Daly Doses: Thoughts, reflections, and derision from the Mile High City!


  • The clattering sound you heard on Sunday was not the sound of Santa Claus and his reindeer making an early stop in the Mile High City.
  • It was the sound of numerous Denver Bronco fans scrambling back off of the Brock Osweiler bandwagon and trying to jump on the Peyton Manning side again.
  • Osweiler lost his first game as a starter as the Broncos fell to the 6-7 Oakland Raiders at home 15-12.
  • The young quarterback went 35 for 51 for 308 yards but failed to get the Broncos into the end zone even once as Denver was forced to settle for short field goals again and again.
  • Blame Brock if you want to, but I’ve got news for you, the Bronco offensive line was so porous on Sunday that it wouldnt have mattered who was playing quarterback.
  • Osweiler… Manning… I mean you could have put Tom Brady or Joe Montana back there and they would have gotten beat up too.
  • Okay…maybe John Elway could have still won that game despite the pass rush.
  • The Duke could do anything.
  • Well…except build even an average offensive line this year.
  • I’ve heard a number of people giving Denver right tackle Michael Schofield a hard time after he allowed Raider linebacker Khalil Mack to be in the Broncos’ backfield all day.
  • But that wasn’t all Schofield’s fault.
  • Head coach Gary Kubiak and offensive coordinator Rick Dennison repeatedly failed to recognize this mismatch and control Mack with another blocker.
  • They allowed one player to completely destroy their offense.
  • The last guy to do that was Kyle Orton.
  • Wouldn’t this have been a perfect situation to utilize tight end Virgil Green, who is a noted excellent blocker, against Mack?
  • I will admit though, that Schofield has to take a little of the blame for failing to wear football cleats, and instead choosing to play Sunday’s game in roller skates.
  • A gutsy, but in the end, flawed choice.
  • Live and learn, young man. Live and learn.
  • Now the Broncos have lost their grip on the top seed in AFC and the road to the playoffs seemingly goes through Foxborough once again.
  • With all of their injuries this Bronco team is now holding on for dear life to even make the postseason.
  • And even if they make it, there’s no way they can go to New England and win.
  • But I have learned one thing abut this NFL season so far.
  • Just when we think we have it figured out…
  • We still don’t know anything.

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