Daly Dose #96 Teams that are under the radar

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast, we take a look at a few teams that might be lurking under the radar.

With the Major League Baseball playoffs nearly upon us, who are a few of the teams that could surprise everyone in the postseason?

And we are starting to figure out which teams are the contenders in college football, but which darkhorses could sneak into playoff contention?

Sure, we know the favorites in the NFL, but there are a few other teams to keep an eye on.

With the passing of golf legend Arnold Palmer, we take a look at a few other sports personalities that could have a drink named after them.

And with the loss of young superstar Jose Fernandez, we count down the Top 5 athletes that we lost too soon, that might not be the first that will come to your mind.

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The Daly Dose Bottom 5 NFL teams!

We are now three weeks into the 2016 NFL season, and every week it seems that we know a little bit more about each team.

Sure, everyone does a power rankings, but here at the Daly Dose we like to dwell on the positive!

And we are positive that these five teams are truly dreadful.

Bottom 5

5. San Francisco 49ers

Oh sure, they play hard…. it’s just that they don’t play well. Never forget that Niners management looked at Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick and thought to themselves “Well, we are set at quarterback.”

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

A number of experts were picking the Jaguars to be a surprise playoff team this season. Surprise! They are 0-3 and still suck!

3. New Orleans Saints

The Saints are still without a win despite scoring 26 points per game. After watching opponents run up and down the field on their defense I guess we know why New Orleans is called the Big Easy.  

2. Cleveland Browns

The Browns somehow found themselves in a tie game with the Miami Dolphins on Sunday with just 20 seconds remaining. Despite the prospect of a field goal of over 45 yards, Cleveland elected to kneel on the ball and kick the long field goal rather than trying to gain any yards. Of course they missed the long kick and lost in overtime? Why? Because they’re the Browns. And that’s how the universe works.

1. Chicago Bears

Head coach John Fox has won with Jake Delhomme. He has won with Peyton Manning. He has even won with Tim Tebow. But not even John Fox can win consistently with Jay Cutler.

Daly Dose #95 Overreacting to the NFL

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast, Clint is joined by NFL writer Dillon Brooks to discuss what we have seen so far in the first two weeks of the season. Are the Denver Broncos a dirty team? What is wrong with the Seattle Seahawks offense? And will the Cleveland Browns ever win again?

The Major League Baseball season is winding down, and while we are excited for the postseason, there is one very important reason to feel sad that the regular season is coming to an end.

And while we aren’t even a month into the college football season there are already some big name programs that are falling by the wayside. Which teams can already start looking forward to next year?

Plus we count down the Top 5 most consistently overrated college football programs!

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Cleveland Browns considering transition to intramurals next season

It has been eight seasons since the Cleveland Browns have even had a winning record, and with another loss on Sunday,ownership is considering a historical move.

On Monday, Browns Executive VP of Football Operations Sashi Brown announced that the franchise is considering a move to play intramural football in 2017.


“Look, there are a number of very talented intramural programs in the Cleveland-Akron-Canton area, and with some hard work and improvements we can be just as good as any of them.” Brown stated.

The announcement comes on the heels of another loss by the Browns on Sunday to their arch-rival and nemesis the Baltimore Ravens.

Cleveland jumped out to an early 20 point lead before allowing 25 unanswered points.

And the Browns may have lost backup quarterback Josh McCown to a shoulder injury just one week after losing starting quarterback Robert Griffin.

“It’s been a fun ride and I commend the city of Cleveland as well as all Browns fans, but this has been an effort in futility and we realize that.” Brown continued.

“Now we just need to change our focus a little, and do our best to get ready for a challenging schedule next season.”

Daly Dose #94 The NFL is back!

This week on Episode 94 of the Daly Dose Sports Podcast, we take a look back at an incredible Week 1 in the National Football League!

As usual, we tend to overreact to the top stories and this week was no different. We discuss some of the storylines that we might be reading too much into so far.

And even though the college football season is young, there are a few teams that have already been disappointing to watch. Did your favorite team make our list?

And on the Daly Dose Top 5 this week, we take a nostalgic stroll down memory lane, and count down our favorite NFL announcers of all time!

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Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers, NFL Week 1


Broncos’ Marshall clarifies: “Kneeling was in support of average quarterbacks.”

After losing endorsements with the Air Academy Federal Credit Union and CenturyLink  for taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem, Denver Broncos linebacker decided to clarify his protest.

Marshall made it clear that his protest was not against the military or the police in any way.


“My kneeling was not anything political.” Marshall stated Monday. “I was simply showing my support for average or below average quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick who make my life as a defensive player so much easier.”

Many games around the NFL were marked by peaceful demonstrations as players tried to draw attention to racial disparities in the country’s justice system.

Kaepernick,  the San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback began the protests when he refused to stand for The Stars Spangled Banner during preseason games.

Marshall hoped his statement might change the minds of the executives who dropped his sponsorships when he knelt during the anthem prior to the Broncos game against the Carolina Panthers, on Thursday night.

“Look I’m against social injustice as much as anyone.” Marshall continued. “But I did like getting those checks. And I’d rather play a quarterback like Kaepernick than a Tom Brady or an Aaron Rodgers.”

The Daly Dose NFL NFC West Preview 

The NFC West has been one of the toughest divisions over the past few seasons, and this year should be no different.

From the intelligence and toughness of the Seattle Seahawks, to the speed and precision of the Arizona Cardinals, to the physicality of the Rams…this division has it all.

Oh, and the 49ers are in the division too.

NFC West

1. Seattle Seahawks   

Predicted finish: 12-4   

The 2015 Seahawks had a number of tough breaks go against them, but they were still just a seven point loss from going back to the Super Bowl. The defense should be strong again and Russell Wilson continues to improve. So there is reason for the famous Seattle 12th Man to be excited. Or do they need to ask Texas A&M if they can cheer first?

2. Arizona Cardinals   

Predicted finish: 11-5   

The Cardinals are a definite contender for a Super Bowl title. They have a tenacious defense, a solid running game, depth at wide receiver, and a very qualified coaching staff. Of course they do also have QB Carson Palmer. And we all know…you can take the player out of Cincinnati, but you can’t take the Bungle out of him.

3. St Louis Rams   

Predicted finish: 8-8   

You know how every year we watch the HBO series Hard Knocks and we begin to believe that average teams are going to somehow over achieve? Congratulations Rams, you didn’t convince us one bit.

4. San Francisco 49ers   

Predicted finish: 4-12   

After failing miserably in Philadelphia, head coach Chip Kelly goes to a team with less talent and less reason for optimism. But Chip believes that his uptempo offense can give this team more opportunities. That’s right. The genius believes he should give more opportunities to a Blaine Gabbert led offense. You know, the bar for being labeled a “genius” in the NFL might not be all that high.

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The Daly Dose NFL AFC West Preview 

The AFC West is a division with a rich history.

This group has been to 16 Super Bowls and has won seven of them.

Sure, the Chargers haven’t contributed a win, and the Chiefs haven’t won anything significant since the colonies declared their independence.

This division still has an impressive past.

You just might have to look in a history book to find most of it.

AFC West

1. Denver Broncos   

Predicted finish: 11-5   

The Broncos surprised nearly everyone by winning Super Bowl 50 behind one of the nastiest defenses in recent history. This year there are questions about their offense as Peyton Manning has now retired.  So now everyone is wondering if the Broncos can find someone else to flutter balls into the ground and throw pick sixes. Stay tuned.

2. Kansas City Chiefs   

Predicted finish: 10-6   

The Chiefs are a team that could challenge Denver behind a solid defense and a ball control offense. But be honest, can you imagine a world that in which QB Alex Smith wins a Super Bowl? Or a world where Andy Reid doesn’t just continually botch games in the final minutes? I think we all know the answer to both is a resounding “no”.

4. Oakland Raiders   

Predicted finish: 8-8

Oakland began showing signs of life in 2015, going 7-9, and fans are hoping for a playoff berth or even a trip to the Super Bowl this year. Of course, most of those same fans dress up like Ewoks and Darth Vader for Raider games, so dealing in reality might not be their strong suit.

4. San Diego Chargers   

Predicted finish: 7-9

The Chargers were a disappointing 4-12 last year and they were swept in the AFC division. They should be better this year, because they are pretty much incapable of being any worse. And to be fair, the team may have struggled because of the shadow of a possible move to Los Angeles. Good thing they will never have to worry about that again.

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The Daly Dose NFL NFC South Preview 

The NFC South may not have the tradition that some divisions have, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t had success.

I mean, it was just last season that the Carolina Panthers were 15-1, and went all the way to Super Bowl 50.

And sure, they lost that game in which they were heavy favorites…but that’s not really the point. In 50 years teams from this division have only been to five Super Bowls.

This division is so consistently awful just getting to the Super Bowl is cause for major celebration.

And based on those numbers, in another 10 years one of these teams should be going back again!

NFC South

1. Carolina Panthers   

Predicted finish: 12-4

Carolina returns most of the team that made it all the way to Super Bowl 50 intact. But the last team to go back to the title game after losing it, was the 1993 Buffalo Bills. Could these Panthers be as good as the team that lost four Super Bowls? Probably not.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers   

Predicted finish: 8-8   

Lovie Smith took a bottom of the barrel NFL team and made them halfway respectable.  So the Buccaneers fired him immediately.  Because that is the kind of improvement that this franchise will not tolerate.

3. New Orleans Saints    

Predicted finish: 7-9

The Saints defense was once again the culprit for their failures in 2015, as they allowed over 400 yards and 31 points per game. Saints management knew a change had to be made and fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan after a Week 10 loss to Washington.  Now if they will fire all of the defensive players too, we might actually see some real positive change.

4. Atlanta Falcons   

Predicted finish: 6-10

The Falcons got off to a hot start in 2015, rolling off five straight wins before opponents said to themselves “wait a second…these guys suck” and steamrolled Atlanta seven times in their final eight games. Actually when you think about it, that’s kind of how Matt Ryan’s career has gone too.

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Daly Dose #93 The 2016 NFL Preview

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast we are taking a look ahead at the 2016 NFL season!

Clint is joined by longtime friend of the show- Larry from Centennial, and they break down some of the top storylines, preview the top contenders in each division, and even make their picks as to which teams will be going to Super Bowl 51.

Plus, Clint recaps some of the top college football stories and is even joined by a two-time Super Bowl Most Valuable Player!

And you have to stick around for the Daly Dose Top 5 worst NFL uniforms of all time!

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Here are a few of our nominations for worst NFL uniforms!