LeBron James texts Dwyane Wade from the bench during Golden State loss

LeBron James was seen texting on his cell phone from the bench during the Cleveland Cavaliers loss to the Golden State Warriors on Monday night.

The Warriors beat the Cavs 132-98 as Golden State guard Stephen Curry scored 35 points and added five rebounds and four assists.


Forward Draymond Green dropped in 16 and collected 10 assists and Andre Iguodala chipped in 20 coming off the bench to hand Cleveland their worst loss of the season.

The win pushed the Warriors record to 38-4 and dropped the Cavaliers to 28-11.

LeBron James scored 16 points for Cleveland in the losing effort and was clearly frustrated throughout the evening. He was given a technical foul and guard JR Smith was ejected late for smashing into Warriors forward Harrison Barnes.

Late in the game James could be seen on his cell phone texting.

The Daly Dose was able to get a copy of these texts which appear to be to Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade.

download 1

download 2


8 thoughts on “LeBron James texts Dwyane Wade from the bench during Golden State loss

    • YOU my friend are the biggest moron in the world. Of course it’s fake, have you ever seen a message at the bottom of a screen??


  1. Come on man ,I’m a huge fan of LBJ and the cavs , I even followed him when he went to Miami but Dont do this shit to us again bro prove that you are what you are and bring home the title for Cleveland. By you wanting to leave again just shows your not good enough to bring it home down the stretch , man up and stop running from defeat and be the one real true king everyone thinks you are in Cleveland..


  2. This message was created for lebron. I have young man that plays.over sea name Byron allen the mvp over in Italy scores 35 points a game .just look on the you tube for Byron allen.played with Kevin durant.victor of okc.and Jara grant of Chicago. Would love you to take a look at.thanks. George allen


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