NBA hoping to make All Star Game less like typical NBA game

The NBA recognizes that there is a problem with their All Star Game. Two weeks ago, the league hosted it’s annual All Star weekend, culminating with the West beating the East 192-182 in a game that lacked any real substance.

The game was not well received by fans, as there was no intensity, and a strong lack of defense being played by all players. The two teams took turns walking up and down the court, and throwing up ill-timed passes, and poor shots.


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver realizes that style of play is not all attractive for fans. “We are aware that this NBA All Star game turned a lot of people off, with the poor defense, and sloppy play. It was almost like the players involved didn’t even care, and that is the type of play that we would prefer they save for the regular season games. I’m not sure how exactly to resolve this issue, but right now there is a definite problem.”

He has met with Players Association president Chris Paul to discuss changes that could be made to make the game more interesting.

“We have talked about adding things that you don’t see in NBA games.” Silver continued. “We might add a four point shot, players won’t be allowed to whine to officials, and we may even add mandatory defense. We feel that fans would really be excited to see things like that. It would make the All Star game a truly unique experience.”



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