Former Burger King employee joins McDonald’s staff for a 25 cent raise says “These NFL guys are only about the money.”

After six years of working at the local Denver Burger King, Kevin Thompson decided that it was time to move on.


“It has been a great six years for me and I would like to  say thank you to Burger King for giving me a chance to show what I can do. I want to say thank you to all of my coworkers and the entire Burger King organization.

I would also like to thank the fans of Burger King that love our fresh juicy Whoppers, and our not-quite-as-good french fries. And finally I would like to thank the people of Denver Colorado who have supported me on this amazing journey.

When I was first hired as a cashier I never thought that I could go on to be Burger King Employee of the Month three different times.

That said, the good people at McDonald’s across the street have recognized my talent and have given me a 25 cent raise and made me an assistant to the assistant manager at the McDonald’s across the street.

I appreciate the overwhelming support that I have received over the past six years and I  am excited to join a new team and try my best to make us better!”

When asked about the local Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, Thompson was adamant.

“I love the Broncos.” he stated “they’re my team but I’m getting sick of all the greed. I mean, these guys win the Super Bowl and all of a sudden everyone is leaving for more money.”

“It just sickens me.” he said. “I mean, have some loyalty.”




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