Gronk gets Madden cover, future cover of Microfracture Monthly

Last week, it was announced that New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski would be on the cover of the popular video game Madden NFL ’17.

And with the history of the infamous Madden curse, and the struggles to stay healthy by Gronkowski, it was also announced that he will be a future cover boy on popular medical journal Microfracture Monthly.


Dr. Harry Lammond, a Colorado orthopedic surgeon, spoke about the decision to tab the tight end as a future frontman for his periodical.

“Look, we aren’t wishing injury on anyone, but let’s face it. Gronk does have a history of getting himself hurt. And now you add the Madden Curse into the mix? I mean come on, that is just tempting fate.”

The All-Pro tight end is no stranger to the injury report, in his six year career he has missed 16 games due to various ailments.

Former Madden cover players that have been bitten by the curse include: Garrison Hearst (broken ankle), Eddie George (toe), Duante Culpepper (back), Marshall Faulk (ankle), Michael Vick (prison sentence), Donovan McNabb (hernia), Shaun Alexander (foot), Vince Young (general sucking), Brett Favre (joining the Jets), Troy Polomalu (knee), Peyton Hillis (strep throat…no really), Adrian Peterson (more of a curse for his child), and Richard Sherman (Tommy John surgery).

But for all of the talk about the curse, Gronkowski seemed unfazed.

“I don’t even care, bro!” he shouted upon hearing the news. “We’re going streaking through the quad!”


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