Pablo Sandoval’s shoulder: “I’m less swollen then the rest of him”

Boston Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval traveled to Pensacola, Florida, to get a second opinion on his sore left shoulder.

But according to Red Sox manager John Farrell there is just too much residual swelling to get a good evaluation.

Sandoval received a cortisone shot and will be looked at again in two weeks.

But according to his left shoulder it isn’t the only problem.

“Look man, I’m not saying that I’m not sore but let me ask you something…how would you feel if you had this dude laying on you every night?” asked Sandoval’s left shoulder on Tuesday.


“They got this cat listed at 255 pounds…let me tell you…I’ve seen the scale, and it spins three times before it even slows down.” it continued.

Sandoval signed a five-year deal worth $95 million dollars prior to last season but then had the worst season of his career. He hit just .245 with only 10 homers and the club began wondering if some of his problems went back to his extra weight.

The Red Sox have placed Sandoval on the disabled list with a “left shoulder strain” last week, but they aren’t exactly sure when the injury took place.

“Strain? They listed me as strained?” asked the shoulder. “This guy fell asleep on me after knocking out 14 Big Macs! So yeah, I’m strained. Strained like the Coyote was strained when a piano fell on him in the Roadrunner cartoons. Ohhhh….mannn…is that cortisone? Oh I love cortisone. We should go to McDonalds again.”