The Daly Dose Sports NBA Preview: Central Division

The Central Division is one of the most competitive in the NBA. The Cavaliers are the defending NBA Eastern Conference champions.The Bulls have a new head coach and a new system. The Bucks and Pistons are good young teams that can push for a playoff spot. And The Pacers…well they have a team too.

NBA Central

Eastern Conference Central

(Predicted order of finish)

Team Outlook
1. Cleveland Cavaliers The Cavaliers were limping by the time they met up with Golden State in the NBA Finals. But this season could be different. Head coach LeBron James has a year of experience under his belt. And point guard LeBron James should be improved as well. If shooting guard LeBron James can deliver in the clutch and power forward LeBron James can battle in the paint, then center LeBron James might be able to lead this team to a championship.
2. Milwaukee Bucks The Bucks are the best young team in the NBA. With players like Giannis Antetokunmpo, Jabari Parker, Greg Monroe, and Michael Carter-Williams all 25 or under Milwaukee could be a force for years to come. No really. I’m not kidding. This isn’t sarcasm. They are good. And young. Stop laughing.
3. Chicago Bulls Bulls’ management was tired of all the winning that head coach Tom Thibodeau was doing and fired him after making the playoffs for five straight years. They have brought on Fred Hoiberg to bring his up tempo high scoring offense to the Windy City. It could actually work. I mean if Derrick Rose can stay healthy…Oh what am I saying? He probably got hurt as I was typing this.
4. Detroit Pistons Ron Jeremy Stan Van Gundy takes over in Detroit where he will try to do what he last did in Orlando. So there’s good news coming, Detroit. You are going to build up a respectable team, only to lose in the NBA Finals and then bottom out, and have to completely rebuild again. But hey, it’s still better than being the Lions.
5. Indiana Pacers Larry Bird has told head coach Frank Vogel that he would like the Pacers to run a little more this year with the departure of Roy Hibbert and David West. And that might be good news for forward Paul George and new acquisition Monta Ellis. And it is also good news for Pacer fans that will enjoy the up-tempo style. Of course it is bad news for the rest of the team that is you know….not very good at running…or making shots…or playing basketball.

Next up: the Pacific Division!

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