Broncos take big loss just to spite the Raiders

The Denver Broncos have a long standing feud with the Oakland Raiders, and they aren’t about to do them any favors.

Despite needing a win on Sunday night, against the Kansas City Chiefs to stay in playoff contention, the Broncos came out flat and uninspired.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals

You might say it is just a case of Super Bowl blues, but maybe there is a little more to the story.

“No, I actually told them to just take it easy.” said Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak. “If we win that game, it would actually help the Oakland Raiders win the AFC West. That’s not happening on my watch.”

Instead, the Broncos posted what may have been their worst loss of the 2016 NFL season, and were blown out 33-10. The Denver defense allowed the Chiefs nearly 500 yards of total offense, and the Bronco offense was just 4 of 15 on third down conversions.

“We were looking at our team and we realize that we probably don’t have the talent to go win another Super Bowl this year.” confirmed executive vice president of football operations and general manager John Elway. “But we also knew that we could give the Raiders a big crap sandwich for Christmas. So we decided to go with that option.”

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid isn’t buying it.

“They can say whatever they want, the fact is they were beaten by a better team.” said Reid on Monday. “We ran better, blocked better and tackled better. Alex Smith looked like a bona fide NFL quarterack, and we even had a 400 pound defensive lineman throw a touchdown pass….hey wait a second…”


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