Daly Doses: Thoughts, reflections, and derision from the Mile High City!


  • There is s_mething missing with the Denver Br_nc_s. I can’t quite my finger _n it but they l__k a little _ff.
  • Which quarterback has more interceptions this season?
  • A. Peyton Manning? Or B. Sam Bradford?
  • A. Peyton Manning? Or B. Colin Kaepernick?
  • A. Peyton Manning? Or B. Branden Weeden?
  • A. Peyton Manning? Or B. Jay Cutler?
  • I hope you picked A.
  • Every time.
  • After Week 5 Manning has now thrown seven picks. More than each Bradford and Kaepernick (5). And more than Cutler (3) and Weeden (2) combined.
  • I know that Manning’s physical skills have diminished, but what is more disturbing to me is the fact that the interceptions aren’t always a physical mistake.
  • We are also seeing poor decisions and bad reads.
  • A number of these interceptions are mental mistakes.
  • Which is odd for a guy who wears a size 11 5/8 hat.
  • Is this simply a product of a new Gary Kubiak system? Or are we watching a future Hall-of-Famer completely collapse before our eyes?
  • I know the offensive line is a mess. And that definitely hasn’t helped.
  • The Broncos completely rebuilt their offensive front- starting four new players including two players with no true NFL experience.
  • In fact, they traded away experienced offensive tackle Chris Clark to Houston during the preseason.
  • And now they have some injuries too.
  • I give John Elway a ton of credit for rebuilding this team to be a tougher, more physical team, that should be more dangerous in January.
  • But this OL mess is also his fault.
  • Orlando Franklin is now in San Diego. Philip Blake was a complete bust. Vinston Painter can’t make a team.
  • Those were Elway’s draft picks.
  • Yet for all of the flaws of Peyton Manning and the offense, this team is still finding a way to win every week. And both he and the offensive line should improve.
  • And by the way, the aforementioned quarterbacks have just seven wins combined between all four of them.
  • Manning has five wins on his own.
  • I know there are those screaming for the Broncos to bench Manning.
  • But it isn’t time to throw Brock Osweiler to the wolves just yet.
  • Can you imagine how deflating that would be to this defense to completely rebuild the offense right now? Manning is a leader and a veteran. They do trust him.
  • And the word “deflating” is a negative term here.
  • This isn’t New England.

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