Golden State goes back to playing right-handed to beat the Hawks

After losing to the Portland Trailblazers 137-105 on Friday night the Golden State Warriors announced that they would go back to playing right handed.

They beat the Atlanta Hawks 102-92 on Monday night.

“Look, we were bored and we wanted to try something different.” said Warriors guard Stephen Curry. “We thought it might be fun to just play with our weak hand but this is the NBA and we just can’t do that every night.”


The Warriors are now 50-5 with 27 games left to play, and the margin for error is small, if they are going to break the 1996 Chicago Bulls record of 72 wins in a season.

Coach Steve Kerr spoke after the Warriors slipped past the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night.

“The guys wanted to give it a shot against Portland and just play with their left hand. And it was fun for awhile, we got away with it in the first half. But coming down the stretch it was just too much.” Kerr said. “They can’t do that stuff anymore.”

“We have actually done it before.” confessed Curry. “We beat the Lakers by like 35 earlier this year playing left-handed, and we beat the Grizzlies by 50 in November, when we all only took shots with our eyes closed. But in this highly competitve league we can’t just mess around. We have to be more serious. Although we are going to each just wear one shoe on Wednesday against Miami.”




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