Sports world shocked as BIG3 league suffers only one major opening week injury

A new basketball league opened over the weekend, and the sports world was shocked at the results.

Rapper-actor Ice Cube started the 3-on-3 BIG3 basketball league, which features former NBA greats as both players and coaches.

The league currently has eight teams which are coached by former players Allen Iverson, Gary Payton, George Gervin, Julius Erving, Rick Mahorn, Rick Barry, Clyde Drexler, and Charles Oakley.

Each team consists of five players, and one coach. There will be eight regular season games, followed by two postseason weeks to determine a champion. The 3-on-3 game is played on a half court, and follows traditional two and three point scoring rules. A four point shot is also available.


The players are a mix of former NBA stars including 46 year old Kenny Anderson, 39-year-old Kenyon Martin, 41-year-old Jason Williams, 49-year-old Kendall Gill, and 48-year-old Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.

On Sunday, the crowd at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn was treated to various musical performances, in addition to the four games of the week. Many in the audience were absolutely shocked that there was only one major injury. During the game between the 3 Headed Monsters and the Ghost Ballers, the point guard nicknamed “White Chocolate” went down with what appeared to be a serious leg injury.

The Daly Dose was able to speak with a few members of the opening day crowd, and the consensus was definitely a feeling of surprise.

“I brought my son here to see some injuries. We saw one big one, but I thought there would be more.” said Dahntay from Brooklyn.

Jason traveled from upstate New York with his wife and two children. “We have been to some NASCAR races, and we have seen some bad crashes. I drove the family here to see a few of these old guys go down in a similar fashion. I was kind of surprised that we only saw it happen once. But I guess we can hope it’s a little better next week,”

Next week’s games will take place in NASCAR country as it moves to the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Maybe a NASCAR city will be the site for more breakdowns.





Cavs hire acting coach after poorly executed flop in Game 3

Following the substandard acting job of LeBron James in the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3 against the Toronto Raptors, Cavs management has decided to make a personnel move.

Cleveland general manager David Griffin has decided to bring in top Hollywood acting coach Doug Wright to improve the technique of LeBron James.

Griffin explained. “We decided that his technique was really lacking and that we needed to make a move. It has become painfully obvious that LeBron hasn’t really had any formal training so we decided to make a change. We feel like Doug Wright can help us right away.”

Wright feels like he is up to the challenge and is looking forward to working with a talent like James. “LeBron clearly has a passion for the stage! But his methods are very outdated! He looks like a soccer player most of the time! I mean, hello! It’s not 1986, LeBron and you’re not Diego Maradona!” Wright raved. “This is 2016 and we need you to be more like Draymond Green!”

Golden State goes back to playing right-handed to beat the Hawks

After losing to the Portland Trailblazers 137-105 on Friday night the Golden State Warriors announced that they would go back to playing right handed.

They beat the Atlanta Hawks 102-92 on Monday night.

“Look, we were bored and we wanted to try something different.” said Warriors guard Stephen Curry. “We thought it might be fun to just play with our weak hand but this is the NBA and we just can’t do that every night.”


The Warriors are now 50-5 with 27 games left to play, and the margin for error is small, if they are going to break the 1996 Chicago Bulls record of 72 wins in a season.

Coach Steve Kerr spoke after the Warriors slipped past the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night.

“The guys wanted to give it a shot against Portland and just play with their left hand. And it was fun for awhile, we got away with it in the first half. But coming down the stretch it was just too much.” Kerr said. “They can’t do that stuff anymore.”

“We have actually done it before.” confessed Curry. “We beat the Lakers by like 35 earlier this year playing left-handed, and we beat the Grizzlies by 50 in November, when we all only took shots with our eyes closed. But in this highly competitve league we can’t just mess around. We have to be more serious. Although we are going to each just wear one shoe on Wednesday against Miami.”



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Current Lakers getting real tired of hearing about Kobe and his “81 points”

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 3-19 so you’ll have to forgive them if they are a bit short-tempered these days.


While the team is in a rebuilding mode with roster filled with young inexperienced players there is one veteran that is apparently rubbing many around the club the wrong way.

That would be 17 time All-Star and five time NBA Champion 37 year old Kobe Bryant.

“When I first came to LA, I thought it would be cool to be on the team with Kobe.” says shooting guard Nick Young. “But every single day it’s “well you know I scored 81 points once, right?” I mean that was what? In 2004 or something?”

Young isn’t alone in feeling that way.

Jordan Clarkson tells a similar story. “We are waiting in line to get on the bus to the arena and Kobe cuts in front of everyone. He says “maybe when you score 81 points in a game, then you can get on first.”

Forward Julius Randle has a unique story. He tells of a time that he was with a dinner date at a downtown Los Angeles steakhouse. “Me and this girl that I had been seeing for a few months, were out having dinner enjoying the conversation. Kobe showed up, ate my steak, finished my drink and took my girl home with him. When I asked him about it the next day at practice he was just like “Well, let me ask you something Julian. Have YOU ever scored 81 points in a single game?”

“I mean we know how great he used to be but it’s just getting old. He can’t even score eight points in a game these days. It takes him 81 shots to get 15 points now.”

“And my name is JULIUS!”

With Irving still on the shelf Cavaliers inquiring about a new PG

With their point guard Kyrie Irving still recovering from a knee injury the Cleveland Cavaliers have begin looking at some possible stand-ins.

They are starting with a little known veteran point guard named Uncle Drew.


Cavaliers general manager David Griffin spoke briefly about his search for a point guard to spell Irving until his return which will probably be in January.

“We saw some film on this player named Uncle Drew and he looks like the type of player that could really give LeBron some assistance. Yes, he is an older player but he is exactly the type of player that we need. A good passer. He can shoot. He has a veteran feel for the game. And to be honest, for as old as he looks, he does seem to be in better health that Kyrie.”

“The guy is probably in his 60’s but he isn’t always hurt from the video I have seen from him.” Grffen continued. “Plus he can help LeBron with his Rogaine treatments becuase the old guy still has a pretty full hair line.”

The Daly Dose Sports NBA Preview: Southwest Division

Our final NBA preview!

NBA Southwest

Western Conference Southwest

(Predicted order of finish)

Team Outlook
1. San Antonio Spurs The Spurs responded to getting knocked out of the first round of the playoffs last year by signing LaMarcus Aldridge and David West. Aldridge is a significant upgrade to the Spurs as a scorer and he seems to have a boring enough personality to fit right in with those robot nerds down there.
2. Houston Rockets You might look at the Rockets and consider them a favorite to contend for the West after they went to the Conference Finals last year. But there are still a number of questions that remain to be answered. How will James Harden deal with being jilted by a Kardashian? Can 30 year old Dwight Howard stay healthy? And what is really in Ty Lawsons’ water bottle?
3. New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis might be the best young player in the NBA today. For the second straight year he led the league in blocked shots, was fourth in scoring, and eighth in rebounds. Of course, Tyreke Evans is already hurt and we know that Eric Gordon can never stay healthy. So if the Pelicans are going to make the playoffs Davis will have to play at an All-World level.  So you’re telling me there’s a chance…
4. Memphis Grizzlies If I was going to head into a back alley brawl, I would want to take this team with me. Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, Mike Conley, Jeff Green and Tony Allen are some bad dudes. Unfortunately this isn’t a street fight. It’s basketball. And this team is another year older and still can’t shoot.
5. Dallas Mavericks Sure, the Mavs may not have had the best offseason. Rim protector Tyson Chandler left for Phoenix. And talented shooter Monta Ellis has joined the Pacers in Indiana.  And Dirk Nowitzki is just another year older.

It isn’t all bad news though. At least free agent C DeAndre Jordan said he would go to Dallas, which should really help.

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The Daly Dose Sports NBA Preview: Southeast Division

We now turn our attention to the Southeast Division where the Hawks, Wizards, and Heat will battle it out to see who gets to lose against the Cavaliers in the playoffs.

NBA Southeast

Eastern Conference Southeast

(Predicted order of finish)

Team Outlook
1. Atlanta Hawks The Hawks lost SF DeMarre Carroll to free agency but managed to pick up veterans Paul Milsap and Tiago Splitter which should help them roll to an impressive regular season before folding once again in the playoffs.
2. Washington Wizards The Wizards have a great ball handler and creator with PG John Wall and a terrific shooter in SG Bradley Beal. So why is it then that we always see Beal trying to create and kicking it to Wall for a low percentage three point shot? Maybe it is because head coach Randy Wittman can’t work a clipboard.
3. Miami Heat Miami went just 37-45 last season and missed the playoffs. The Heat will get Chris Bosh back from his health scare and rookie Justise Winslow should give them some toughness and athleticism. And if that doesn’t help, Pat Riley is still leaving mean notes on LeBron James’ windshield whenever he gets the chance.
4. Orlando Magic Orlando’s new head coach Scott Skiles is inheriting a team with some good young players. The Magic have four lottery selections on the roster and they will show improvement under Skiles who has a knack for coaching up young talent. And then in about three years they will grow tired of him turning beet red and screaming in their faces. And they will quit. And Skiles will get fired. But hey, it was fun while it lasted.
5. Charlotte Hornets The Hornets currently have Cody Zeller, Tyler Hansbrough, and Frank Kaminsky on the roster but it may only be because the Washington Generals are now defunct.

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The Daly Dose Sports NBA Preview: Pacific Division

The NBA regular season starts this week! How will your favorite team do? Check out the Daly Dose Sports NBA preview! Today we break down the Pacific Division. Can the Warriors repeat? Will the Suns contend for the playoffs? Are Lakers fans out buying Clippers jerseys? We do our best to answer these questions.

NBA Pacific

Western Conference Pacific

(Predicted order of finish)

Team Outlook
1. Los Angeles Clippers The Clippers took a strong team that went to the Western Conference semifinals and added Paul Pierce, Josh Smith, and Wesley Johnson. So the sky is the limit for this group. Of course, they are the Clippers so…it’s usually better to just expect the worst.
2. Golden State Warriors 2014-2015 was an amazing run for the Warriors but they did have a number of things break their way. They ran into teams that had injuries and they caught favorable matchups throughout the playoffs. It will be disappointing if they are unable to duplicate their success from a year ago. Mostly because we want to see more from Riley Curry.
3. Phoenix Suns KD Lang Jeff Hornacek and the Suns struggled with team chemistry and too many point guards in 2014-2015. They pared the logjam at PG and brought in 33 year old big man Tyson Chandler to shore up the defense. Of course it is Phoenix, so how much defense are they really going to play anyway?
4. Sacramento Kings The Kings went 29-53 in last season and then following the season they decided to totally overhaul the roster. Gone is Carl Landry, Jason Thompson, and Reggie Evans. And now head coach George Karl gets to deal with Rajon Rondo AND DeMarcus Cousins. The Kings could be improved. Then again, we could find Karl out on a ledge somewhere mumbling to himself.
5. Los Angeles Lakers With newly drafted PG D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, and Julius Randle returning from injury the Lakers have a nice young foundation that could meld with veterans Roy Hibbert and Kobe Bryant to start becoming competitive. At least until Bryant’s cataracts start flaring up. Or he gets the gout.

Next up: The Southeast Division!

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