The Daly Dose Sports Podcast: Episode 70- The Spring Break Episode

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast Clint is in Winter Park for spring break!

Joined by Larry from Centennial, they discuss March Madness, NFL news, and count down the Top 5 surprise teams to make the Final Four. Check out Episode 70!

Episode 70


NBA warns Lakers “Don’t be so obvious”

The Los Angeles Lakers have been officially warned by the National Basketball Association to not make their tanking for a top draft pick so obvious.

The Lakers lost on Monday to the Utah Jazz by an embarrassing score of 123-75 and fell to 15-59 on the season.


Immediately after the game, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver contacted the franchise to warn them they their intentions to gain the top pick were too transparent.

“We realize that NBA teams tank all the time. I mean let’s face it…the Philadelphia 76ers have been trying to lose for the past ten seasons.” said Silver. “But you can’t make it so apparent. Sign a few white guys to the roster. Stop playing Kobe Bryant 48 minutes. Do something to make it a little less blatant.”

Against the Jazz, the Lakers suffered the worst loss of their illustrious history.

They shot 30.6 percent from the field and trailed 64-37 at halftime.

“We were just never in it.” said Lakers coach Byron Scott. “We got off to a bad start and never did find any energy and that is my fault.”

“That’s really weird.” said Laker forward Julius Randle. “Coach Scott told us to not really try it all. It was his 55th birthday so this was our present to him. We tried to do our best…or I guess..actually our worst. And then he yelled at us for it.”

Scott disagreed.

“It wasn’t that at yelled at them. I just told them they had to make it look a little better. Play harder, give more effort, and stop letting Kobe shoot so much. He makes it all look so much worse.”

Some players took a different angle.

“So we lost a game.” said rookie point guard D’Angelo Russell remaining unapologetic. “As long as we have each other’s backs we will get through this. Right guys? Guys…?”

The Daly Dose Sports Podcast: Episode 69- The Sweet 16

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Episode 69

Former Burger King employee joins McDonald’s staff for a 25 cent raise says “These NFL guys are only about the money.”

After six years of working at the local Denver Burger King, Kevin Thompson decided that it was time to move on.


“It has been a great six years for me and I would like to  say thank you to Burger King for giving me a chance to show what I can do. I want to say thank you to all of my coworkers and the entire Burger King organization.

I would also like to thank the fans of Burger King that love our fresh juicy Whoppers, and our not-quite-as-good french fries. And finally I would like to thank the people of Denver Colorado who have supported me on this amazing journey.

When I was first hired as a cashier I never thought that I could go on to be Burger King Employee of the Month three different times.

That said, the good people at McDonald’s across the street have recognized my talent and have given me a 25 cent raise and made me an assistant to the assistant manager at the McDonald’s across the street.

I appreciate the overwhelming support that I have received over the past six years and I  am excited to join a new team and try my best to make us better!”

When asked about the local Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, Thompson was adamant.

“I love the Broncos.” he stated “they’re my team but I’m getting sick of all the greed. I mean, these guys win the Super Bowl and all of a sudden everyone is leaving for more money.”

“It just sickens me.” he said. “I mean, have some loyalty.”



The Daly Dose Sports Podcast: Episode 68- The March Madness Preview

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast Clint recaps the past week in NFL free agency and then breaks down some of the top stories, players and teams to watch in March Madness. Plus the Top 5 mistakes that people make when they fill out their NCAA Basketball bracket! Check out Episode 68!

Episode 68

march madness

NCAA Selection Committee constructs perfect bracket

Well it has taken 77 years, but the NCAA Selection Committee finally got it right.

For the first time in tournament history the NCAA Man’s Division I Basketball brackets were announced and there was not a complaint by a single person.

Pointing out the mistakes of the committee as they put together a 68 team bracket has become as much of a tradition as March Madness itself, but on Sunday that came to a grinding halt.


“They finally did it.” praised ESPN pundit Joe Lunardi. “Syracuse and Tulsa getting in? Monmouth and St. Mary’s being left out. Of course Oregon should be a No. 1 seed, and where else would Virginia be, but right ahead of Michigan State? I can’t believe it, but they finally got it all right.”

Senior college basketball analyst Andy Katz echoed the sentiment.

“Every year it seems like we have problems with the way that this tournament is seeded. I mean let’s face it, there are 68 teams so there is bound to be some disagreements, but this year they finally nailed it. No complaints whatsoever from me.”

CBS basketball commentator Doug Gottleib agreed. “For years we have believed that the committee has their own agenda when seeding these tournaments. But Duke playing UNC-Wilmington in the first round? The chance of Texas vs. Texas A&M or maybe Kentucky against Indiana in the second round? We’ve always thought that these were made for television match-ups. I think it is clear this year that these things just take place and it is all by chance.”

Gottleib continued. “It really is remarkable that they did such a great job. My hat is off to them. I never thought I would see the day that we saw a perfect bracket. But this is it. Next, you’ll be telling me the Chicago Cubs have a chance to win the World Series.”


The Daly Dose Sports Podcast: Episode 67- The legacy of Peyton Manning

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast Clint talks NBA stories and some college hoops including who the #1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament could be. Then a discussion about NFL free agency and a look back at the incredible career of quarterback Peyton Manning. Finally Clint counts down the Top 5 future jobs for Peyton’s post football career! Check out Episode 67!

Episode 67


Houston Texans trying to recruit Brock Osweiler via text

NFL free agency is officially underway.

Beginning on Monday, NFL clubs were allowed to contact and enter contract negotiations with the certified agents of players who will become unrestricted free agents. On Wednesday March 9th at 4 p.m. ET new contracts can be signed and executed.

One such free agent that is entering the market is Denver Broncos backup quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Osweiler is a four year veteran that got his first true playing time this season when starter Peyton Manning was injured.

Osweiler went 5-2 as a starter throwing 11 touchdowns to six interceptions and showed that he could be a future starter in the league.

There are many teams that wil be interested in attaining the services of a young talented quarterback like Osweiler.

While the Broncos will try to re-sign him, and see if he can keep them in contention for another Super Bowl title, there are a number of suitors interested in wresting him from the Mile High City.

One such team is the Houston Texans.

Last season the Texans finished 9-7 and made it into the AFC Wild Card game, only to be completely dismantled by the Kansas City Chiefs 30-0 in the Wild Card playoff game.

On Tuesday morning Houston reached out to Osweiler via text message to gauge his interest in joining them.

The Daly Dose was able to get a copy of some of those texts. So far it doesn’t look so good for the Texans.

Texans Brock text

Texans Brock text 2

Brock Houston 3



The Daly Dose Sports Podcast: Episode 66- The Oscar Awards

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast we discuss some of the greatest sports movies ever made. Clint breaks down some of the news in the NFL, NBA, and college basketball and is joined by Larry from Centennial to talk about their favorite sports movies. Then he counts down the Top 5 sports movies that you can watch again and again! Check out Episode 66!

Episode 66


Von Miller seeking new contract that includes extension for Tom Brady

After facing the New England Patriots twice in 2015 Von Miller has decided that he really likes playing against Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

In those two games Miller logged nine tackles, 3.5 sacks,  seven quarterback hits, and an interception. So Von decided to ask if the Broncos could give Tom Brady an extension too.

Tom Brady , Von Miller, Vance Walker

“I just wanted to talk to Mr. Elway and see if something could be done.” Miller stated, referring to the conversation he had with Broncos Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager John Elway.

“I just felt like if I could help Tom keep playing into his 40s it would help my career so much.” Miller went on.

Elway understood the request, and he reached out to Patriots management and made it happen.

“Von was set to be an unrestricted free agent.” Elway explained. “So we were already in the process of trying to give him a long-term deal. When he added a great quarterback like Tom Brady into the equation, it just made it that much more lucrative to us. We know how much Von likes playing Tom, so it made a lot of sense.”

The Broncos locked up Miller while also ensuring that Brady will play through the 2019 season when he will be 42.

Miller was ecstatic.

“I just feel like Denver is where I want to finish my career, and when I think of facing Tom Brady in his 40s, it just gives me a happy warm feeling inside.”

Brady was not nearly as enthusiastic.

“Are you freaking kidding me? With this offensive line?” Brady ranted. “I have deflated footballs that put up more of a fight than this group of misfits and idiots. I am still sore from that last game in Denver and that was almost two months ago. They hit me like 20 times! I literally just got the feeling back into my lower back. Can’t Von extend Cam Newton instead? At least he can run.”