Brock Osweiler on Von Miller contract: “You’re welcome!”

It seems like only yesterday that the Denver Broncos defense was telling former quarterback Brock Osweiler that he owed them a big thank you.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

After Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller signed a six-year deal to stay in Denver for $114.5 million dollars, Osweiler feels that he is a due a thank you as well.

It was just back in March that Osweiler signed a four-year deal with the Houston Texans worth $72 million dollars.


And cornerback Aqib Talib pulled no punches in stating that he felt it was the Denver defense that earned him that hefty pay raise.

“I first was like, Brock man, you leaving? The Broncos tried to get you fifteen-and-a-half, you left for seventeen-and-a-half,” Talib said. “Alright man just make sure we all get red bottoms. Just make sure everybody on the D get red bottoms and bow ties man, we waiting for our gift Brock, I wear a size 45.”

But on Monday, the Texans unproven quarterback raised some eyebrows when he stated that Von Miller owed him some gratitude as well.

“Look, I should get some of the credit for that deal.” he said. “I started seven games and played in eight. And in those games we converted just 41 times on third down out of 114 tries. Plus, I had eight turnovers! Do you know how many more defensive possessions I got for Von and that defense? He owes me big time!”

The comments were the first from Osweiler about his former team, as he skipped both the team visit to the White House, and the Super Bowl ring presentation.

He is now focused on his new job leading the Texans.

“I am just hoping that my new teammates like J.J. Watt can see how much I helped the defense in Denver. I am going to get them more playing time and that should help them earn better future contracts. I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but beep beep!”


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