The Daly Dose Sports NFL Power Ranking Top 5

Who are the top 5 teams in the NFL right now? Check out the Daly Dose Power Rankings!

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Team/Record Last game/Next game Outlook

1. Carolina Panthers 11-0


Last week: 1

Last game: Beat Dallas 33-14

Next game: Sun. @New Orleans

We knew the Panthers defense was great but now the offense is starting to warm up too. Cam Newton is explosive, Jonathan Stewart is a grinder, and the wide receivers have actually started to (gasp) catch the football!

2. Denver Broncos 9-2


Last week: 5

Last game: Beat New England 30-24

Next game: Sun. @San Diego

If you want to know how great Peyton Manning is think about this. Manning has now taken mind control over Brock Osweiler and is winning games as a puppet master. Top that, Tom Brady.

3. Cincinnati Bengals 9-2


Last week: 4

Last game: Beat St Louis 31-7

Next Game: Sun. @Cleveland

The Bengals have a three game lead in the AFC North and could already clinch a playoff berth this weekend if thing fell right. They could be #2 on our list easily. But Brock Osweiler has BROWN hair.
4. Arizona Cardinals 9-2


Last week: 3

Last game: Beat San Francisco 19-13

Next game: Sun. @St Louis

With a win on Sunday the Cards will win their 10th game for the third season in a row. So why did they drop a spot? Because they needed the officials to be so bad they got suspended to beat the 49ers. Also, after he scrambled for a touchdown, 57 year old Carson Palmer spiked the ball so hard he nearly broke a hip. Sorry. Rules are rules.


5. New England Patriots 10-1



Last week: 1

Last game: Lost to Denver 30-24

Next game: Sun. vs. Philadelphia


How do the Patriots fall from first to fifth after barely losing on overtime on the road to our #2 team? Simple. Because after the game we kept hearing how this team is so injured and the referees are so biased against them that they didn’t stand a chance. If that’s the case I don’t want anything to do with them. You’re lucky they made the Top 5 at all.


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