CBS will pad broadcast booth to keep Tony Romo safe

With the announcement coming last week that Tony Romo will forego his playing career, and begin his broadcasting career, CBS is taking precautionary measures.


Romo surprised many in the sports world, when the word came out that he would eschew any possible offers to continue his playing career, and retire instead. The veteran quarterback has battled numerous injuries throughout his 14 year playing career, that saw him throw for over 34,000 yards, and 248 touchdowns.

Upon announcing that he would retire, and join Jim Nantz to serve as color commentator for CBS, the network announced that they would do their best to keep Romo safe.

CBS spokesperson Nancy Polk told the Daly Dose that the network has a plan for the upcoming season. “We are very aware of the injury history that Tony has dealt with during his playing career. The last thing we want is to see him end up on the injured list yet again. We are currently working to insure that each booth Tony and Jim will broadcast from will be equipped with the latest safety equipment. That will include padded walls, padded floor, and padded broadcast table. In addition, Tony we will be required to continue to wear a full football uniform including helmet as he performs his broadcasting duties.”


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