Cavs hire acting coach after poorly executed flop in Game 3

Following the substandard acting job of LeBron James in the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3 against the Toronto Raptors, Cavs management has decided to make a personnel move.

Cleveland general manager David Griffin has decided to bring in top Hollywood acting coach Doug Wright to improve the technique of LeBron James.

Griffin explained. “We decided that his technique was really lacking and that we needed to make a move. It has become painfully obvious that LeBron hasn’t really had any formal training so we decided to make a change. We feel like Doug Wright can help us right away.”

Wright feels like he is up to the challenge and is looking forward to working with a talent like James. “LeBron clearly has a passion for the stage! But his methods are very outdated! He looks like a soccer player most of the time! I mean, hello! It’s not 1986, LeBron and you’re not Diego Maradona!” Wright raved. “This is 2016 and we need you to be more like Draymond Green!”


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