Johnny Manziel too stoned to know where he lives

On Saturday, Johnny Manziel stated that he was living with Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

“I’m living out here with my guy, Von Miller. Everybody knows Von Miller. Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, my brother. I’m living with him right now,” Manziel told TMZ on Saturday night. “We’re getting our lives together, bro.”


On Monday afternoon, Miller tweeted out that Manziel is his “brother”, but is not actually staying with him.

It turns out that Manziel is instead living with suspended Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon.

Also on Monday, it was announced that Gordon has failed yet another drug test, after testing positive for a drug dilute that is used to mask drug usage.

The duo is apparently living in Hollywood off of Sunset Boulevard.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with partying, bro,” Manziel explained. “There’s a difference between partying and being out of control. And also, have you ever noticed that 4:20 pm comes at the same time every day?”

The Daly Dose has been informed that the Manziel/Gordon home is furnished with pillows full of heroin and beanbags full of crack rocks.

We were also able to track down Gordon, who was found sitting at a stop sign in his camouflage-colored Porsche, waiting for for the sign to turn green.

When asked if he was in any condition to be driving he shouted “Are you a cocaine?!?!”



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