NBA warns Lakers “Don’t be so obvious”

The Los Angeles Lakers have been officially warned by the National Basketball Association to not make their tanking for a top draft pick so obvious.

The Lakers lost on Monday to the Utah Jazz by an embarrassing score of 123-75 and fell to 15-59 on the season.


Immediately after the game, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver contacted the franchise to warn them they their intentions to gain the top pick were too transparent.

“We realize that NBA teams tank all the time. I mean let’s face it…the Philadelphia 76ers have been trying to lose for the past ten seasons.” said Silver. “But you can’t make it so apparent. Sign a few white guys to the roster. Stop playing Kobe Bryant 48 minutes. Do something to make it a little less blatant.”

Against the Jazz, the Lakers suffered the worst loss of their illustrious history.

They shot 30.6 percent from the field and trailed 64-37 at halftime.

“We were just never in it.” said Lakers coach Byron Scott. “We got off to a bad start and never did find any energy and that is my fault.”

“That’s really weird.” said Laker forward Julius Randle. “Coach Scott told us to not really try it all. It was his 55th birthday so this was our present to him. We tried to do our best…or I guess..actually our worst. And then he yelled at us for it.”

Scott disagreed.

“It wasn’t that at yelled at them. I just told them they had to make it look a little better. Play harder, give more effort, and stop letting Kobe shoot so much. He makes it all look so much worse.”

Some players took a different angle.

“So we lost a game.” said rookie point guard D’Angelo Russell remaining unapologetic. “As long as we have each other’s backs we will get through this. Right guys? Guys…?”


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