Daly Doses: Thoughts, reflections, and derision from the Mile High City!


  • The Denver Broncos have somehow found a way to win back-to-back games and start off the season 2-0 despite not getting much offense.
  • Imagine if this offensive line ever learns how to block.
  • Fans have been complaining that Peyton Manning gives up too easily when he is about to be sacked.
  • I would like to present the jury with the following items of evidence that he should continue to lay down on his own without being hit.
  • Item #1: Have you seen him run? I’ve seen a pregnant giraffe with more athleticism.
  • Item #2: Tony Romo
  • I have also heard a number of fans giving Chiefs head coach Andy Reid a hard time about not kneeling on the ball at the end of the half and the game.
  • At some point, don’t your players have to do something right?
  • Reid has always been horrible with clock management but he can’t actually put two hands on the football for Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles experiement with head coach Chip Kelly is clearly over. I mean, did you see the Eagles yesterday?
  • They can’t pass but at least they can’t run either.
  • So now they are two whole games behind the Cowboys who have lost both Dez Bryant and Romo and one game behind the Kirk Cousins-led team from Washington.
  • With only 14 games to go.
  • Okay, Chip Kelly might not be done quite yet.
  • Sorry I got caught up watching too much ESPN.
  • Did you see Colorado beat Colorado State in the “Rocky Mountian Showdown”?
  • Oh, you’re the one.
  • I tried to find that game with my local cable provider. It was sandwiched between “BBC: Bad Teeth of the Brits” and the “Cupcake Contest” channel.
  • I heard that after Alabama lost to Ole Miss people in Alabama have decided that Bama head coach Nick Saban is slipping.
  • I mean, they haven’t played for a championship in what? Nine months?
  • Must be tough.
  • Here in Colorado we haven’t even been to a meaningful bowl game in like 13 years. You don’t hear us complaining.
  • As long as we have the Broncos to watch.
  • I like to compare the Rocky Mountain Showdown to the the Dungeons & Dragons World Championship.
  • Yes you may have won, but trust me, you’re still a loser.

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