The Daly Dose Bottom 5 NFL teams!

We are now three weeks into the 2016 NFL season, and every week it seems that we know a little bit more about each team.

Sure, everyone does a power rankings, but here at the Daly Dose we like to dwell on the positive!

And we are positive that these five teams are truly dreadful.

Bottom 5

5. San Francisco 49ers

Oh sure, they play hard…. it’s just that they don’t play well. Never forget that Niners management looked at Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick and thought to themselves “Well, we are set at quarterback.”

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

A number of experts were picking the Jaguars to be a surprise playoff team this season. Surprise! They are 0-3 and still suck!

3. New Orleans Saints

The Saints are still without a win despite scoring 26 points per game. After watching opponents run up and down the field on their defense I guess we know why New Orleans is called the Big Easy.  

2. Cleveland Browns

The Browns somehow found themselves in a tie game with the Miami Dolphins on Sunday with just 20 seconds remaining. Despite the prospect of a field goal of over 45 yards, Cleveland elected to kneel on the ball and kick the long field goal rather than trying to gain any yards. Of course they missed the long kick and lost in overtime? Why? Because they’re the Browns. And that’s how the universe works.

1. Chicago Bears

Head coach John Fox has won with Jake Delhomme. He has won with Peyton Manning. He has even won with Tim Tebow. But not even John Fox can win consistently with Jay Cutler.


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