Parents shocked to find out little league championship does not come with many perks

Leonard and Natalie Kennedy signed up their son Tyler for the Scottsdale seven-year-old boys basketball league with higher hopes. When Tyler was assigned to one of the top teams in the league, they expected a bigger payoff.

Tyler and his seven year old teammates make up the Scottsdale Spongebobs that just completed an incredible 8-1 season. The season ended with a miraculous comeback victory over their arch-rival, the Pinnacle Teen Titans in the championship game. The Spongebobs overcame a six point deficit to top the Teen Titans at the buzzer by a score of 21-20.


Yet, following the big victory, the Kennedys were disappointed to find out that the only benefit to winning the league championship was a small trophy for each player.

“We did everything that was expected of us as little league parents. We yelled at the officials, we cursed at the coaches, we made signs and t-shirts with Tyler’s face on them.” said Natalie. “We thought that maybe there would be a college scholarship for Tyler, or perhaps some sort of shoe deal. All he got was a stupid trophy and a pizza party.”

Spongebobs head coach Mark Rowland tried to explain. “Parents are getting crazier every year. The Kennedys liked to berate me for most of the game for not getting Tyler more three-point shots. He’s a nice enough kid, but he can barely make a layup.”

And while the Kennedys are now looking into possibly attaining a lawyer to help them recover what they claim are damages, the Spongebobs players seemed content.

“We went for pizza and I mixed all the sodas into my cup! And next week we don’t have a basketball game!” shouted Tyler.

His father disagreed.

“What kind of lessons are we teaching these kids?” asked Leonard Kennedy. “That sports are fun? This is business and it’s big business, and we want our slice of the pie.”


Daly Dose #117 Our NBA All-Star Improvements

This week on the Daly Dose, we look at a few very simple ways to improve NBA All Star Weekend. The dunk contest, the 3 point contest, and the All Star game itself were all a little underwhelming. Never fear, we can fix them all Daly Dose style!

We discuss a few trades around the league involving the Toronto Raptors, the New Orleans Pelicans, and the Sacramento Kings, and what in the world are the Los Angeles Lakers doing?

The UConn Lady Huskies are making history, the Dallas Cowboys don’t care about Tony Romo, and Tom Brady’s diet isn’t the only thing helping his ability to play at 40.

Finally, Cleveland Cavaliers PG Kyrie Irving thinks the world is flat, so we count down the Top 5 other things he believes!

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Jimmy Garoppolo spotted subbing out Brady’s avocado ice cream

Fresh off their Super Bowl LI victory, there seems to be some discord among the New England Patriot’s locker room.

Despite being 39 years of age, starting quarterback Tom Brady is still playing at an all-time level. In 2016, Brady completed over 67 percent of his passes, while throwing for over 3,500 yards and 28 touchdowns. In over 400 passing attempts, he threw just two interceptions.


Brady has attributed his longevity to his healthy lifestyle. He has stated that he does not go out and party, choosing instead to go to bed early. He also avoids all caffeine, dairy, white sugar, white flour, and gluten.

He primarily focuses his diet on vegetables, lean meats, and only organic foods.

He has stated that one of his few allowable sweet treats is a homemade avocado ice cream that is made from coconut, avocado, and cacao powder.

Now, the Daly Dose has learned that backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has been substituting Brady’s homemade confection, for what is actually Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie.


“Look, I’m not saying that Brady isn’t one of the best ever…but did you see that pretentious list of foods he claims to eat? Give me a break. No one eats that crap.” Garappolo confessed. “I’ve been smuggling the Mint Chocolate Cookie into his freezer for months, and he thinks it’s just vegetables? There are actual pieces of cookie in it! If he really believes that was his homemade mess, Tommy might be getting a little closer to senility than people might think.”

When told of the news, Brady was obviously crushed. “Jimmy is a teammate and I thought he was a friend, but now I am forced to reevaluate our relationship.” said a dejected Brady. “Plus, I am really worried about what Gisele is going to do to me when she finds out. You won’t like her when she’s angry.”


But now the real question focuses on why the heir apparent to Brady would do such a thing.

Garappolo didn’t mince his words. “I have been sitting the bench for long enough. It is time for Jimmy to shine. And if getting him in trouble with Gisele, is what opens the door for me, then so be it. I ain’t going to Cleveland.”



Daly Dose #116 The Daly Dose 2016 NFL Recap

This week on the Daly Dose we take a look back at the 2016 NFL season! A long time friend of the show stops by to discuss the best players, biggest disappointments, and most memorable moments of the NFL season. And which teams should we keep an eye on for next year?

Plus, Major League Baseball is making some odd choices, Tiger Woods is ignoring us, and Kevin Durant proved a point.

Finally, we count down the Top 5 most hated teams in NFL history!

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Daly Dose Poll: Who is to blame in the Charles Oakley/NY Knicks feud?

The New York Knicks season has already been horrible. In a season that fans were hoping might include a trip to the postseason, they are 22-23, and currently sit in 12th place in the Eastern Conference. It somehow got a little more embarrassing last week. During last Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers, former Knicks great Charles Oakley was kicked out of Madison Square Garden by arena security in full view of a national television audience.

Oakley reportedly purchased his own ticket, but was confronted by security, and shoved one guard before being escorted out of the stands. He was charged with three counts of misdemeanor assault, and one of criminal trespass by the NYPD.

Oakley claims that he is being harassed by Knicks owner James Dolan, with whom he has had past altercations. Dolan says that Oakley has a drinking problem and was being belligerent.

So who is really to blame for the latest New York Knicks controversy? We asked out Daly Dose Sports Podcast listeners!



Daly Dose #115 The Patriots steal Super Bowl LI

This week on the Daly Dose, we recap Super Bowl LI between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. We discuss who the true winners and losers were from Super Bowl Sunday. We also talk why Patriots quarterback Tom Brady might NOT be the GOAT, and who is really to blame for the Falcons collapse.

College football signing day was last week, but we hope you didnt waste your time paying attention to it. The Pro Football Hall of Fame inducted some new members over the weekend…and we don’t agree with all of them, which bad NBA teams actually have some hope for the future, and a few college basketball teams that have been a pleasant surprise so far this season.

Plus, we count down the Atlanta Falcons Top 5 excuses for allowing the biggest Super Bowl comeback of all time!

Listen here: Episode #115 The Patriots steal Super Bowl LI


Sports world awaits revelation of how Patriots cheated this time

As the New England Patriots capped off their incredible Super Bowl comeback, and won their fifth title, the sports world continued to sit at the edge of their seat.

There would be no more football to play this year. There would be no more playoff games. There would be no more dramatic, come from behind victories.


Yet, the sports world continued to wait and watch with baited breath, to find out how the Patriots did it this time.

On Sunday, New England finished off their 2016 NFL season with a 17-2 record, and completed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Down 28-3 in the first half, the Patriots somehow flipped the script, in the final 30 minutes. Quarterback Tom Brady, who had been mediocre throughout the first three quarters, suddenly caught fire in the final fifteen minutes. Brady threw for nearly five hundred yards, and New England scored 19 points in the fourth quarter, to send the game into overtime.

The extra period was merely a formality, as Brady and the Patriots offense could no longer be stopped. They marched 75 yards on the opening drive, to win the Super Bowl’s only overtime game, in it’s 51 year history.

So how did they do it?

Did they jam the Falcon’s helmet radios? Were they spying on their practices with drones? Were they piping nitrous oxide into NRG Stadium in Houston? Were the players ingesting elephant blood?

The sports world is waiting to find out what will be revealed this time around.

If history has taught us anything, it is that the charges are coming.


Daly Dose #114 The Daly Dose Super Bowl LI Preview

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast, we give you our own unique preview of Super Bowl LI, between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots! We provide our pick for how the game will go, and even bring you our very own Daly Dose Super Bowl drinking game!

In the NBA, the Chicago Bulls are in disarray, and LeBron James isn’t happy with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Plus, the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas could be in trouble,. The San Francisco 49ers could be making a big mistake, and we count down the Top 5 Surprising Super Bowl Performances of all time!

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