Daly Doses: Thoughts, reflections, and derision from the Mile High City!


  • The Denver Broncos suffered the first loss of their season on Sunday, falling to the Colts in Indianapolis 27-24.
  • The Bronco defense that was being compared to some of the greatest defenses of all time came crashing back to earth, allowing the Colts to gain 365 yards, and to convert 12/20 third downs.
  • Denver was down 17-0 to a sub-.500 Colts team before they woke up in the second half and actually started to play.
  • Apparently they were still in the locker room reading articles from the Packer game proclaiming their greatness.
  • So is this team a favorite for the Super Bowl with one of the greatest defenses ever? Or has this all been a fraud of a seaon where the Broncos have simply taken advantage of a soft schedule?
  • As usual, the truth is probably somewhere in between.
  • The Broncos haven’t played a murderer’s row schedule but you can’t take away the fact that this team has faced and completely shut down Joe Flacco and Aaron Rodgers.
  • And this defense has also held a few up and coming quarterbacks like Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater well below their seasonal averages.
  • As is usually the case this season will probably come down to whether or not Peyton Manning can beat Tom Brady.
  • Late in the game against the Colts with the Broncos trailing by three points, and trying desperately to get the ball back, Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was flagged for intentionally poking Colts tight end Dwayne Allen in the eye.
  • The penalty gave the Colts a first down and they were able to run out the clock and preserve the victory.
  • Excuses for why Aqib Talib poked Dwayne Allen in the eye on Sunday: “His eye looked over-inflated. I was just trying to let some air out of it like Tom Brady would.”
  • Talib has now been suspended by the NFL for one game.
  • What Talib did was inexcusable. It was a poor decision at a bad time that cost him and his team. He should be suspended for one game for stupidity if nothing else.
  • But if I understand this correctly, poke another NFL player in the eye equals one game.
  • Rip off another players helmet and try to smash his skull with your helmet like Bengals cornerback Adam Jones did to Raiders rookie Amari Cooper earlier this season equals no games. And by the way, Jones has a history of violence.
  • Excuses for why Aqib Talib poked Dwayne Allen in the eye on Sunday: “I thought he had an eyelash.”
  • NFL players can also beat up females like Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy did, be found guilty, pay off the victim to make her go into hiding, and get right back onto the playing field after just four games.
  • Oh I know, Hardy had to sit out ten games in 2014 while the NFL tried to decide what to do with him. But he was paid.
  • In the real world we call that a “paid vacation”.
  • Excuses for why Aqib Talib poked Dwayne Allen in the eye on Sunday: “I’ve been working on my Moe Howard impression.”
  • Good thing Talib didnt get Allen in BOTH eyes. He probably would have gotten a TWO game supension.
  • Excuses for why Aqib Talib poked Dwayne Allen in the eye on Sunday: “I was trying to save him from watching that horrible Monday night game between the Chargers and the Bears.”

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