The Daly Dose NFL NFC West Preview 

The NFC West has been one of the toughest divisions over the past few seasons, and this year should be no different.

From the intelligence and toughness of the Seattle Seahawks, to the speed and precision of the Arizona Cardinals, to the physicality of the Rams…this division has it all.

Oh, and the 49ers are in the division too.

NFC West

1. Seattle Seahawks   

Predicted finish: 12-4   

The 2015 Seahawks had a number of tough breaks go against them, but they were still just a seven point loss from going back to the Super Bowl. The defense should be strong again and Russell Wilson continues to improve. So there is reason for the famous Seattle 12th Man to be excited. Or do they need to ask Texas A&M if they can cheer first?

2. Arizona Cardinals   

Predicted finish: 11-5   

The Cardinals are a definite contender for a Super Bowl title. They have a tenacious defense, a solid running game, depth at wide receiver, and a very qualified coaching staff. Of course they do also have QB Carson Palmer. And we all know…you can take the player out of Cincinnati, but you can’t take the Bungle out of him.

3. St Louis Rams   

Predicted finish: 8-8   

You know how every year we watch the HBO series Hard Knocks and we begin to believe that average teams are going to somehow over achieve? Congratulations Rams, you didn’t convince us one bit.

4. San Francisco 49ers   

Predicted finish: 4-12   

After failing miserably in Philadelphia, head coach Chip Kelly goes to a team with less talent and less reason for optimism. But Chip believes that his uptempo offense can give this team more opportunities. That’s right. The genius believes he should give more opportunities to a Blaine Gabbert led offense. You know, the bar for being labeled a “genius” in the NFL might not be all that high.

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