Denver Nuggets surprised that the city is throwing them a parade

The Denver Nuggets have managed to win just 21 games so far this season which might be higher than many expected.

But even they were surprised that the city of Denver was hosting a parade for them with an expected crowd of nearly one million fans when they returned home from their east coast road trip.


“I knew we were doing pretty well” said Nuggets head coach Mike Malone “but I am glad that so many fans are this excited for us.”

“We have won four of our last six games which is a huge step for a franchise that sometimes goes months without four wins.” Malone continued. “But we are so happy that the fans in Denver appreciate what we have done and are so supportive. It really means alot.”

Perhaps the most surprised member of the team is 35 year old backup shooting guard Mike Miller.

Miller joined the Nuggets in the offseason from the Cleveland Cavaliers and has seen limited minutes. He is currently averaging 1.2 points, 1.2 rebounds, and 0.9 assists per game.

But he seems to be a favorite in the Mile High city.

“I just keep seeing signs all over saying “Miller-MVP” and “Miller for President” I mean it really is amazing. People are chanting my name everywhere I go. They are even saying that I deserve a huge new contract. I knew I was playing better than what people might have expected but this is just so flattering. I love it here in Denver.”




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