Daly Dose Sports Pro Football AFC East Preview

The NFL starts up in less than a week and what better way to get ready for the season than by giving you a preview of what could possibly, maybe, concievably, in a perfect world happen?

First up, the AFC East featuring the New England Patriots…and those other teams.


Team Predicted finish Outlook
AFC East

New England Patriots

11-5 The defending Super Champs don’t look to be as good on paper this season. But you can’t discount the “us against the world” mentality that the Pats will have this year after all of the offseason “Deflategate” controversy. They were just messing around before when they won four Super Bowls. Now they are really really going to get serious.
Buffalo Bills 10-6 Head coach Rex Ryan comes to Buffalo and brings the Bills something they have been lacking: star power. Ryan is a headline name and he has winning seasons on his resume. Unfortunately he didn’t bring a quarterback in his suitcase. So he obviously didn’t bring everything that the Bills were lacking.
Miami Dolphins 7-9 Sure, the Dolphins have been stuck in mediocrity since they last saw the playoffs in 2000, but owner Stephen Ross stepped up with some big money and signed DT Ndamakong Suh and he thinks Miami could be playoff bound. Unfortunately Ryan Tannehill is still the QB and he has even less weapons this year. So welcome to Disappointment City, Mr. Ross. Population: You.
New York Jets 6-10 The Jets had the 6th ranked defense in the NFL last season and the 22nd ranked offense. So they went out and signed some more defensive players and then drafted some more defensive players too. Oh, but they did sign QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and WR Brandon Marshall, both of whom are proven winners. And by “winners” I mean losers.

Next up: Our NFC East Preview!


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