Former Dallas Cowboys fan “totally stoked” for the Carolina Panthers to win it all


Rod Morris is a 42 year old football fan who just loves “his” Carolina Panthers.

Morris, a native of Dallas Texas, was spotted repeatedly wearing tons of Cowboys merchandise just one season ago.


“I don’t mind the Cowboys. They’re my hometown team.” said Morris on Wednesday. “But I’ve always really loved the Carolina Panthers. They’ve just always been my favorite team. I really like their colors and the way that they play so hard every week.”

When asked who his favorite Panthers player was Morris responded. “Oh it is definitely Cam Newton. He is awesome. He is so long and athletic, he’s just a terrific player that finds ways to make the big plays.”

Morris was unable to name a second player.

“I don’t like memorize every player on the team like some losers. But the Panthers are my team and they always have been.” Morris confirmed. “I have been cheering for Carolina since I was a baby. That’s just how I am. I’m loyal like that to my team.”

“I’m that way with every team. I just stick with them no matter what. Yankees, Alabama for football, the Cleveland Cavaliers. I mean those are my squads. It is ride or die for my squads. I guess that’s just how I was raised.”






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