Olympic officials state Rio water has surprising health benefits

With the 2016 Olympic Games just days away, the waterways of the host city are still contaminated with raw human sewage and teeming with dangerous viruses and bacteria.

With over 1,400 athletes scheduled to participate in water competitions, there is a huge risk of both athletes and tourists getting violently ill.

But the International Olympic Committee is trying to put a positive spin on a negative story. 
The IOC has announced that the Rio de Janerio water supply can have some surprising health benefits.

“We realize that there are a number of studies claiming that the water in Rio is dangerous.” said IOC spokesperson Christopher Michaels. “But we also realize that there are going to be a number of visitors to this area that are in need of an affordable weight loss program. And the water in Rio can provide a solution for those visitors.”

“If you are looking to trim a few pounds from your waistline, we are encouraging you to dunk your head under water, and enjoy the health benefits that Rio can provide.” Michaels continued.

“Especially the American tourists. I think we can all agree that they can especially reap the rewards of this difficult situation. “


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