Broncos’ Marshall clarifies: “Kneeling was in support of average quarterbacks.”

After losing endorsements with the Air Academy Federal Credit Union and CenturyLink  for taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem, Denver Broncos linebacker decided to clarify his protest.

Marshall made it clear that his protest was not against the military or the police in any way.


“My kneeling was not anything political.” Marshall stated Monday. “I was simply showing my support for average or below average quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick who make my life as a defensive player so much easier.”

Many games around the NFL were marked by peaceful demonstrations as players tried to draw attention to racial disparities in the country’s justice system.

Kaepernick,  the San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback began the protests when he refused to stand for The Stars Spangled Banner during preseason games.

Marshall hoped his statement might change the minds of the executives who dropped his sponsorships when he knelt during the anthem prior to the Broncos game against the Carolina Panthers, on Thursday night.

“Look I’m against social injustice as much as anyone.” Marshall continued. “But I did like getting those checks. And I’d rather play a quarterback like Kaepernick than a Tom Brady or an Aaron Rodgers.”


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