Exaggerator storms out of press conference after losing Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby favorite Nyquist held off the three year old colt Exaggerator on Saturday, to win the 142nd running of the race by just over a length.

Nyquist ran the race in 2:01.31, and improved to 8-0 in his career, as he became the fourth Derby favorite in a row to win the race.

But it was the story of the second place horse that caught some attention after the race.

Exaggerator made a late charge down the stretch, but was unable to pass Nyquist, falling to 0-4 when facing him.

And following the race, Exaggerator made it clear that he was in a foul mood.


Peering out from under his dark hoodie, Exaggerator was short and very curt with the media.

He ignored multiple questions from reporters, and when he did answer, he gave brief one-word responses. It was obvious that he was struggling to maintain his emotions, and when he had enough he remarked that he was going to leave,  got up, and walked out.

Here is a written transcript of his post race interview:

Kentucky Derby Quotes

2nd place finisher Exaggerator

(On losing the race) “He (Nyquist) just ran better than I did. I don’t know what you want me to say. He ran faster than I did. I had my opportunities. There wasn’t anything special he did. I made some mistakes. He ran faster than I did.”

(On his message to his fans and supporters) “I’ll be back.”

 (On why he did not run faster than Nyquist) “He ran faster than I did.”

(On what his jockey Kent Desormeaux said after the race) “He said a lot of things.”

(On if Nyquist had done anything different in this race) “Nothing different.”

(On if he can put his disappointment into words) “I lost.”

(On if the traffic ahead of him cost him the race since he had to slow down.) “No.”

It was at this point that he got up and stormed out.

It was later reported that Nyquist’s victorious press conference was being held in an adjacent stable, and that Exaggerator may have heard some of his comments, which may have affected the already frustrated colt.

“Run faster than him. That was my gameplan.” said the victorious Nyquist. “Can you run faster than me? I don’t think so.”


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