Scientists confirm link between dabbing, losing big games

Scientists at the University of Denver have confirmed that sports teams who celebrate by “dabbing” tend to lose the biggest games.

Dabbing is a dance in which the dancer simultaneously drops the head while raising an arm and the elbow.


But according to DU scientist Lawrence Paul, it has proven to guarantee a loss for the team who participates in the now tired trend.

“We tested teams from across the country. We watched a ton of film. Many of them would make a big play and then they would dab. Those teams invariably would lose the most important games.” Paul said.

panthers dabbing

Could there be any other explanations for the failures in big games?

Paul responded. “Well it does help to be from the state of North Carolina. That state seems to be a sports factory of sadness, but we have seen other failures that come from different states. Ohio immediately comes to mind.”

“This isn’t a coincidence. These teams keep doing this hideous celebration and it is rubbing off on the youth of America, inspiring a new generation of losers. This is like Tebowing but somehow less cool.”