. Plus, we are seeing some NBA favorites struggling. Is it a sign of things to come, or just the dog days of winter?

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Tuesday on the Dose, we are discussing Super Bowl 52, are you excited for the game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles? While the Superbowl means the end of football, we look at a few sporting events coming in the next few months, that we still have to look forward to.

The Milwaukee Bucks have fired head coach Jason Kidd, but we aren’t sure that move makes sense.
Some big name former NFL players are looking to ban youth football. At what point could a movement like that affect the NFL?
The NCAA says they are going to clean up college basketball, but it won’t be easy.
We also look at a few of the biggest disappointments so far in college basketball!

Listen here: Daly Dose 01-23-18

Wednesday on the Daly Dose, we have some drama in the NBA! How much of it is real, and what seems to just be manufactured? The NFL has a few new head coaches, will they prove to be a good fit with their teams? The Super Bowl is coming and we just know that there are going to be some headlines coming during media week. We are predicting a few of those headlines today. And as we do every Wednesday, we have our Daly Dose Hump Day power rankings, and this week we are ranking the top NBA teams right now!

Listen here: Daly Dose 01-24-18

Thursday on the Daly Dose, we are discussing a number of the top sports stories coming out!
Larry Nassar gets sentenced, Derek Carr wants Jon Gruden to be hard on him, and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver might want to make an appearance soon.
Plus, we have our overreactions of the week! Are the Houston Rockets better than the Golden State Warriors? Should the Minnesota Vikings have pulled Case Keenum?
We even argue about why Tom Brady just might NOT be the greatest QB of all time!

Listen here: Daly Dose 01-25-18

Friday on the Daly Dose, we discuss a few drawbacks that the NBA could face with legalized gambling, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to kick start their season.
The XFL could be back according Vince McMahon, but we aren’t sure whether or not to believe him.
We preview the weekend in sports, looking at everything from the NFL, NHL, NBA and college hoops to the X-Games and even the Australian Open!
Finally, we finish out the week by counting the five quarterbacks that Tom Brady has beaten in his Super Bowl victories. How do they stack up against some of the other greats?

Listen here: Daly Dose 01-26-18

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Paxton Lynch brought to tears upon realization that he is the next Brock Osweiler

The Denver Broncos lost their seventh game in a row on Sunday, this time to the Oakland Raiders, by a score of 21-14. One of the bigger stories to come out of the game was the reaction of starting quarterback Paxton Lynch following an ankle injury late in the third quarter.


Television cameras caught Lynch on the bench in tears, and many speculated that it was due to the injury he sustained, or perhaps his poor performance in the starting role. Lynch finished the game 9 for 14 with just 41 yards, with one interception, and the Broncos failed to score a single point with him in the game.

However, following the game, the Daly Dose was able to catch up with Lynch, and he revealed what it was that had upset him so much.

“No, it wasn’t the injury. That was just a twisted ankle.” Lynch sobbed. “It just hit me that I am destined to be the next Brock Osweiler., and that is devastating.”

“You go to great lengths to insure something like this won’t happen.” Lynch continued. “But I gave it my all yesterday, and I couldn’t throw it in the ocean. I remember when Brock got the job last year in Houston, it was the same thing. He could not hit even a stationary target. And now, here I am following in his footsteps. Here we are, both tall, inaccurate quarterbacks that were both drafted way to high, getting beat out by some seventh round scrub.”

“I’m not going to lie. It hurts. The only difference is, at least he somehow got a big contract. Can you tell the Cleveland Browns that I’m really good? Maybe they’ll pay me too.”

Angry, vengeful Eli Manning vows to injure more teammates if demands not met

Disaster struck the New York Giants on Sunday, and it turns out, that it wasn’t an accident.


The Giants continued their losing streak in 2017, by dropping to 0-5, with a 27-22 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Yet, as bad as the loss may have been, it was the aftermath of the loss that has Giants fans reeling.

During the game, the Giants lost four different wide receivers to various injuries, including Odell Beckham Jr. to a fractured ankle. Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Harris, and Sterling Shepard also left the contest with injuries that could be lingering.

Afterward, it was revealed that the injuries were not an accident.

“Yeah, I got those guys hurt.” quarterback Eli Manning stated at the podium. “I threw them into trouble, and I don’t mind admitting it. I am sick and tired of the lack of respect that I continue to get, and I have some demands, that I would like to make public. Until those demands are met, I will keep getting teammates hurt with my inaccurate passes, and poor decisions.”

What is it that Manning would like, in order to get his rage to subside?

“First, I want a statue like the one that Peyton just got in Indianapolis. I have won two Super Bowls, and I think I deserve it. Second, I want the Giants to pick all of the Almond Joy and Mounds candy bars out of my Halloween candy this year. I don’t like coconut. Last year, I accidentally ate two or three of those awful things, and ended up throwing up in my locker. My demands will be met, or I will continue to wreak havoc upon my fellow players in this franchise.”


The 2017 Daly Dose College Football Preview: The Big 12

Big 12

The Big 12 is in a bit of a funk. They aren’t pulling the recruits that they are used to getting. They have only made it to the College Football Playoff one single time, when Oklahoma got blown out 37-17 in 2015. Many accuse the conference of being out of date, and not appealing to the younger generation, but we aren’t buying it. Then again, their most esteemed coach is sporting a mullet. So, we could be mistaken.


1. Oklahoma Sooners

Predicted finish: 11-1

Bob Stoops might be gone, but the expectations for the Sooners remain the same. QB Baker Mayfield should contend for the Heisman with this high- powered offense. OU should roll to their third straight Big 12 championship, and then this group will get blown out in a playoff game. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

2. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Predicted finish: 9-3

The Cowboys could boast the nation’s best offense behind QB Mason Rudolph. The offensive line that used to be a weakness has grown into a The problem is that the defense will once again be very ugly. Not unlike a certain someone’s hair.

3. Kansas State

Predicted finish: 8-4

The Wildcats were playing very good football coming down the stretch in 2016, and they are hoping it will continue in 2017. Is there a chance that K-State could sneak up on everyone, and actually win the Big 12? Well, it hasn’t ever happened before, but who are we to crush their dreams?

4. Texas Longhorns

Predicted finish: 8-4

The Longhorns will face a challenging schedule that will see them play Kansas State, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State in consecutive weeks. New head coach Tom Herman inherits a talented group that outgoing coach Charlie Strong said should win 10 games in 2017. Oh sure, now he says that.

5. TCU Horned Frogs

Predicted finish: 7-5

The Horned Frogs could be a surprise in the conference, if they could get some decent play from senior QB Kenny Hill. Or if the defense could step up, and get some stops….okay, who are we kidding? I just wanted to see if I could say something about a Big 12 defense without laughing. I couldn’t.

6. West Virginia Mountaineers

Predicted finish: 7-5

The Mountaineers have a chance to surprise this year, because they are possibly the only team in the entire conference that actually plays anything resembling defense. Last year, they allowed just 24 points per game. So it is almost like defense. Like Dana Holgorsen almost has hair on top of his head.

7. Baylor Bears

Predicted finish: 6-6

Baylor hired former Temple coach Matt Rhule, who has no ties to Art Briles, or Baylor, or even Texas. Rhule and his staff were given mops, and lysol, and hazmat suits upon arrival in Waco, “Get that mess all cleaned up, Matt, and let’s never bring it up again.”

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Predicted finish: 4-8

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury is entering his 5th season in Lubbock, and his tenure has been a mixed bag. The Red Raiders have posted some amazing passing numbers, but inconsistencies in the running game, and poor defenses have been the cause of a below .500 record. Kingsbury’s job could be on the line this season, and considering the holes on this roster, he may want to update that resume very soon.

9. Iowa State Cyclones

Predicted finish: 4-8

The Cyclones went 3-9 last season, and that included a home loss to FCS school Northern Iowa. The good news is that this team should be able to get four or five wins. The bad news is that those pesky Northern Iowa Panthers are on the schedule again.

10. Kansas Jayhawks

Predicted finish: 1-11

Head coach David Beaty has actually done a pretty amazing job assembling some semblance of talent in Lawrence. You might not be able to tell, because he has gone 2-22 in his two seasons there. There is some actual progress here, and this year when the Jayhawks win three games, it will all come to fruition.

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Next up: The Daly Dose most notable teams from outside the Big 5 conferences!

“This isn’t a circus.” Mayweather insists. Promises to ride unicycle and juggle during bout with McGregor

Citing numerous sports experts that have deemed his upcoming bout with mixed martial artist Connor McGregor a circus, boxer Floyd Mayweather went on the offensive Monday afternoon.

“This is a serious fight, and I am sick and tired of people saying that it is just a cash grab, with no real value.” Mayweather said.  “Connor McGregor is a champion fighter, with knockout power, and I have barely been training. I’ve been drinking and partying, and I have hardly even gone to the gym. So anything can happen.”


Tickets to the event that is being held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas this weekend are still available, and many believe that is why Mayweather is still doing his best to promote the fight. He has heard the talk that this fight is just a circus, and he disagrees.

“Yeah, I’ve heard that this fight is a circus.” Floyd retorted. “Just to prove how ridiculous that is, I have decided that I am going to ride a unicycle, and juggle oranges while fighting McGregor. It will not be easy, and there is a good chance that he knocks me out, but this is a legitimate fight. I want everyone to realize that this will be the crowning achievement for my fight record. This totally authentic championship fight will be an amazing finish to my amazing career.”

Daly Dose #138 Our midseason Major League Baseball report

This week on the Daly Dose, we are looking at Major League Baseball at the halfway point. Who are the best teams? Which teams are most likely to fade down the stretch? We know the Chicago Cubs are the defending champs, but can they even make the postseason this year? Are the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals contenders or pretenders?

NBA free agency is slowing down now, and we look at the winners and losers from a busy offseason signing period.

The NFL quarterback may be the most important position in all of sports, yet we have a number of teams that are still not settled on who their starter will be. We know that the Denver BroncosChicago Bears, and Cleveland Browns still need to pick a starter, but who else could be heading for a QB controversy?

Why you shouldn’t care about the McGregor vs. Mayweather press conferences, and we count down the Top 5 most impactful NBA free agent signings of all time!

Listen here to Daly Dose #138 Our midseason Major League Baseball report.