Latest article reveals that Peyton Manning was “probably” the second shooter from the Grassy Knoll

It’s a 53 year old mystery that many said would never be solved but a recent article published in the Daily News is hoping to break the cold case wide open.

For years many have suspected that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in his quest to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.

Now there finally seems to be something to all of those conspiracy theories that we have been hearing for years.


Daily News writer Ron Bling has presented a 74 page summary of the historical event and has named Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning as the second shooter.

While the document did not present any evidence or testimony from the Manning family, and Bling did not make any attempt to contact Manning, it does make some interesting arguments.

The primary allegation is that based on the Zapruder film, there was clearly smoke and a gunshot fired by Manning from the Grassy Knoll, that was responsible for Kennedy’s fatal head wound.

While many have explained the Grassy Knoll shooter conspiracy as simply a matter of acoustics due to a large brick retaining wall.

However, Bling states that it was instead Manning’s unusually large forehead that caused the phantom sounds.

“Manning’s squeaky-clean image has been built on lies.” Bling contends. “He was obviously an accomplice to Oswald. And this has nothing to do with the fact that he just won the Super Bowl. That is just a concidence. It just has taken me nearly 53 years to write all of this down on a piece of paper. And now I want the world to know.”

Did he feel that the story was a balanced objective report?

“Of course it was.” he explained. “This isn’t just a one-sided opinion or a false allegation. This report that I have issued is based solely on fact.”

Is it a problem for Bling’s premise that Manning wan’t born until 1976 over 13 years after the assassination took place?

“That sure is convenient for Peyton Manning, isn’t it?” he questioned.  “But I won’t be deterred. He is clearly the second shooter and I will not allow something silly like facts get in my way.”





4 thoughts on “Latest article reveals that Peyton Manning was “probably” the second shooter from the Grassy Knoll

  1. I am here to disputes that claim about PM, I know for a fact that at the time of this incident PM was on Howard Hughes twin engine luxury plane flying to see Jimmy
    Hoffa at his secret retirement villa in Carlsbad; I’m told that Elvis is there also and the place is jumping almost every weekend😎👍😎👍

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