Daly Doses: Thoughts, reflections, and derision from the Mile High City!


  • The Denver Broncos lost back-to-back games for the first time since 2012 on Sunday getting blown out by the Kansas City Chiefs 29-13 in Denver.
  • The last time the Broncos lost two games in a row was in Peyton Manning’s first season in the Mile High City.
  • And now this time it could be in his last season.
  • I don’t want to throw dirt on Manning just yet and I am still of the belief that if he is healthy he is the best option for this team.
  • For all of the yelling that the armchair quarterbacks are doing Brock Osweiler is still an unproven player whose only real game success has come against third team players in garbage time.
  • The good news is that the Chicago Bears defense is made up of a few third string types so Osweiler might feel right at home on Sunday.
  • I mean, maybe he really is the heir apparent to Manning and just needs an opportunity to show what he can do.
  • But this NFL quarterback stuff is tough and we are probably kidding ourselves if we think Brock isn’t going to take some lumps.
  • So which is the worse case scenario for the Broncos?
  • Brock Osweiler plays and looks great in relief of Manning. Now you have a true quarterback controversy. The inexperienced backup is actually better than the Hall of Famer.
  • And here we thought the only way we could have a quarterback controversy with Peyton Manning was if Tim Tebow was still in town.
  • But I digress.
  • OR what if Osweiler struggles just as Manning did? And now you have to take a hard look at the makeup of this roster and the coaching staff that is overseeing them.
  • I can tell you which scenario John Elway is hoping for.
  • Because some of these issues do have to go back to the Duke.
  • He assembled this coaching staff, he amassed this offensive line, and he failed to address the void left behind when Julius Thomas and Wes Welker did not return this season.
  • The 2015 Denver Broncos are at a crossroads. And we have to hope that Elway has installed the correct people to put them back on the right track.
  • C’mon Johnny, it’s time to pull out another amazing comeback.

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